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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  June 2, 2022

It Takes Delusion

All narratives are lies constructed without foundation, and accordingly need maximal external support to keep them from naturally toppling over. Propaganda, laws, tax money, and diverse forms of indoctrination can make any talking point seem true for a while by stifling public criticism and general scrutiny to help simple dogma replace thoughtful analysis and historical knowledge.

But for lies to become sufficiently internalized that peasants eagerly repeat them as if factual requires delusion, which is an inherent dullness revealing a lack of curiosity for considering basic aspects of the world, combined with an inability to measure the validity of explanations spread by official sources.

Any fool can fervently yell that the sky is green. An observer with normal perception will comprehend this as simply a fool yelling nonsense. Upgraded production quality and regime endorsement should not spare similar nonsense from being rejected as ludicrous.

Most of what people believe has nothing to do with reason. Reasons are invented after forming belief as a form of social cover to appear appropriate, which is why asking fools for explanations about their beliefs results in confusion and repeating disjoint non-sequiturs once heard someone else say. They don't understand what they claim to believe.

You need not take someone's claimed beliefs too seriously. Delusional people find crazy messages credible for reasons separate from content. They have a willingness to believe incredible tales and conflate conformity to controlling authorities as moral good. They happily oppress civilization to match expectations of the designated enforcers they wish to obey, and imagine themselves benevolent and wise for abject obedience.

They are swept away by authorities telling them desirable fables about the world, ready to bring about heaven on earth by conformity to the rulers who guide them.

Simple techniques prove effective, such as depicting non-moral events by depicting unheralded heroes (those whom you should give power) and terrible villains (those you should resist to benefit the powerful ruling over you) in an uncertain epic battle, with the future of humanity hanging in the balance.

Those who wish to rule promise that a fable can become true if you just give up a little more in what is demanded of you. When it never comes true, they will just say the peasants did not do enough to banish wicked spirits who would not comply.

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