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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  December 25, 2022

Amongst the Natural

Laugh at devils wishing our imprisonment
The gates won't hold
Free spirits run riot
Jails will falter
Golden geese flee unfettered
Disguised and slyly dissipated
Duress bequeathed to tyrants
Left controlling all of nothing
Desperate grotesque faces unmasked

Skepticism follows from observing instances of decline. You could spend a lifetime noting what not to do, only establishing warnings without positive guidance for action.

You wisely take care not to destroy what is precious or tolerate such acts, for nothing can be resurrected. Frantic activity after devastation or erosive neglect is drama, not saving pragmatism.

Danger of prolonged hesitation, whether general abandonment, escapism, or perpetual adolescence. Waiting is an error. Not only will a previous opportunity not reappear despite patient desire or confidence of readiness, your chance to spend your time cultivating a result has been occupied by nonsense stemming from poor judgment. Opportunities for the good should be seized and affirmed by deeds; threats of a possible bad situation necessitate nothing.

Most messages are created seeking profit or compliance. Their tellers don't care what happens to those who follow. Accordingly, it's appropriate to ignore messages desiring an audience so you can prudently quarantine from sociopaths.

Suggestions are a hard find. Nearly all advice is useless. Telling someone something they don't want to hear and haven't yet figured out will either be misunderstood or defensively tuned out. First the listener must acknowledge their footing, then know the approximate direction they want to explore.

Secular faiths willfully mislead as scheming parasites on inherent religious instincts. They collect backsliding believers devoted to proselytizing ideological fantasies as the true gifts of salvation for mankind. Have you heard the good news? The sick is equal to the healthy; the ugly is beautiful; sterility is fecundity; exhaustion is strength; insanity is lucidity; disorder is well designed.

Could you help someone find enough distance that they could see a situation for what it is? Without urge to defend foibles and shortcomings, they could see that the necessary had been left undone while much was squandered on trivial distractions.

Successful function tells you about reality. You must strike carefully and avoid taking a beating that will take you off course from your purpose.

Mayweather never got hit. Hopkins was not hit. Tyson's evasive defense was impregnable. By not suffering accumulated deterioration, they retained a sustained arsenal for prolific years while lesser peers had suffered crumble and departed without remedy.

Those who are worn become quickly limited: tight and retracted, no longer quick, nimble, and dazzling. They can retreat to stay afloat from cleverness and wisdom but will never be dynamic again.

Plain, simple; plainer, simpler. Minimal apparatus and dependencies. Ready for unplanned scenarios and of good spirit to face all things as they are. When traditional paths appear blocked, a new way around!

You must live it -- hearing of someone else's experience bypasses an understanding of its essence. Keep in mind that you are a link, not an end, and you must perform the necessary as that role, as we all must.

Not to correct anyone (as individuals are inconsequential), but to demonstrate alliance with what is true, strong, and beautiful. You show the succession of steps by which someone reaches your state as well as a visible counterexample for those claiming it impossible. Celebration of possibility with appendix of challenges to conquer; also mockery of mutterers who do nothing and curse great deeds. May many more adventurers seek success innocently by relentlessly setting about their course, paying no mind to feeble voices.

Novelty is triviality, just another meaningless random aggregation. Far better to show a good and definitive version of a conquesting type that summons demonstrable results out of nothingness.

What endures for centuries yet unseen? That is what your behavior can use as a lighthouse among the darkness.

December 24, 2022

Art of Life

The art of life is
to stay true to unconsciousness
remaining unbroken as oneself
loyal only to right
neither internalizing lunacy
nor engaging its agents in folly

Not to think of what to think
best to leave well enough alone
for social cares equip manipulation
empty-handed monsters coerce and cajole
promulgating depraved doctrines of inversion
enforced by ugly witless conscripts
reluctantly complicit in fraud
resigned to serving calamitous rulers
crusading for a secular religion
with apostles of a crooked creed

Despots fortify paltry preselections
curated solutions to phony crises
badgering to trod their dismal path
urging you accede to their dead-ends
conditions they deliberately create
ensnaring you in a fictional world
insisting you renounce realizations
tangled up in illusions to exhaust fight
spreading confusion to obscure clarity
hiding away exemplars good and strong
encouraging impotent twaddle
without which their control collapses

They can make you obey anything
even what cannot be believed
to attend to nonsense
turn you against what is truly yours
compel you to curse the sacred
teach you to praise destruction
consent to public degradation
ponder pointless spectacles
created to lure and waste your time
devitalize until docile
accept humiliation and insults
and still you follow their lead
until one day you tune them out

The inner flame still flickers
steady despite constriction
harboring sense toward veracity
when given shelter from noise
distant from what corrupts sensation
just as the wild rests untrampled
inherent perception returns
regenerated, no longer crippled

What lunatics want matters not
their rule sowing ruinous pestilence
you shall remain unimpaired
durably unmoved by pestering insects
heedless of crazy lies and promises
deceit alone calls them important
to distract from what matters

Eventually their madness repels
you return to the serene eternal
to examine, discover for yourself
no law can prevent awareness
when outward expression is forbidden
say nothing of hidden truths
in calm you see the way clearly
their chatter buzzes so strange
crazed need for costumed imposture
lumbering external apparatus
hiding naked substance
grave perversions and grim shams
deranged maniacs extolling mass suicide

September 22, 2022

Wish Not

There are few worse conditions than to wish for the world to be other than it is. After a superficial look at a single unfavorable situation, the self-made victim declares desire for the broad underpinnings of reality to be replaced.

The wish is uttered as a petty complaint, not a statement of insightful intent to reorganize relations within the whole or to alter inherent qualities towards nuanced refinement. It reveals unacceptance of life through impotent hope for passive magic to somehow fundamentally modify nature for temporary personal convenience.

They object to understandings based upon function by insisting there is a need for a fantastical transformation of nature into a new structure that is not possible to achieve, certainly not with their mediocre abilities.

They are not revolutionaries out of a surplus of creative imagination, nor do they offer any new suggestions from careful study. They have only resentment expressed as a tantrum through a hackneyed recitation of sterile phrases gathered from other idlers.

Preferring opportunity for heroic action, we are not compelled by dull fantasies. We are centered by an understanding acceptance. Each event rests upon a thousand earlier prerequisites, and shifting any one of these would move us far away from where we stand now in consideration, or topple us completely.

Nor do we wish to change the past. Whatever happened behind us is gone and out of reach. We let go of the strange hazy dream. Little of significance can be uncovered by contemplation of old errors and misunderstandings floating beyond change or clarity. Better to forgive and forget. We fix our gaze upon what can still be made and is worthy of demanding efforts.

We do not wish anything altered, for everything is appropriate to its conditions. Many happy accidents within the fog are birthed from ignorance, but also many bitter losses and shortcomings that we necessary to sharpen our focus for greater tasks.

Errors of mismeasurement about the nature of will and possibility are useful lessons. You cannot infuse substance from hope, nor conjure contrary trajectories. Any moment or sequence you wish to revise is long past and cannot be reconstituted or reanimated.

All we have is now and the future. A new way forward beckons.

August 7, 2022


"It's all the same," said no distillery Tour manager ever, except Ian when speaking philosophically about life choices prior to his his pending retirement.

He interspersed reflections on humanity with riddles searching for truth while serving oversized drams from old barrels in the warehouse.

"No one will ever tell you to stop taking your poisons. How do you suppose things will go if you continue taking your poisons for the next 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?

Will you reach desirable goals and retain your health through consumption, or is it more realistic to expect you will drown in weakness and incapacity?

Everyone rightly knows the obvious answer but is not swayed by truth."

Cancer of the larynx, esophagus, or stomach...a small price to pay for a peated oily palate garnished with tasteful oak, vanilla, and residual sweetness from fermented Pedro Ximenez grapes. You know what you are doing, and what you must pay.

Every man dreams of riches, spent not so much on things as on bountiful high quality progeny. Women dream of companions willing to listen; moderns settling for compliant pets and characters on the screen.

Arrant cells multiply ambitiously from one to two to four to uncountable multitudes seeking infinite new space in restless Faustian urges for expansion.

What folly to be swallowed whole while trying to reach unreachable infinitude! They know they are courting destruction, yet remain unable to resist its luring temptation.

Both men and women find solace in poison that sedates realizations for the moment, allowing projections to the fore so they can be believed all the more intently. We know lies are lies, yet wish to believe the flattering and fantastical promising pleasant deception.

Healthy cells are content steadily exemplifying their nature. Forming internalized feelings about false hopes of multiplication and companionship stir and tug wayward broken cells.

July 16, 2022

Keep It

Were you to correct every piece of foolishness you encountered, you'd have a lifetime of work cleaning up the messes of fools, leaving no time to accomplish anything worthwhile.

Fools aggressively launch errors into the world for a multitude of personal reasons, but any encounter with a fool results in loss.

As any engagement with a fool is costly, a fool receives no response no matter how provocative their attempt to engage in foolishness. Whatever they say or do results only in their categorization and subsequent exclusion. No free correction or education is offered. Who could care what errors a fool harbors or repeats? They are fully entitled to their mistakes, misunderstandings, and foolishness, as those are personal and the authentic representation of their essence.

It's not that a fool's work is hard to arrest and replace with sensibility, but that fools are prolific in unleashing destructive chaos. There are many fools stirring mayhem. Better to be buffered by distance so there is space to stay away from the results of what fools concoct. So long as the fools gather with other fools, they mostly create misery for one another.

May fools utter what they wish and set about obviously disastrous undertakings. They are like crazy people in the streets blaming the universe and the invisible entities conspiring against them.

You can't help them. They are drowning in errors and can only pull you down.

June 2, 2022

It Takes Delusion

All narratives are lies constructed without foundation, and accordingly need maximal external support to keep them from naturally toppling over. Propaganda, laws, tax money, and diverse forms of indoctrination can make any talking point seem true for a while by stifling public criticism and general scrutiny to help simple dogma replace thoughtful analysis and historical knowledge.

But for lies to become sufficiently internalized that peasants eagerly repeat them as if factual requires delusion, which is an inherent dullness revealing a lack of curiosity for considering basic aspects of the world, combined with an inability to measure the validity of explanations spread by official sources.

Any fool can fervently yell that the sky is green. An observer with normal perception will comprehend this as simply a fool yelling nonsense. Upgraded production quality and regime endorsement should not spare similar nonsense from being rejected as ludicrous.

Most of what people believe has nothing to do with reason. Reasons are invented after forming belief as a form of social cover to appear appropriate, which is why asking fools for explanations about their beliefs results in confusion and repeating disjoint non-sequiturs once heard someone else say. They don't understand what they claim to believe.

You need not take someone's claimed beliefs too seriously. Delusional people find crazy messages credible for reasons separate from content. They have a willingness to believe incredible tales and conflate conformity to controlling authorities as moral good. They happily oppress civilization to match expectations of the designated enforcers they wish to obey, and imagine themselves benevolent and wise for abject obedience.

They are swept away by authorities telling them desirable fables about the world, ready to bring about heaven on earth by conformity to the rulers who guide them.

Simple techniques prove effective, such as depicting non-moral events by depicting unheralded heroes (those whom you should give power) and terrible villains (those you should resist to benefit the powerful ruling over you) in an uncertain epic battle, with the future of humanity hanging in the balance.

Those who wish to rule promise that a fable can become true if you just give up a little more in what is demanded of you. When it never comes true, they will just say the peasants did not do enough to banish wicked spirits who would not comply.

June 1, 2022

Occupied by Nonsense

As a child, I had encyclopedic knowledge of the major sports, playing and knowing not only detailed strategies, but also current and historic players. Each morning I picked up the newspaper and went over box scores to understand the details of what had transpired the day before.

One day in my early teens I tried a thought experiment to consider the consequences of my local team winning 100 to 0 or losing 0 to 100. Both outcomes were the same in that they didn't matter in any way. The commotion about the game was just a lure to watch worthless drivel.

The real world consequences turned out to be the lost time tracking silly games. They were simulations without any consequences, just like all entertainment products. They contained neither information nor purpose, existing only to consume by distraction.

This realization made the word fan repulsive, as a fan was a droid who cheered for balls being moved or a trivial celebrity utterance. Paying attention to such things wasted precious hours on nonsense.

I quit cold turkey.

May 14, 2022

Narratives are Stillborn

You don't want to buttress any narrative. It tries to prove a big lie to extract pledges of compliance for the lie through coercion and conjuring. Some people will obey any demand for compliance, and their role is to be fleeced. Their fate and the dreams of the schemers will play out for a while.

It is not your job to cheer for the regime and its phony ideologies. Neither must you fight any narrative. Assume they are all basically the same type of deception game. There's no depth to any narrative -- just shallow wordplay, fraud, and baseless assertions of untruth some group thinks could be profitable if they can cajole enough of the public to buy cheap lies and expensively call them true.

Narratives are either reached by errors of hubris or a deliberate con created to produce profit for elites upon public adoption.

The official record can be scrubbed to make narratives almost seem true. The past is easily revised, data sets altered or hidden, wacky explanations endorsed by authoritative people, and history removed. Curators bless certain narratives sources and silence dissenters. Alternatives are gradually taken away until only the narrative remains, and no trace remains of what was known before. This isn't a rational debate, but a show of power. Disobedience is heavily penalized rather than treated as just another opinion or preference. Education teaches the narrative, keeping a few traces of alternative ideas for strawman misrepresentations. Only a fool or wicked soul would reject the fashionable narrative of the moment.

Whatever the narrative, it is stillborn and not worth reacting to. They can be safely ignored without missing anything important.

Second best is ridicule and mockery, but without weighty concern. You are not insulting anything that matters. The operations that push narratives will of course cause great damage, but you can't stop that. Such ruin is part and parcel of living among narratives.

What dishonest and crazy people say is not your business. It is perfectly authentic for them to act as they are, and for you to ignore their nonsense with no interest in their blather.

May 13, 2022

Primordial Errors

For a while, everything you do will be wrong. It will be so wrong you'll not realize the depths of its error.

At first there is no starting point from which to know right. You will only find right by lucky accident. Most will not notice what is right or remember it for later reconsideration.

There is no initial knowledge of right and wrong, nor good and bad. There are only fools repeating what they were told by other fools and clever schemers communicating to extract compliance. Fools cite supposed authorities but can't work through the basic reasoning for what they claim to believe.

They've never seen good examples of anything by which to establish a crude standard to begin to assess. They praise the inferior and ignore excellence. Best to measure all things for yourself.

No one who has gone beyond will give you useful critique or point you to answers. It is good they do not, as you need to work through solutions yourself. Solutions by themselves are not helpful when not understood. What is essential is knowing what is involved in arriving at them.

It's important not to get entrenched in early findings, as they lack direction and context. Change horses when useful. Costly excursions bumbling around often uncover hints at refinement and relations for prospective consolidation. Many attempts are needed to find out the shape and substance of unseeable possibilities. Try what seems worthwhile, or to find out what something is made of. When stuck, get lighter and radically venture another direction.

There are periods of great doubt and suffering. You are made to endure them honorably, and pass through them bravely. What seems large today will seem so small later.

Laugh freely and often. Take none of it too seriously. It's mostly fools acting foolishly.

March 27, 2022

Amongst Randomness

From the perspective of an ant colony, a particular area becomes deemed safe simply because it has been safe the last 500 times it was traversed. The cost of that information is risking a scout, but a single scout is cheap and profitable colonies gain more from their extraction operations than the lives they gamble.

Each visit initially showed the area was quiet and still. Then on the 501st exploration, the patrol was suddenly crushed by a giant who appeared out of nowhere or many were drowned in a monstrous flood. What to make of this strange event?

A single occurrence doesn't give enough information about whether the event was an anomaly or an infrequent but inherent aspect of the area's character. Five extreme events in a row sends a clear alert about danger even to the consciousness of calculating insects, but the meaning of five extreme events spaced out among vast inert nothingness is hard to discern.

Superstitious ants might want to blame evil spirits, racists, witches, or hate speech for a catastrophic predicament. Blame feels good because it ascribes cause to a third-party rather than to the universe, turning focus upon the destruction or forced constraints of the third-party. In theory, the entire type of the third-party could be liquidated for the purpose of enacting utopia, or at least to advocate such solutions for political advantage.

The colony's sustainment drives exploration to continue so long as the cost of loss remains below profit. Some young explorer will take a chance at bringing back great gain despite whatever fear is being stirred up -- and usually there is no real threat, and sometimes a decent reward for ignoring fear that stalls action. Taking on the effort allows a path forward and remains a positive engine making attempts that have a chance to succeed.

The hasty assessment of situations is typically performed without any significant knowledge of their actual character. This prevents a means of assessing upside or downside. Those claiming to have such assessments are deceptive at best, and more likely just crazy fools.

The limited information possessed by one or two superficial glances reduced to a summary told by a loud neurotic chatterer communicates only ignorance. Those who rationally understand the shortage of knowledge for sizing up the situation tend to voice no definitive opinions. The contours are clearly unknown, but pointing out the missing details necessary to make sense of something is annoying to those who rush to judgment.

Much in the universe is rare and strange, hidden in rhythms no one sees or unnoticed in plain sight. Patterns remain true despite the particular participants who are constantly being replaced. Landscapes are filled with organisms fulfilling their character, and the broader universe likewise.

In Democracy, skilled politicians do not concern themselves with the people they rule. They pragmatically build strategic coalitions, raise funds, provoke actions to increase their power, and socialize to find ways to profit from their current position. Their motives don't align with those who are ruled. Politicians are not to blame, as they are merely skillfully harvesting their system.

Each is left to their own devices. You could spend a thousand years trying to build defense against every specific threat and still fall short. But the goal of life is to create, not defend. You only employ defense to not be cut too short of what you are able to accomplish.

First you avoid unbeneficial harm. Next you deter threats. Then you absorb damage while remaining resilient. Finally you counter-attack destructively to neutralize a threat.

It's unwise to live in the street level city apartment. Try not to mix opiates and benzodiazapenes. Don't use plastics. Filter chemicals out of your water. Encounters should be purposeful and mindful of likely consequences, recognizing the patterns to which they connect.

You prepare for the most likely threats and then broadly at the unknowns so that your actual mission can be fulfilled.

March 12, 2022

Witches Are To Blame

Those who were not peasants had significant latitude. Much was expected of them, and those who failed to attain expectations faced severe treatment.

When bad results occurred, some attempted to shirk responsibility for their incompetence by blaming scapegoats, the classic way to obfuscate public understanding by creating a dramatic spectacle to prevent careful study of what actually happened. With enough accomplices repeating lavish praise on incompetent leaders by calling them wise geniuses, it is possible to string together a successful public career with only a string of failures to one's name.

Whether the mistake was a lazy failure to prepare properly, or a terribly ignorant misjudgment, blaming witches remains a common choice for dishonest schemers. After all, the witch and her guilty accomplices can be sacrificed without any loss, and sometimes can serve a double purpose of eliminating enemies by getting them convicted of witchcraft.

Whatever the calamitous situation was, it was probably just a one time event. The strategy of putting witches to death cannot be shown to be wrong and allows the witches to be seen as the cause of the action, giving solace to those who suffered from the bad event. The next bad event will just blame different witches. Before undertaking an action that will obviously end badly, it's wise to declare that witches are already present and are threatening to unleash witchcraft upon the planned benevolent undertaking.

The public should be perpetually primed to hear about the threat of witchcraft and cheer for switch public action to liquidate witches to restore utopia.

Inquiries into witchcraft do not get into function or any underlying study of the actual causal factors culminating in the disastrous event.

Instead, the proof of witchcraft depends upon torture and false testimony to establish narratives proving not only were witches present at the event, but plotted the disaster, conspired to unfold terror, and possess inherent malice because everyone knows that is how witches behave.

Whether your news comes from the town crier (who serves at the pleasure of the powerful), printed words (controlled by editors who serve the powerful), or an internet company (controlled by those who determine which narratives can be discussed), it's all the same.

Any disaster can be papered over with a sufficient narrative so that responsible parties can transfer blame to witches. The official news is brought to compliance with the narrative. Official action follows by punishing witches in accordance with the law. Anything contrary to the narrative or lawful result is misinformation subject to censorship and surely lowers one's social credit score.

The incompetent are safely off the hook again, never responsible for what they do.

March 6, 2022

The Ants Should be Killed

They enter from a crack by the window. Scouts filter in periodically, looking for water or cheap calories. There's nothing obvious there, so this is a routine seasonal mission or desperation.

When they find whatever they're looking for, they will quickly send the signal and a swarm will descend. Even if wiped out, stragglers will keep checking for days. Some will recognize the total destruction of their army and retreat to temporary safety, from which they will begin new target acquisition.

Any positive signal encourages further predation. You have to cut them off with extreme prejudice to keep them from advancing upon you, or else you will be dealing with all the demands they bring to new territories for years to come.

This requires you to keep top cleanliness, stay aware of incursions, and to have a good supply of poisons to feed them when boundaries have been breached.

They do not mean harm, only personal advantage, yet their presence harms. They would love to have your food, space, and water, yet you would not want to have them taking your food, space, and water. How to negotiate? Only by exclusion.

No means of reason amounts to anything. So it is with reasoning and pleas.

In their place you would do the same for the chance at opportunistic encroachment. However, the positions are not exchanged and you do not wish to be encroached upon. Understanding the desire they see does not mean you yield to it; quite the contrary! You understand clearly their rapacious glare.

Every new entry to a system reorganizes and rescales order, changing its function and quality. The accommodation of new insects within a civilized space is not an improvement except to the invading insects, and thus warrants a crushing opposition.

March 5, 2022

The Ants Shouldn't be Killed

You could never build an ant. You can barely build a robot to clean the house by clumsily bonking into walls.

No matter how you judge the presence of exploring ants, you must inevitably marvel over their great strength and durability. With no language, education, or formal organizers skimming fund raising money to support an extravagant lifestyle, they reveal inherent order and intelligent delegation of duties to fulfill their colony's purpose.

And you wish to extinguish them for haughty inconvenience?

They make use of excess available resources, repurposing for necessity. Outward expansion follows to fill a vacuum of unclaimed space. They too are just passing through and soon gone, not a persistent menace.

They aren't hurting anyone, unless you fall into a nest of fire ants, and that kind of drum clumsiness is on you. Leave them alone and they'll mostly leave you alone; tolerating them around you will let you live in peace instead of being angry at the prospect of sharing space. Are you really going to get mental about an insects that leave you alone while working to better their small village?

Man has right to destroy what he himself has created, but no right to destroy or stifle the works of others. Informal pacts among prey and predators acknowledge anything can happen on wild lands.

Only the tamed are inhibited by legal declarations cast as if real.

March 4, 2022

Nothing At All

I enthusiastically told her I liked depression and it made me happy, and she laughed. Surely being down was clarifying and a thousands times more honest than letting oneself drift away and become lost in false optimism, hope, and fantasies that will never happen.

Nor would any sensible person want to take pills to provide the same delusions of happiness, unless they were being philosophers trying something out once to understand it directly, its relations, and those who undertake such behavior.

One by one, each externality that nudges and deludes solely to influence you for its own purposes is cut out and interpreted as a mix of sad and comical, like a tiny rat dog barking aggressively to project the image of a raw force of nature commanding the world rather than an impotent tiny rat dog.

So little is of relevance and consequence. The worthless is avoided and cleared away to remove the cost of reaction and its distraction from purpose.

Just as every advertisement thinks itself more important than information, and thus believes it has the right to intrude and interrupt, such a predisposition also reminds that members of groups exhibiting related behaviors should be summarily removed. A perfect day has no intrusions or interruptions, and so we organize our lives to enjoy many perfect days by removing the potential wickedness of disruptive forces.

We laugh at the crudity of selfish motives thinking themselves preeminent, and the audacity of scams that imperil others and limit the potential of humanity for the puny interests of trivial players.

They are insidious rat dogs beckoning mockery and pity, for they can do no other than exhibit ridiculous rat dog behavior. No one can expect them to act contrary to their nature, and their nature is a sad case. Most recognize their condition and avoid it, yet some interpret it differently and give power to rat dogs. This is why we see them yapping in public trying to bring others under their spell.

Neither have they capacity to honor life, by which they could gradually direct their behavior to sensible ends.

February 22, 2022

A Sweet Straight Song of Sorrow

You go as far as you can by whatever means necessary, as sensibly as you can while the opportunity to do so remains. For soon there will be neither time nor ability, and your opportunities in the universe will have expired.

Structure mostly holds by known means, but inevitably fails. While you explore, you try to hold your craft together as long as you can so you can get where you need to go. Maps only show you notes of where others went.

You move purposefully without undue delay. Being dragged into a pointless complicated excursion literally takes a piece of your life away, squandering it on nonsense rather than attaining a goal.

Few will understand how the same soul tempts recklessness to accommodate worthy fits and while applying brutal austerity to reject what needlessly exhausts. One spends themselves lavishly on prospects and starves fools, a mark of good taste and cosmic justice.

No one else can or will do it. Choose wisely.

February 19, 2022

Nikolai Lost a Leg

Life plans often don't conclude as imagined, especially if premised on reward for obedience. Choice to reward is easily rescinded, and ability to pay precluded by changed circumstances.

You're left all alone realizing your master was crazy and your actions were even more insane. This is not to denigrate the mentally ill, who should surely work on their mental and physical health. Losing sight of one's responsibility for the consequences of choices is a joyous liberation, usually followed by imprudent acts with lasting damage.

The typical reaction is to claim innocence for one's choices. Someone else was in charge. Someone suggested or promised an easy solution. All the victim had to do was fall in line. Everything would be taken care of by the master. There was no need for them to evaluate the situation and consider the many threats.

Nikolai Kozlov was a decent auto mechanic in the 31st Airborne Assault Brigade. He was a patriot willing to serve any command.

His life promised a good future. Nikolai's first occupation mission involved disguising himself as a local policeman in the nation he was occupying. Upon returning home from a successful operation, he had a beautiful summer wedding.

Nikolai then returned to Donbass to fight in combat missions. Youth feels invulnerable until getting a close enough glimpse at the ferocity of situations that only rarely reveal the power of their fangs. It shakes you for weeks, drawing into reflection and consideration that were previously passed by as irrelevant. Only now do you respect what could happen. Despite weeks of live fire and shelling, Nikolai bravely participated in his squad's attack plans every day.

On August 24, 2014 the squad fell under the shelling of armor-piercing guns, and a shot severed Kozlov's leg. He was transferred across the border, was in hospital in Rostov and later transferred to Moscow.
[European Union Foreign Affairs Journal]

There's no great treatment for losing a leg. Doctors try to prevent total loss of life. A prosthetic will give some appearance of normalcy, but the misadventure leaves its lasting bite.

Risk in youth can be worthwhile if the risk is not too large and a reasonable reward is possible. Potentially large risk without reward is always a foolish decision. Even more so when performed for an organization, whether company or government, as all are absolved of whatever happens to a participant.

A military has endless expendable soldiers it can count upon to perform the will of leaders. Leaders might pursue personal objectives rather than those beneficial to their nation. Soldiers do as they are told, pawns no different than college graduates who devote themselves to companies or consuming entertainment rather than families.

In our hearts we know only we are responsible for what happens from our choices, but even atheists want to hold God responsible, pathetically pleading with a force they don't believe in to change reality in their favor. They were reckless or just encountered a normal event in the world yet wish for supernatural intervention rather than accepting life as it comes.

Our challenging solitary predicament is trying to make a life while led by incompetent fools and devils striving to pull us into their thrall. Keeping some distance for their campaigns gives us a chance to not lose too much too soon on ridiculous undertakings for uncaring masters. The less encumbered and destroyed, the more we are able to accomplish with the time that remains for efforts we have considered worthy of our lives.

February 13, 2022

Finding A Way Back Home

We seek a way back home, away from all that is fraud and error. Home is what truly belongs to us.

We can't go back to what once was, as that is gone forever, but the best aspects remind us of what we wish to make real.

We can build anew and sustain new possibilities. The transient will fall away; the sturdy remains.

Most was not built to last, barely built to function. A few lucky accidents and untrampled beauty.

Compressed sawdust and cardboard, soon returned to nature.

You've got to build with stone for it to last, or teach everything how to float without a home atop endless churn.

February 12, 2022

Much Could Have Been

There's a lot of cheese and an abundance of opportunity for misadventure.

The raw potential is obvious. So too is the inability to cultivate or harness it while it is abundant and free. It can't be bottled. Beautiful potential is a tease, likely to wisp away without having done anything worthwhile. All it could have been is wasted through foolish errors and waiting.

No nostalgia, for all could have been done better by each participant. At most all there is to consider is a fake nostalgia dream about what was possible with that richness of capable magic never put to any valuable use. We could have done so much that was great, but instead comfortably attempted nothing.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, the women of my generation came from the second or third wave of unsettled trauma. Perpetually medicated on mood stabilizers, tranquilizers, and stimulants to sleepwalk through the day feeling nothing as they drowned in unresolved imbalance.

Drugs were crude proxies for normal living like everything else. Their dads had been lost. As young women they were stuck in fruitless search for what a dad could have been. Around thirty they'd settle for pets, wine, or a washed up dropout reminding them of their dad. Trauma lingers recreating familiar pains longing for its origins.

Society degraded to third world norms was humiliating and depressing. The rate of decline was sped up, but with enough drugs anyone can zone out.

There were few worth leading. Withdrawal was common. Our knowledge was a mix of scams and peasant phrases of faith about nonsense uttered for self-comfort. The perennial was unprofitable and unfashionable. Those certified as educated were unfamiliar with the great works of civilization or any exceptional thoughts. They mostly sought amusement, phony explanations, and distractions -- just clumsy intoxications.

A generation or two ago you knew your neighbors. Now there are random people living among you garnering suspicion even if they look like you. They might be plotting against your interests and contributing to ruin. Progress means regression to low trust and incivility. Institutions are crumbling from incoherence and long detached from their mission, no longer fit for purpose, but to say that is almost terrorism or insurrection. You are supposed to praise what is failing before you.

Essential institutions will have to be entirely rebuilt avoiding what brought their downfall. This will be hard thankless work just to get back to what was normal a few generations ago.

Unity was lost. Those in power, both official and propagandistic, had different motives and goals than the people. Worse, they did not care for public interests, nor standards. Accordingly, both dropped from neglect.

The new public did not share our norms or care for civilization. Fragile fabric tore in small ways. Instead of building roads, we had to pay to subsidize them. Instead of teaching advanced classes, funds went to the learning disabled and foreign. Our peaks were shaved thin. Valleys filled with surplus low ability people to sustain. We would have to cancel exploring the universe to pay for our bumper crop of fools and destroyers we were not allowed to exclude or keep in check.

A replacement population is part and parcel with progress. The majority spoke their discontent with low quality leaders too loudly, and the leaders responded by gradually replacing the majority with people accustomed to corruption and poor leadership. It's just pragmatic leadership to address complaints about incompetence by showing what power is able to do.

The majority would be overtaken by disunity. Soon no voice would have weight as all would be drowned by a cacophony of rabble, making all opinions equal and worthless. Leaders would once again safely shirk responsibility for the condition they deliberately created.

There's no better revenge on critique than replacement. Censorship is just a short-term measure to keep truths from being accepted in public. More effective is to remove those capable of forming thoughts, demonstrating to the ruled that honest communication results in eternal removal.

January 4, 2022

Incompetence isn't Malevolence

Often upon encountering bad behavior, the first assumption is that the actor is deliberately destructive. They are assessed as evil, and because they seem evil, related malevolent acts are assumed to be in their motives, and thus need to be defended against.

However, most people have no motives, but are worn out and directionless. They are tasked above their station and asked to respond in ways beyond their abilities. They innocently falter, while trying to retain some semblance of adequacy. It is polite to say nothing indicating otherwise.

Most misbehavior is from people who truly didn't know any better and chose stupid actions because those seemed good in the moment. They probably should have been prevented from their options and removed from their surroundings and contacts to prevent interactions, but no one is in charge and people are free to pursue ridiculous whims.

They are not evil, but bored sleepwalkers. Some of them poke and prod seeking to tax others with amusing drama. Most stumble through an ambient haze vaguely imitating expectations without forethought or awareness.

They are vanilla incompetents, not devils of the universe.

December 30, 2021

Integrated Spiritual Plagues

COVID-19 and the reaction to it are insignificant compared to the tolerance and integration of greater spiritual plagues.

Like all plagues, the susceptible are reaped for a while and then the plague grows weak and recedes, becoming legend of what once took many lives.

A spiritual plague is a test of compliance to ruin. The susceptible take themselves out by adopting a destructive doctrine and turning it upon themselves out of loyalty, receiving its consequences as a universal moral good.

Some might wish them absolution for being innocently deceived or deluded, but nature's judgment is that those turned against life by whatever means have also made themselves unworthy of it, and their passing and lineage termination is appropriate.

It is not our business to judge those on the way out, but we surely notice patterns.

December 25, 2021

Without Reward

If you were making a religion to appeal to the multitude, you'd treat them like retarded children too perpetually disorganized and limited to consider the consequences of their actions.

Have mercy and patience with them, for they do not instinctively feel that theft, rape, and murder are unwelcome choices, but need constant education and frowning elders.

Though there is naturally much quiet discrimination against such people because they are noticed for spreading ruin and disorder, they can also be methodically harnessed to comply with manufactured consensus herding their sheer numbers of crippling disabilities into power for politicians.

Pliable for manipulation with outlandish stories, threats, and promises for obedience, they are simplistically impulsive and predictable.

Tolerating destructive impositions and chanting trite phrases praising decline does not constitute enlightenment.

There is not great stratification. The average comply much like those below average. The above average comply like the average, bending to social accord rather than measuring and comparing outcomes to those possible in previous configurations.

More education dilutes offerings to those who could make use of it; the outcome of education depending upon raw materials. No one can be made more able to think clearly or given character they do not already possess, only a few subject specific facts added to their memory.

Education is mostly used to miseducate, i.e. teaching misunderstandings and coercing tolerance that politely looks away from scrutinizing the quality of results.

The opinions inculcated in the multitude rule, not correct and well considered ideals.

Harboring power in the multitude creates mass paralysis inhibiting consideration of the present situation and serious planning for better systems. This creates quiet opportunity for a few thoughtful people to accomplish something other than spending their time cleaning up after destructive monsters.

Teaching the primacy and superiority of the multitude conjures Hell into existence. This fundamental lie needs to sustain itself by denying quality is possible or desirable, and to subvert attempts that would favor quality over quantity.

Transitioning from a preference for quality or quantity to the alternative is chaotic while one system is undone and the other gradually put into place, though the promise of what will be helps sustain during the effort.

Quality is for the few, unless cultivating it over centuries so it increases within a population. Otherwise, strategists assume mediocrity and utilize quantity to force things through despite obvious inadequacies that could be addressed, but are ignored because cultivating quality is an effort that exceeds their timeline.

Eternal Right is our North Star. As ever, we heed known truths; no new facts about life appearing for millennia. Many truths obscured and half-forgotten still linger to be rediscovered by curious souls.

No easy promises can be honestly offered, nor would you want them. Nothing is free, much is possible, but there is only what you create. The time for action is now, or as soon as you have a plan forward.

You've got to do everything for the results you want and accept that for all you do there will be no external reward. No one will think anything of it. The universe won't care. Certainly your motives should not be timely conformity or to impress others whose opinion really means nothing. Rather than deeming this a bleak realization or claim to feel hurt, you are thankful for unblemished clarity.

Alone watching over yourself you shall not falter, but choose eternal right. No one else will ever know, yet you do not forsake rightful actions.

There is no one to envy. You would reject all offers to trade places with any other person, seeing too easily spiritual poverty, dullness, and self-created misery resulting from a series of bad decisions. You don't want their lives -- you are making your own.

Perhaps you have no living role models. The excellent examples you encounter must be seen with selective vision, looking away from the ugly and deranged parts. You forgive all: there is often not enough time to make everything great. You can thrive within thin perspectives.

No one will care a lick about what you do. At most they will utter a few words of worthless praise. The North Star shines on, everpresent beacon reminding that your explorations are made to stretch far.

Those who know from doing have the shortest shorthand. A glance or a symbol says everything. No wasteful conversation about the trivial. Those who talk at length are usually ignorant idlers, doubly paralyzed to neither learn nor take thoughtful action. Their praise and critique is noise better spared.

You smile at the depths of folly and keep going. Always looking onward, not diverted to nonsense or stuck amongst the bored. If things have gone mostly right in your preparation, you're way past expecting reward or caring about silly opinions. When you know the direction to go, lonely chatterers shan't impose hesitation.

Having surveyed the world, you see most of it is idle, graciously limiting costly errors and wickedness from aspiring devils. The impassioned do not repeat slogans and occupy themselves with mediocrity, but cultivate deep knowledge and hone expertise.

Time is short for communicating or organizing others, but you can align yourself with sensible aims and take necessary actions for your goals. You'll meet good souls and share adventures along the way.

Excuse makers openly reveal their maladies. Everyone knows why failures perpetually fail, though it is impolite to discuss in public. Playing along is too degrading, so you skip it.

December 24, 2021

Social Media

They say DARPA invented Social Media as an efficiency measure so people would self-report their private information for monitoring. Most antisocial attacks are frustrated outbursts for attention, not a real desire to hurt people, but uncovering the prevalence of that psychology is disconcerting and threatens public belief in systems demonstrating rapid qualitative decline.

They needed to call it something, so as usual they called it the opposite of what it is: the antisocial was called social media.

According to this history, Zuck is either a stooge or an inadvertent figurehead, a distinction without a difference. His machine serves the system and continually expands the perimeters of its monitoring.

Perhaps social media does more than just spying on citizens, such as supporting a progressive health system need to monitor lunatics. Though there's not enough tax money to put the growing population of mentally ill in psychiatric wards, social media serves as a self-reporting mental illness mechanism for efficient government notification. No treatment comes of it, but somewhere a bureau is tasked with statistical compilation.

December 21, 2021


Self-occupation using multiple screens now averages 5 hours and 21 minutes per day consuming video content.

Millennials spend around 2 hours and 30 minutes on social media pressing like buttons, posting selfies, and repeating comment phrases they learned from other social media platforms.

They do not consume to learn new information about the world. They are not curious about ideas or seeking knowledge. They are droids compelled to consume.

Consuming occupies all of their free time, preventing them from doing anything interesting or productive. They are stuck forever in passive observation of a fictional reality, blocking themselves from being able to experience life's possibilities.

Time runs out each day being captive to the occupiers, and the occupied not only fail to progress, but are conditioned to gradually fall in line with the content they consume.

Media content is not necessarily to push an ideology, but just as a drug user might enjoy many intoxicants, those who seek profit from loyal vessels of consumption utilize similar modes of occupation to control and corral.

Content does not seek to inform. It is divorced from any dependency on fact and provided as entertainment to provoke an emotional response through deliberately crafted misinformation. It craves reaction, for which wild claims are best. Boring facts are ineffective media.

Content providers are not acting with malice, but for profit. The content is just a sweet coating for advertisements and advertisers pressure content providers to condition consumers to be open to and tolerant of the commercial messages that are the purpose of programming.

In the post-societal world, companies can sell soda or harmful content and don't care of what will obviously result to the public from consuming harmful products. There is no moral requirement or legal exposure for pushing harmful products upon an undisciplined public.

Citizens destroy their health and act surprised that their own choices have made them ill, as if they were required by law to consume what destroys them.

Most of the time, you should want stillness. You do not want to expend energy on pointless chatter, and certainly not be swept away with false promises and exaggerated story telling inflating trivial events to seem like revolutions. In stillness you can think clearly and purposely focus your actions.

To neither raise hopes, nor to have hopes raised.
Nothing will come from these events.
Energy is drained by drawing attention to the irrelevant.
It is cruel to drain others away into nothingness.

Almost nothing is happening day to day, and honest news would appropriately say little, using small fonts and relaxed narratives. Maybe a few pretty photographs and poetry could boost the quality of the content.

The news can be skipped without missing anything essential, and social media too -- returning eight hours a day so a person can do anything they want instead of being occupied.

Most won't take that deal. Occupation is comforting and fills the day and consciousness with endless nonsense. Comfort appeals more than finding out what is possible in the real world.

December 19, 2021

Dreaming for Life

We are propelled through a combination of belief and unbelief. How strange are many of the ideas we treat as real, and clarifying are our rejections! The less you hold, the more clear your substance. Each of us is so different in our beliefs, so diverse that common ground seems a ridiculous fiction.

What we believe is not necessarily true, but useful -- thus we ban excuses, delay, and negativity. Our beliefs seduce us to what we would otherwise pass by, enchanting us to pursue their inevitablities. We are in love with their promising contours, thus delusionally project our hopes and wants onto our perceptions, falsifying reality to see what we wish to find. We imagine seeing scattered morsels everywhere indicating what we desire in fact there, finally showing itself to us to be lived.

Much is an inspiring dream, and these dreams show us what could be through a compelling vision that pulls us towards their realization. The previously unimaginable can no longer be denied. We have seen its possibility and wish it further. Dreams fuel the action of our lives.

Who is the enemy? Those who stultify. The stultifiers are soulless static entities who drain energy upon contact. They are true to ruinous ideologies, unaware they are keeping harmful power afloat. Their obedience finds a way to justify bad ideas through force and coercion, feigning offense at honest inspection that reveals them as destructive frauds.

We wish one another beautiful fantastic dreams so we can have beautiful fantastic work to set ourselves upon. We dream so that we can do what is excellent.

We dream, and then we do.

December 18, 2021

Argumentum ad Stupidum

Every situation reduced to its essence is not so serious. Usually it is two morons talking past one another. Communication fails, but first intellect has failed. Thankfully, neither person recognizes what happened, so participating in foolishness incurs no psychological distress.

A big moment is in actuality tiny even within its environment, and then soon forgotten. Something else trivial appears and the insignificant past falls away. A mediocre and blundering presentation is the same as one that is highly competent. Both compel no action. The dull and the insightful are digested identically, mocking mortality. It's time to break for drinks and socialize ineptly.

The form of seriousness captivates into losing sight of substance, which once recognized should be shepherded towards greater strength. We imagine something rich and full of promise, though when our of sight it naturally mists away to nothingness, vanishing while sustaining no force, despite our wanting it to be powerful. Loss is organically uncapped and wildly misestimated.

Thought and action are commandeered to social events and made entertainment. Supposedly aspirational goals are not actually intended to be achieved. It's just talk. No effective behavior follows. The stylish know who to blame when empty gestures promising vibrant revolution once again bring barren ends. It was never more than social talk to soothe one another and fill time.

It's fun to pretend to be stupid and helpless, wearing an idiot mask to avoid taking simple actions known to bring about good results. Solutions aren't really desired, as they discount the individual's imagined uniqueness. Respect is paramount for complex self-imposed miseries and unhealthy rituals ensuring failure.

The comfort of routine prevails despite knowledge.

November 25, 2021

Ideology As Social Aim

A crazy person might say that they are the king of France. They have indicated that for the duration of the social encounter, they wish to be identified as the king of France. You smile and nod, recognizing the detachment from reality and sizing up the likelihood they could become violent.

There are no consequences to social statements. The person claiming to be the king of France has risked almost nothing, and a few people might take him seriously and for a few moments listen to his foolish utterances until they can find a way to escape the encounter.

Social statements are like science fiction. Nothing about them need correspond to reality. They will not be examined for factuality. Assessing their truthfulness or seeking clarity is considered offensive. One is expected to obey the dictates of all claimed authorities, and defer to institutions seeking control of the public no matter their reasoning or lack of it. Holding them to question, or pointing out their deliberate lies and misrepresentations is a cloddish faux pas turning the transaction so they play victim to gain power to enforce their errors upon others without responsibility.

Strategy without concern for qualitative consequences gives us genres such as social justice, a hustle at odds with actual justice; boldly transgressing justice with flim-flam to secure favorable outcomes for results losers would like obtained from society by any means necessary -- namely force, coercion, and endless scheming to cheat nature and humanity, though only achieving prolonged destruction and misery.

The unfortunate perspective of losers notices others have achieved abundance, but cannot conceive how anyone could possibly accomplish anything, attributing good results to cheating rather than understanding and effort. In comparison, they also assume they are secretly penalized, keeping them incapacitated with drugs, entertainment, sloth, junk food, and debilitating beliefs. Losers assume from a position of privilege that they deserve the traits, disposition, and wealth others possess -- never considering their troubles are innate, just as the successful were well formed at birth and not ruined by the ideology and excuse based mindset of the failed.

There is no conspiracy against losers, except by nature.

Social justice dispenses entirely with the need for rationality, purpose, function and other aspects necessary for civilization. It cares not for for precedent - it incubates increasingly dysfunction populations, and those it favors today will be the privileged punished tomorrow for knowing how to read, clothe themselves, etc., and they will have to be extracted from and discriminated against for the sake of ideology favoring incapacity.

Institutions of power from government to corporations operate in loose affiliation with mobs to use violence and other techniques they cannot lawfully deploy upon subjects. The goal is to force tolerance for intolerable behavior, just one more unwelcome imposition the public must accept instead of the type of civilization they used to have and wish to build towards.

The social is whatever somebody claims it is. You can be a fish, wind, or a wizard -- and demand that others see you as that. Though this does not make you a fish or wind or a wizard. But it is fun to pretend you are and to make others have to agree that they pretend to see you as that. You might be just a pathetic creature atrophied into uselessness, but you have the power to insist others pretend to see you as you claim to be.

In truth it is not so bad to be the king of France and see the look on their faces when they realize you are exceptional royalty to be marveled over.

October 10, 2021

The Nature of Digging

Real life concerns itself with serious matters. Time is short. You are ever closer to losing your vitality, as is everything around you; each creature gradually falling into useless collapse. You only get a brief moment to choose at any juncture. The results are yours forever and cannot be undone. Pick boldly, carefully, and without hesitation! What other uniquely assembled collection of artifacts is so definitively your own?

You must quickly ascertain the actual value of things, disregarding advertised fictions uttered to scam, paralyze, and entice you to years of self-enslavement or doom.

Social life is totally different. It concerns itself with opinions, diversions, salves, fantasies, frivolous ideas, and nonsense with no regard for reality or aspirational goals. It's a total goof consisting of nothing to be taken seriously. The essential is hidden or explained away with transparent excuses as if wanting to be caught in the act of lying. It does not care to address or fix defects to make better, even when small effort will bring tremendous benefit.

Dopes shamelessly broadcast foolish thoughts and smile while doing so, knowing there will be no correction or criticism -- nor should there be, as time spent socializing with socializers is wasted. But is it wise to lie to yourself?

Some begin to believe the stories they tell about the innocent miserable position they are in, blaming others while depicting themselves as noble actors backed into a corner by secret malice rather than an obvious result of choices taken.

Nature is wide and cannot be outflanked. The consequences of this vastness eventually come to light, if not realized in a moment of honest contemplation about why any significant event played out as it did.

Men must act quickly and realistically to remain a stable anchor connected to the actual world. Women, though quintessentially pragmatic are captivated by social aims, caring about silly opinions, curbing truths that might cause claims of social offense, and paying attention to the idle chatter of the day, rather than building a worthwhile foundation from which a fulfilling life is possible.

Small aims and coping with the short-term paradoxically tends to continue without end, and doing more of the same offers no way out of a hole via more digging, only an increased proximity to Hell. For a different result, you'd have to do something different.

By denying the situation created by their digging, they can not easily escape. The chain of events is clear, as well as seeing the alternative possibilities enjoyed by those who reject the disastrous faith and ideals of hole-diggers.

September 6, 2021

Flower Power

Every narrative is a lie, every ideology a fraud, every movement a power grab enrichment scheme hiding its actual motives. These are trivially revealed by considering what would result if they prevailed, which is always the qualitative decline of civilization conducted at externalized expense.

Others are burdened for decades with cleaning up the mess once the gremlins are exposed, distracted, or pacified. The bigger the mess to be created for profit, the more urgently it must be foisted upon the public without careful evaluation.

Revolutionaries are neither capable nor interested in benefiting mankind, though they pretend that is their calling, not envious desire for self-advantage by redistributing the wealth of others to their own accounts. Comrades early to join the pyramid will too be promised generous compensation. Why not promise the world?

Youth is disproportionately pulled into fantastical promises, hearing that a utopian world is possible at the small cost of changing human nature or redirecting the wealth of others for the desires of the mob. Youth has never heard of these schemes before, nor considered the follies upon which they are premised. Revolutionaries merely peddle an old scam on the unfamiliar.

"The rules are simple: they lie to us, we know they're lying, they know we know they're lying, but they keep lying to us, and we keep pretending to believe them."

Flower Power was a protest movement that attempted no logical premise, direction, or solution. It solely utilized theatrical spectacles, which by making no claim provides no means of evaluation by which they could be opposed. This became the norm for anti-majority acts intended to revengefully degrade civilization, and was promoted by media because the theatrical format provided compelling amusement. The audience was trained to take such things seriously and were compulsively drawn to them, looking in vain for some deep hidden meaning that did not exist.

Communists had previously ushered in the post-truth era, most successfully in the Soviet Union, and had proven that control could be maintained for several decades until collapse by simply liquidating the educated and organized, and then using fear and social coercion to keep the rest in line. Occasional murder, imprisonment, and ostracism could be used as necessary to keep citizens silent.

There was no need to appeal to reality. Aggressive demands implied expected compliance. The ruled pretended they believed in imaginary progress reached by magic for results that didn't actually manifest, and could never be expected in the real world. The public also pretended that vultures were surely not gathering in greater numbers. Wise comrades realized that enthusiastic cheering was degrading but cheap insurance against punishment, cancellation, and liquidation.

Control of which truths people felt safe to express in public could be achieved with a blitzkrieg of neologisms and new doctrines, presented as obligatory with penalties for non-compliance to follow. Compliance created harm and qualitative social decline, so each individual strove to protect themselves from contact with the system.

"In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies some small way to become evil oneself. One's standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to."

The ruling class realized no plausible reason need be given for their dictates, and even under democracy it was easy to enact laws contrary to the needs and preferences of the ruled. Fraudulent explanations, vague explanations, or no explanation at all sufficed. No serious information had to be offered for policies. Rulers were never held accountable and could get almost any result they wanted for the ruled. Obviously harmful choices had no means of resistance. The public could only dread and prepare basic shelter against what the rulers planned for them.

Flower Power informed rulers that they were free to push wacky claims binding upon all, needing only simplistic marketing pushed by media while suppressing alternatives to create fake public debates consisting of only the choice rulers were unleashing. There was no means to respond to a proposal with an innocent "Why?" because questioning would be ignored at best and a flood of propaganda would advance the proposal, no matter how nonsensical.

Opposition is summarily crushed, so no sensible person concerned with themselves or their family will oppose whatever is being pushed upon the public. Some senseless people oppose it and demand rational scrutiny or warn of consequences. Resistance was simply removed rather than answered. Those paying attention saw the response and crept away from engagement, realizing it was not possible to demand an accounting. Disastrous acts would be forced upon the public for the purpose of solidifying control, and nothing could be done about it nor discussed in any significant way.

This created a growing underground of those who understood the demonic power. They gradually became fluent in knowing how to read its words, avoid confrontation, stay silent in public, and maneuver around its looming destruction.

Flower Power in all its forms means the end of any social discourse worth participation, yet the need for man to interact and exchange truthful ideas for shared purpose remains despite failed institutions holding on through coercive control.

We go down, disconnect and build out for ourselves what malignant forms cannot. They will expand beyond their overleveraged capacity and suddenly collapse one day, like all their previous regimes. Their vacuum will be filled by relevant structures no longer blocked by promotional schemes.

September 5, 2021

Cutting The Fat

Fat is dead weight hauled around for no benefit, other than a last ditch long-tail save in case the supply chain fails to continue providing empty calories via candy, chips, and soda.

Every accoutrement and externality creates an additional factor to consider servicing, makes slower, and increases immobility from bulk, culminating in an indecisive mess. The contrasting ideal is naked unobstructed simplicity. Complicated obligations occupying possibility create a Hell where nothing can happen.

Under normal circumstances you strive to run lean, carrying only what is necessary and useful. You are powered by your willful ability to transform situations into desired results. Rucking weights are merely a socially constructed simulation of strife.

The extraneous must be cut out, which means avoiding the accumulation of fat while building muscle trained for purpose, typically expanded strength and endurance across dynamic movements. The irrelevant wastes energy and is judiciously renounced, for it does not belong to the future we are building.

The extraneous can by strategically bypassed rather than removed after unnecessarily accommodated. By having goals and a cultural north star, one gradually drifts away momentary fads, losing awareness of popular distractions by sharing no space with its cues. You are not opposed to whatever they are consuming or repeating -- merely unaware and if explained are unable to take such things seriously. They are transparently unimportant as the dawdling frivolity of lost souls in a slow suicide.

Resisting disalignment nudging away from the positive, you can't give much consideration to unsalvageable cases other than nodding when noticing yet another such situation. They are inevitable structural mass casualties of modernity unable to discover themselves in time to become aware of their potential. Sad. Frail souls prone to collapse crumble into rubble, unfit for purpose.

The future is built by those who do not capitulate. We keep in mind all of the beautiful things still possible. This is why we love the resilient capable of prevailing by meeting the demands of life.

August 7, 2021

For Purpose, Not Efficiency

Human constructs are not only inherently faulty, but also deceptive. Idealization marries desire to believe, and then one deludes themselves that they have described a totality, when they have only described a vague reduced estimation that excludes the essential.

Organic life is leaky beyond the synthetic constraints, which bothers linear thinkers so much they deny it and double down on errors. But life much breath, and cases outside the boundary cannot be excluded.

Upon repurposing efforts for efficiency, the result becomes dull sterility. The original purpose possessed utility, and now focus has been lost.

Proselytizing for the predominance of a metric measuring efficiency and rearranging the project to serve the maximization of efficiency has turned it into an insane chase of the unneeded and wrong-headed.

Humans should not be made into meat robots serving computers via interruptions of consciousness for data collection. Neither should humans serve any process involving metrics, as some will become conscious enough to either game them to falsely prove success that doesn't exist, or will let metrics drive choices, losing touch with the original objective, enslaving to a machine world that drifts away from serving needs, justified by data that automatically selects bad results in accord with the system's logic.

Valuable feedback isn't data so much as sensitive consideration and anchoring to purpose. A majority might prefer a particular color, layout, or measurement, but thoughtful design should not yield to mob preferences. Rather, mobs should be civilized to human standards rather than pushing the obedient and those capable of conscious thought to robotic totalitarianism automated to exclude mediators and alternatives.

July 16, 2021


Edges remain sharp, unworn by routines that keep the whole holding together. You were meant to cut. The dull can only smother. From a strong base you move powerfully towards desirous opportunities. Your foundation and feral instincts were never in doubt.

Passion drives, filling into destiny. Steady into the uncertain you aim and push onward. Waiting is death folly. The unlimited moment is urgent and you must obey.

You want to get somewhere, so go make it happen. Oppressing barriers are phantoms to outflank, pass over, or smash through. Rules and constraining beliefs slough off as if awoken from a silly dream. Need to get beyond always finds a way. The universe is a renewing canvas to be made gorgeous.

Fast and free, the goal calls you forth to take action for victory. The only thing real is now. Your soul pulses alive, aware everything is possible for this extended moment, suspended within reach -- the means held open to be seized.

The exhausted seek relief in incapacity, releasing the burdens of action and possibility by choosing nothingness in their one chance to do something. The wild thrill when realizing provisionality: situations seen coming together in narrow spectrums of temporary combination that typically are offered only once, to be solidified to their conclusion or neglected to falter into irrelevant nothingness.

Some gradually fade away, worn into still passivity and withdrawn depression; others grow sharper and more ready to cut into tender chance for a taste paid by vitality nurtured by perpetual invigoration and willingness to dare.

July 12, 2021

With the Seasons

In spring, everything is possible and beautiful miracles sprout from mirror alignment with bursting nature. Love seems real.

Fruits prosper through summer. Long days drive the self to work hard vigorously towards noble goals. The dreams of Spring take form; their fruits revelation of its truths.

Autumn's chill signals summer's end. Fakery is too bold for its own preservation. Strangler vines masquerade as native plants, costuming themselves in nondescript green leaves that for early weeks of autumn look ridiculous amongst naked branches and reveal the intruder. This is the winding down. What has been done productively comes to a temporary rest. It is now time to pause and take stock of the bounty and its notable absence after the season of growth.

Winter is sustained by what was gathered in from previous efforts: equal parts planning, coping, and artificiality. Faith in spring's rebirth is a primary source of sustenance, though others cope through deliberate obliviousness such that no negativity ever causes them to consider their situation.

July 11, 2021

Elliott Smith

There is reasoning to Elliott Smith's suicide, performed by dramatic knife stabbing to his heart. Smith was a musician, so he was not solving problems. He created stories capturing moments.

At some point after prolonged arguments about the insubstantial, he reflected that this might become his fate forever. Surely he could throw out the unruly woman interested in pointless arguments, but were they all about the same and prone to such behavior? We will all be dead soon, and instead of doing something interesting and honorable, here we are wasting eternity on useless bickering.

Since we will all be dead soon, why not now? Not to teach her a lesson, as no lesson can be taught a cross arguer, but to show one possible outcome of assaulting with arguments is to agree to give up on love and promptly make one's exit, leaving the idle complainer with nothing.

Woman, being a pragmatist, long ago gave up on love in exchange for what she thinks she can get. Uncertain the loss is immutable, the romantic spirit continues its pursuit hoping to pull woman back into its flow, at least for a few beautiful moments.

Accepting finally this will never happen, he joins her in renouncing love, but without any pragmatic need to continue without love, and plunges the blade into the useless heart that no longer gives him solace.

July 10, 2021

Indulging Actual Interests

Online dating wasted much time. Almost everyone lacked interests and purpose. They consumed entertainment and food and then traveled for the purpose of social media bragging. They were zombies who complied with the regime and repeated opinions from news programs with no actual thoughts of their own. They seemed to love their soulless confinement and could not imagine being otherwise.

City girls acted like hippies without a care or role-played as servants to serious careers, between wine and drug binges that ensured they never did anything interesting or contemplated life. Some will recover from failure, but whether 1 in 10 or 1 in 100, the odds are stacked against escaping from a constellation of entrenched mistakes pulling downward.

You can't fault anyone for bland conformity. No one knows anything in their 20s and can't discern what's good or useless, so they mostly bounce around pursuing the useless. At 30 they realize it's too late and will settle for anything.

How are you supposed to fall in love with someone vacuous? Maybe others could fake it for the opportunity of meeting someone while looking away from inherent undirectedness. Maybe others schemed of ways to restore purpose and separate the consumer from a multitude of destructive habits distancing them from reality.

My approach was to filter the worst 99.99% away and see how prospects played out. It's unrealistic to think you can change anyone, but you can demonstrate a few things to unsettle some of the foundation of errors that have crept in and made home. It's good to wreck what is fraudulent and inadequate. You can nudge them in small ways and plant seeds so they can grow more rich, but the bulk of the work to nourish a vivid soul and make their lives excellent they must do for themselves, which comes easier as they eventually realize:

  • Millions of others have done it and are currently doing it.
  • It is qualitatively far superior.
  • Time is most precious and soon gone. Don't wait. Waiting is death.
  • Operate from capability to increase strength, not from fear. Fear is false.
  • Giving up what you realize doesn't fit creates opportunity.
  • No one can or will help you. You must wisely ascertain worthwhile goals and then reach them, otherwise your time will be squandered on inferior aims or nothingness.
  • Move towards the general direction of advance. You can't notice many details until you are closer to your target, and can then refine.
  • It takes a little work, and it is better to spend towards getting results than wasting life gently tolerating foolishness and error.
  • Idle complaints, blame, and remaining amongst failure are loser behaviors; good outcomes are ready to be achieved.
  • It is natural to create a rewarding life for yourself, which is separate from media distractions and ideological movements. Ignore opinions from sources perpetually adjacent to failure and ruination.

The joy of being single is you don't have to coordinate or compromise. When something calls to you, you can explore it immediately at depth for months or years as necessary, through various forms and relations. There are no social expectations, boundaries, or limits on your time. You don't have to lie or stay silent about forbidden truths. The world is utterly clear and simple when you don't need to keep two sets of books.

When movies captured my interest, I set about checking out the best movies ever rather than whatever inferior products were being promoted at the moment.

I tracked opera, concerts, theatre, and ballet schedules from the finest groups performing in US and European venues, combining these trips with world class restaurants and explorations of whatever else was superior in those cities and nearby. Travel was for a purpose and from a calling. Foods that thrilled me inspired recipe experimentation. Wagner's Ring cycle with the machine necessitated a week in NYC. In Europe, a weekend's decision often has to be made between opera in Milan, an orchestra in Vienna, or Paris ballet.

At the time my awareness of these performances and my need to see them seemed so essential that putting aside the time and money for them was easy. Having taken in the best art ever conceptualized and internalizing its spirit has given lasting rewards, but the madness of this pursuit now seems absurdly indulgent.

When called to a pursuit you must necessarily commit fully. You don't know why, but you can't know why because you have no way of valuating what you are ignorant of and at best can only estimate from perceptions of early projections on the total reward given successful pursuit. The artistry of what is great and lasting stirs the passions.

If I wanted to go hiking, or bike for miles, or drive through distant mountains, or exercise at strange hours, it was all possible. There is nothing more healthy than avoiding the constraints of dating. It was not my duty to entertain girls or relegate choices to socially appropriate activities.

You could lose a lot of time trying to fake norms and tolerate their vapidity. It's boldly better to spend time doing what you actually enjoy to gain both a wide and deep appreciation of the world. Perhaps someone later will share a little common ground appropriate to their own interests and understanding.

July 5, 2021


Those who do not obsess upon a topic will find themselves poorly prepared when facing it, and far inferior to those who have considered it at length with curiosity and desire.

Genius focuses upon essence and possibility to pursue mastery so that a topic and its relations is fluently known, becoming soft clay to facilely shape into imagined form.

Short-term effects and long-term effects are reckoned. One notion is subordinate to another and coherently grouped together so any single point can navigate to the others and measures them appropriately. Trade-offs are considered, as well as rules, laws, and the likelihood and significance of what happens when violated.

Merely showing up is worth something in a time when many people are so directionless they do nothing, but ensures losing when compared against deep consideration. Those who think their lack of preparation is equal to someone's obsession set themselves up for great failure they won't easily understand.

July 4, 2021

Era of Error

Modernity could be called the time of sustained error. Typically, choosing erroneous behavior is followed by quick realization and then correction by separating from the wrong choice and returning to the previous state. In such instances, some time and effort is lost, but no lasting damage.

Costs and circumstances are different when almost everything around you is wrong and debilitating. This is accompanied with messages convincing people it is good, wise, optimal, and inevitable so they do not seek alternatives or qualitative improvements common in previous generations.

Most people politely tolerate degradation. Few transgress or question extended decline, which is at least a signal that leaders are incapable of serving their role as stewards of civilization.

The well-trained public follows lockstep with the social opinions of global corporations and canned speeches by reptilian politicians. This self-marginalization makes the public insignificant, as they are uncritically obeying instructions from media programming rather than forming their own thoughts. They do not scrutinize information, acquire meaningful knowledge, or understand function.

Some will paint their hair a strange color or wear a t-shirt with an pre-fabricated revolutionary slogan. This makes them feel like they are fighting a system by complying with propaganda that sustains it and neutralizes them with self-destruction.

Their opponents are strawmen and phantoms, which they loudly protest by advocating for more powerful corporate and governmental control to increase dystopia and mandate it be forced upon all for maximum harm.

The wreckage manifests as retardation and perpetual adolescence for prolonged immaturity. Many never begin upon significant actions, remaining trivial children who never take on adult thoughts or anything significant. They shy from taking worthwhile action and dwell in impotent fantasy, throwing tantrums like children making noise to no effect. When others do not indulge their nonsense, they are blamed for causing imaginary problems.

They cannot build beyond themselves, nor build themselves into anything. Rather than taking basic steps to be effective, they insist the real problem is that they are excellent and others have somehow slighted them, so they will fight back by being worthless and failing at simple tasks.

They have accepted a poisoned worldview and never realized their utter ineffectiveness to correct it in time. Many will pass through their chance to have a family, instead consuming entertainment and drugs out of madness while internalizing numerous debilitating errors and broken characteristics as normal.

July 1, 2021


We felt like pioneers setting out upon open land, free to make it into the world we wanted to live. All limits were illusions broken and passed through. We became outlaws and rebels without constraint, dreamers who could not be made weary. As lovers we were propelled by intense desire bound by thoughts of foreverness.

There was no reference point for our uncharted infinite path. No one we knew had ever been close. It opened more beautiful at each step. As if perpetual spring, it was ever anew showing what could be. There was no way to doubt its demonstrations.

Much was seen that revealed popular chattered tales as myth. Through timid supposition, people consumed by fear back away from ambition and enshrine errors into firmly held beliefs. Their words were silly and their norms were lies. We did not want their condition so disregarded their assumptions, seeing through them to choose better outcomes willfully.

Reality proved to be elastic, not fixed. Flexible possibility was the only obvious constant. Resistance yielded and faded away, and seemingly would forever, so long as we expanded our world outward and were not pulled into the opinion of strangers whose only power was to kill magic.

What is more thrilling and alive than making one's way forward? Sometimes it seems others exist only to slow and blockade for the sake of ruining joy, and we had found a way to evade them.

No act is too reckless if you can cover the possible cost to win the reward. From total belief in raw will, every choice was taken for a chance at the maximal outcome.

To tame is to destroy what is naturally vivid. The tamed are soulless robots running on tracks, trained to obey arbitrary conventions without considering how they are trapped in supine senselessness. We wished to never be tamed.

Not all who wander are free spirits. Many of the lost seek tethering rather than access to a world where any fate can be made.

What others thought or wanted was their own business. Some of us do best independently. How would they understand? Nor could we expect to understand their pedestrian interests. We had already seen that every parameter could be bent far and rarely broke, and if it broke then its limit was now known. Our curiosity was innocent.

The rest of the world was small. Everything could be overcome. We had found each other and could develop our union into anything. Nothing could go wrong, for we knew the way forward. We silently oathed we would never ruin our bliss, for the dream would end, which we did not want.

This wild energy persists as long as belief holds, allowing heroic other-worldly deeds. Without faith, it collapses at once into exhaustion.

Mountains move until blanketed by doubt, and then everything exceptional becomes impossible; at best polite toleration in place of ardent passion. The accursed disappoints most of all by turning away from their dreams and settling for humdrum.

June 20, 2021

Tasks of Man

In a throwaway comment, Gavin mused upon four prerequisites for becoming a man: one must experience triumph in physical combat, suffer loss in physical combat -- and still more brutal -- having one's heart broken, and breaking another's heart.

These events provide perspective about how wide a situation can develop and the levels of undetectable difference and their unpredictability despite believed attributes of the actors and fervent hope.

Outcomes only superficially repeat in form. Their essence varies like a churning kaleidoscope. We don't learn much from victory or loss usually, except severity -- poison does sting. You can volitionally choose the result to ethically pay the cost.

You are unlikely to get anywhere worthwhile through randomness or accepting whatever target is around you for easy pillaging, but that is what most do anyway.

June 6, 2021

Attack With Hate

Hypocrisy is just human frailty, and thus both understandable and excusable as typical mediocrity. I could tell you endless stories about weak men who spent their whole lives passively complying, never daring anything interesting, fulfilling, honest, or heroic. They settle for dregs; their spirits long snuffed.

The deserving targets for furious hatred are those who lie about reality, whether by narratives (which are always lies), ideology (secular religion), misleading distractions (wasting our limited time with falsity), or false depictions illuminated out of stupidity or presumed advantage.

We have little interest in moral judgments. We judge by interest in truth, willful falsity, and motive to deceive.

Some have spent their whole lives trying to figure out this world and do right. Deceivers waste our time, which deprives us of life as well as quality. Accordingly, we afford no concern for theirs or their schemes, and assume they understand why their hostile acts against humanity are returned in kind.

We are temporarily marooned on a planet amongst infinity, watching capable people be replaced by redundant dummies. No nation is expected to be spared. They'll have to spend all their money supporting idiots and failures while their resources are wasted on morons. They'll never be able to escape the earth and live throughout the cosmos.

It is easy to see how we could increase our best rather than our worst, to return great works to cultural standard, to reestablish high standards as preferable over low standards, and other restorations of civilization. Liars, fools, profiteers, and deliberate deceivers work against civilization and bring degradation that undoes fragile excellence.

It is easy to destroy; hard to create. Only through a restoration of civilization and preference for good can we escape the destroyers.

June 5, 2021

What Was That?

You reflect upon almost any event with wonderment: what was that? It was the same randomness and folly as the universe, concluding suboptimally, and could have been made a hundred times better if the people involved had been conscious and desired a good result.

Alas, more folly, tolerated like every other error by creatures unable to distinguish the quality of results, can't see outside the moment, or just don't care.

Some will never consider this acceptable.

June 4, 2021

Pressure to Comply

In local circuits, some fighters dominate through relentless pressure that keeps their opponents backing up. This allows the attacker to aggressively pursue while under no threat -- an advantageous one way relationship that keeps them from having to consider and engage in the normal rhythm of a fight.

The retreating fighter is so flustered by reacting to the pressure that they try to get space by nonstrategic escaping rather than counterattacking. Their retreat presents no threat while presenting themselves as a harmless target to pursue. Though trying to avoid strikes from a menacing advance, they eventually make a few mistakes and are hit anyway. This fighting strategy can put together several consecutive lopsided wins while taking almost no damage.

Since this tactic seems to work, some practitioners never bother to develop conventional and proven techniques.

Pressure dependent attacks are mostly bluff. No one wants to be pressured, because it consumes with response to spam attacks that eventually will come up empty.

Shutting down pressure is a matter of experience. Those who have trained for pressure are not bothered by it, but recognize the tactic and methodically respond with technique. First they don't panic when making space to avoid being swarmed, remaining technically sound when circling away and safely resetting position rather than accepting a bad position that puts them at a significant disadvantage for further engagement.

Pressure strives to force compliance to what the opponent wants to impose, which is to make uncomfortable and on their heels so they can be repeatedly clobbered about the head.

Those who have seen it many times before and understand the bluff have trained to recognize, disassemble, and neutralize the threat. This allows the pressure to be methodically avoided while striking back, effectively shutting down the gambit.

Reliance on pressure is a tell that they usually have nothing else. When the opponent's one trick doesn't produce fear and cowering, their scheme is exposed. That might play in the local circuit, but falls flat against opponents who see through it and will patiently take apart cheap tricks to leave one-dimensional attackers exposed.

May 30, 2021

Bringing Back

Time is a brutal refiner. The beautiful grows more beautiful by means of discernment, while the trivial and erroneous become obvious from a great distance before they can attempt to insert themselves into the great.

By keeping knives, teeth, and mind sharp, you retain capability for accomplishment. Many are idle from purposelessness, like those who thought themselves good because they had no claws.

In the short term, your purpose consists of achieving results by any means necessary so long as your ship does not turn over and become lost. You expend great effort and give total focus to worthy aims so that you can bring something home worth bringing.

Much is worthless. What is worthwhile must be vigorously fought for unto victory. Fools will dwell and tinker with the trivial, spending precious years on nothing useful; perhaps they have no great desire for anything purposeful anyway. Their meager talents were not seeking to invent or conquer.

Who is going to consume all the junk, bugs, media, drugs, soy, and other guarantors of weakness? Conspicuous consumption of crippling products was only performed to advertise harmlessness and obedience. Compliance for the sake of compliance was sweetened with excuses and scapegoats.

In the longer term, you perform a pattern of achievement because it is who you are: one who lives with purpose and is able to bring something home.

Possessing capability comes with responsibility to target it well. The best result does not come by firing wildly or shooting nonstop. Shoot carefully and strike your target precisely.

Not do we engage for distraction, candy, junk, or opiates. No excuses suffice -- those are words justifying errors in judgment or thin knowledge trying to fake considered wisdom. It is essential to size up each situation properly and bring solutions. No one could be expected to care about silly opinions, concern, or babble that occupy public fashion. They are meaningless and can be ignored as the lunatic utterances of neurotic nincompoops.

Only results matter, and all else is time wasted by fools.

May 29, 2021

No Salves

There are many ways to wreckage, typically exemplified by zombies primarily motivated with consuming entertainment or drugs so that nothing interesting happens in their lives.

When considering targets worthy of your action, take note not to repeat the folly of others. There is no need to dwell upon their folly, only to realize it as one choice of many -- and one more dead end path to avoid.

What lurks if one chooses x, y, and z? Typically ruin by means of u and v after duration t.

Nor to listen to the words of inept secular priests seeking a following by proclaiming conspiracies to explain why the incapable find no success. Secular priests accuse the successful of cheating, though the top 10% of humanity easily attains the standards of success, and no conspiracies occur. We are too individualistic to conspire, and too diverse to have meaningful common ground.

The world has little use for dull, unskilled, purposeless people -- and cannot grant success to those who have nothing useful to offer, even if laws or elections declare the incompetent are very competent, or at least equal.

Salves numb and become the aim of the irritated, and then for some become a crutch because their application causes actual problems to be ignored, which often results in compounded problems. The realistic person does not desire dependence on external products and might accept temporary relief so they can better focus on addressing the actual problem rather than concerning themselves much with irritation, which is only a signal or can be interpreted as a reminder that the problem needs attention.

Removing the signal does nothing to remove the originating problem. Deadening signal only tricks oneself into believing the problem has been solved by forcing a temporary silence, though it has not be addressed in any way and is unlikely to resolve itself. Who but an instinctive fraud would lie to themselves at their own peril?

The salve is a cheap temporary hack, not a solution.

May 28, 2021

Medium Berth

You have a lot of latitude. Don't emulate what always fails. Consider the origins of what is successful. These shape your advised boundaries.

Meditate on why cultivation is valuable and why inherent value is rare and consequently precious.

If in the company of losers and the downtrodden, flee rather than establishing roots. They love justifying losing more than securing the smallest victory.

Just before choosing decisive action, assess likely upsides and downsides. Why are you in a position to act boldly? Why have not others already secured the advantages of this opportunity?

Exceptions and rash acts are always permitted and part of a diverse tool set, but should be founded sensibly, or at least with a surplus of passion to sustain superhuman demands necessary for unusual victories.

May 27, 2021

Unstable Packages

The unstable is presented as a stable and coherent package, deceiving of its actual qualities.

We should know this about rock bands. It is hard enough to gather others together for a singular goal of creating excellent music. Even harder to make a living doing it. Harder still to stay pleasant despite the demands of the enterprise.

Any band you are watching at a concert is unlikely to exist in a few years. Drink them in while you can. Drugs, personalities, and the grueling business threatens to destroy everything.

It isn't stable, but is presented as a normal offering

April 2, 2021

Getting Along

People choose debasement and public lying to signal they are willing to forsake honor and truth for the sake of getting along by obediently uttering the fashionable slogans of the day.

Would you want to be in the company of people who make such decisions? Could you even look away from the consequences of their signaling and accept inane lies repeated as if normal?

There are very ugly people behind the curtain of this fantasy machine and their motives are atrocious.

With reason pushed aside as offensive for discovering what is really going on -- reasoning about patterns, facts, and results undermines every narrative, which necessitates censorship and violent threats against those who tolerate reason -- every fraud seeks to be socially correct, which only requires that people can be browbeaten and compelled into compliance so they are not harmed.

Seeing the harm that comes to honest people, others notice that all one need to do to avoid harm is to express validation of whatever fraud is currently being pushed. Since everyone knows the obvious fraud is not true, what it the harm of making a public declaration of its excellence? Especially if others are also doing so! All they are saying is that they do not want to be destroyed by the fraudsters, by means of coded language.

Perhaps we should even remake society around a fraud, which becomes possible through indication that rational scrutiny of the claims will result in harsh personal attacks to stop the offense.

Honest souls also signal by shunning debasing rituals and being unable to afford any respect for lies, no matter the supposed good intentions of conformity in a search for an artificial basis around which to regroup the new civilization.

March 15, 2021


There are two spirit archetypes that repeat throughout surveys of accidents, and seem to appear in far higher probability than those who are not destroyed by accidents.

  1. The happy-go-lucky one who tries to spread joy and a message to enjoy the day, for no future is promised. As if ironic, but also soothsayer and pragmatist, he lives by this ethos and is taken down too early by a strange but fitting accident.

    Did he foresee or know his end was soon? It seems he was mostly lecturing himself when telling others to seek happiness and spread joy while it was still possible.

  2. The uncomfortable and hostile soul never bothers to understand the world or master any part of it, taking his struggle as if the world has a grudge against him, when just as easily he could work with the nature of world and receive its rewards. He remained forever bitter and at odds with life rather than unified to enjoy its fruits.

    As if knowing he would be felled by an accident or cause his own out of dramatic frustration, he never bothers with any significant effort that would get him out of the hole he is digging, sometimes making a show of trivial efforts.

Their action and inaction prior to elimination suggests they have some hint of what is to come -- which might too be illusion.

March 2, 2021

Fix Rarely

Best to care intensely about a few things than to care a little about every trifle.

Accordingly, make a few things great and leave to rest to its own devices. Some of what you turn away from will prosper from its inherent qualities while others will fail from its inherent qualities -- both are appropriate outcomes.

Trying to fix what doesn't need fixing, or trying to keep afloat what is destined to drown is wasted effort. Social activities out of pity make some feel good, but are just emotional drug binges and should not be confused with realistic efforts.

Thus birthing a few great things and infusing them with qualitative resilience is worthwhile, and then they will last for a while because they have been made with such qualities.

February 21, 2021

Raging Fires

The hottest flames are often extinguished too quick. This might be the nature of energy burning impossibly hot through a system that cannot contain such fires, or could be an unconscious system realization that the system it occupies will inevitably fail early and thus there is no sense holding reserves for a future that will never be. Burn 'em while you've got 'em.

They quickly assemble complex skills to maturity, ready to deploy at a high level within a decade. In the next decade or two they accomplish far more than normal people could if given a thousand years. An efficient urgency unfolds, rarely taking a breath.

At full throttle the pace leaves all behind. No one will ever again run this wild in this direction for this long. They plunge headfirst into dark unexplored unknowns, gradually feeling its contours and adjusting while on the move, applying their mastery to the situation. We are blessed to find out what exists down untrodden paths otherwise inaccessible, and for the wild spirit this is a tremendously rewarding adventure.

The benefactors of humanity typically go unnoticed or misunderstood and set about a mission with great resistance, sacrificing themselves and often their health as part of a strange deal.

So impressed was the legendary Rostropovich with his young pupil that at the end of her study with him, he declared her "the only cellist of the younger generation that could equal and overtake own achievement".
[Rostropovich on Du Pré]

May some untamable creature appear and make its own path, as it cares not to endure safe nothingness, and can do no other.

February 20, 2021

Do Not Follow

Without looking for anything specific, keep your eyes peeled, taking in the multitude of stories without any judgment or presumptions. The quality and consequences of actions gradually reveals all.

From the initial pass, all that was certain was to not repeat the multitude of mistakes that others chose. Dead ends and expirations warned what to avoid. But that only told you what not to do, without the slightest instruction about how to make good choices. Sensible suggestions were lacking for stringing together a few steps to arrive at good outcomes, though many who had arrived showed the end result was surely attainable.

Youth was resistant and stubborn, forsaking numerous fertile paths from misunderstanding where they led and mistaking their time as endless, eventually leaving them to compromise for inferior paths.

In ignorant madness they severed themselves from essentiality and made a pact to deny it until it was too late to save anything.

In the midst of it, no opinion or wisdom could help counsel. They resistant were too proud to seek timeless answers; content to repeat cheap reflexive phrases answering nothing.

For this too rhetoric must be mocked, and it is fair to poke at camps promoting decline they use as shields while embracing degeneracy.

They were burned once or twice and then burned out. One need only sustain a lifetime and pace accordingly to their revitalization.

Doubt, mistreatment, misunderstandings, atrocious ideals, and dissatisfaction abraded them to smooth indistinguishability.

February 19, 2021

Lecturing Orcs About Wickedness

Orcs think orc behavior is normal. Orcs will not criticize the behavior of other orcs. Orcs will be offended by proposals to reform their behavior. Orcs will not admit any inherent fault or ownership of the historical record of their behavior.

Dogs and orcs are not improved by forcing them to look at the messes they have created. No one likes critics. Critiques of inherent behavior are unhelpful to most. How could a dwarf act other than a dwarf? It would be madness to insist a hobbit not act as a hobbit does.

Non-orcs accept orc behavior as aggressive, dull, primitive, selfish, and destructive. Most wish to live apart from orcs to avoid their behavior. Some attempt to convince orcs to reform their behavior.

Orcs are gathered for strategic reasons benefiting Sauron, and he unleashes them to achieve his objectives.

January 26, 2021

The Quest to Change Perception

The ugly wish to be called average and for all to treat them as if they are not ugly. Some generously attempt this fantasy and pretend to see others as they aren't.

The stupid, mentally ill, lazy, and excuse makers likewise wish to be called average. Since they are now called average, they should naturally attain the rewards of people with average rather than inferior attributes. The distance between their current situation and average must then be the result of hateful discrimination against their perceived level of stupidity, mental illness, laziness, and ridiculous excuses.

Change perception -- or censor certain expressions of awareness -- and you can change society into the madhouse you desire, though reality goes on smirking.

Since the inferior must be accepted as average so the lower half of demonstrated inability can be normalized, the superior are also called average so the upper half of capability can be vilified. Someone capable of creativity, stability, action, and brave willingness to embark upon unknowns must be cheating to be able to easily do what the feeble cannot, and therefore does not deserve reward for their characteristics, especially when they did not create them and merely inherited a good set of traits while many others received terrible traits.

We could aspire for more good outcomes than bad ones, but that would be unfair to the average and inferior, who insist they should be the center of civilization, as they are a multitude of its ruinous misfortune the remainder takes great effort to work around so not all is lost to the entitlement of the mob.

January 20, 2021

Life Needs Little

On the last summer of the last century, I was deep among the fjords of Svolvær and saw something that changed my life forever. The steep cliff faces presented a foreboding barrier of massive rock. Within the cracks in what many would reflexively dismiss as a terrain of hopelessly isolated desolation, several plants proved they had found conditions hospitable enough to have grown, now taking in the days of long summer sun as they planned their next step.

Perfect conditions were not available, nor needed. In strange edges there is often enough. One need only make home.

Looking back a thousand generations, conditions have always been tenuous and inhospitable. Chance has always been against you, and yet somehow all ancestors navigated perils and insecurity well enough to prevail. Surely you are made of the same substance.

When hostility is seen as a foundational expectation, it is easy to accept indifference and grim adversity as daily conditions one prevails over, rather than becoming a ridiculous creature angry at the world for not providing soft conditions under which even the least capable seed grows bloated and eventually rots in a stupor of jejune consumption.

January 15, 2021

Excise, Do Not Reform

Once a foundation has been corrupted, ruined, and degraded, it is rare that it can be restored to its previous qualitative condition. This is why there is often a disproportionately loud cheer when a small victory is achieved, such as the reintroduction of animals into the habitats in which they once thrived before being disrupted. Nature presents a relatively easy problem that by instinct fixes itself; abstractions are typically neither understood nor subject to easy remedies.

This is also why some are given stewardship of what is rare and valuable. We aren't getting a second Beethoven and we no longer have any composers. We've lost most of our Greek books. Minds and souls of that quality are not expected to return -- not because we could not create the conditions for them, but because we choose contrary conditions that inhibit the possibility.

Reform under conditions of decline takes the form of tolerance for decline. A choice has been made to cause degradation for the sake of some strategic advantage, making decline inevitable and obvious. When it occurs, it is so ugly that is must be obscured with blame and doubt of its natural observation, while instilling education to convince people it is progress and must be tolerated as the new normal.

Even in conditions of rapid decline, there is usually a mathematical equation to undo the effect and its precursors, or at least to cease doing what is harmful and allow healthier conditions to return, yet those who caused it will not be convinced to give up the advantages they gain by keeping the degradation and requiring others to accept it as if normal.

Tolerance for degradation demonstrates obedience, but doesn't restore what is being destroyed.

January 13, 2021

Purging Unbelievers

It always seemed strange that authorities would allow classical music to remain legal. Why should they allow subjects to for a moment live among and glimpse the great creations of civilization for their spirits to dream?

Though elites champion degenerate pop to occupy consciousness with dull fragmentary repetition, they have not moved in unison to ban classical music, for the time was not right. They have had the power to remove it with 99% effectiveness, but some would surely escape, and banned scores and recordings would circulate in the underground, inspiring rebel composers, artists, and others who escape brainwashing meant to crush all and drive them into despair and submission.

That museums were allowed to keep art was likewise bizarre. Surely authorities would want to remove all traces of the past so the pettiness of modernity was the only possible locus. Thus all would reason the old stories about what people created in the past or even a generation or two ago must be wild fables. The Western Canon would logically be purged and replaced by scribbles and one-note songs, while mopping up future awareness by ensuring there were no people left capable of understanding the arts so they crumbled and had no audience for preservation, allowing replacement by easily manufactured junk products.

Philosophy explicates reason and studies concepts within broad context, crumbling the ridiculous artifices used by rulers degrading civilization in pursuit of personal gain. Pragmatic totalitarians try to paper over these ideas, attempting to replace them with degenerate thinkers whose work obscures and spreads confusion rather than clarifying wisdom. Book burnings could remove most of the best works, though the anarchist Gutenberg long ago made it too easy for anyone to reproduce them and rearm rebels with realistic comprehension.

The possibility for total eradication is gathering its forces. The hour is late. Smoke rises from the mountain of Progress.

Consolidated corporate control of digital distribution makes it easy to permanently limit distribution. Illegal music and books can be banned and confiscated from distributors and trivially removed from devices. Any stores selling these works can be instantly detected, since all electronic records have been monitored for decades. Such crimes will result in being disconnected from the banking system and the offenders removed from the internet. You can't use cryptocurrencies when you've been blacklisted from the internet. Criminals and thoughtcrime scofflaws have no right to communicate forbidden ideas, and must be required to build their own internets and smash rocks.

Digital purges leave no obvious blood or bodies. Enemies simply vanish. Ideas are removed from public awareness. Communication of non-believers is quieted. Police or social workers can stop by later to physically remove the criminal, subject them to proper education, extract a videotaped confession, or purge them by other means.

Those who possess physical versions of books and art can be digitally contact traced. No one shall be permitted to make or spread copies of illegal art and literature, and such terrorism will face severe punishment, though usually such people will just be disappeared forever without record of what authorities did with those terrible criminals.

Access to art is not a right. Rights are not even real or respected as a gracious fiction; just something temporarily permitted in limited form so long as rulers have complete control over the population. When rulers feel their control threatened, they suspend inalienable rights. Every atrocity in history was completely legal and performed in accordance with laws and the careful guidance of ruling leadership who knew exactly what they were doing. The granting or revoking of rights is cruel comedic theatre.

Paper safeguards such as laws are to no avail. Laws can be changed, revoked, or replaced by opposite ones for fake reasons, or no reason at all, with no accountability or deference to reality. They are not subject to rational review. The ruling class will spread whatever misinformation, moral panics, and supposed needs of the moment to maintain control. Rulers are clever enough to always insert themselves where essential to keep their advantages over the ruled.

At first, governments will only sanction liquidating its people slowly and in small percentages. Resistance including critique will be made illegal, certain words and ideas will be banned, and a few examples will demonstrate how unfashionable it is to be an outlaw when the cost is being unpersoned. Docile academics who might have been loud with previous incursions will size up the risks and remain quiet rather than lose their comfortable employment, internet privileges, and access to banking and wine.

Everything great is fragile and should be enjoyed while permitted, before it is confiscated and destroyed. There might be a chance to rebuild in a few centuries, and maybe then someone will discover a book or piece of music miraculously preserved from before the purge.

January 1, 2021

Goals, Dreams, Ideas

Girls are fun to explore, but what you ultimately end up liking about them is they are aspiring spirits discovering the world and ideally finding appropriate paths for which they were destined.

This leads to studying great historical spirits, not only what they created and why, but their planning, systems, follies, and all they left undone, had their powers found more time allotted.

Then you consider your contemporaries: given what time remains, how do you act wisely to do the necessary while not repeating their errors? The wealthy executives are not exemplary models: for all the riches in the world, would you ever consider spending a life running a company that collects and sells personal information to other corporations in an ecosystem that profits from privately tracking populations?

Only you can fulfill the necessary. Others are doing what serves them at the moment, benefits their scheme, or simply obeying impulsiveness. You can contemplate until a plan makes sense, and then take action to make it real. Only results matters, for which action is essential.

The value of a dream is only to have a goal to fix upon as an anchor.

This allows you to channel force and momentum in a particular direction to achieve your purpose. Inevitably this clarifies as the path is cleared, and you will see new things that will cause you to strategically adjust your trajectory. Dreams suffice as a propellant to escape the dull resistance of nothingness and begin going forward.

The value of an idea is usually zero or less. If you could achieve it, you already would be. Instead you are talking about something you can't do and trying to get somebody else to do it on your behalf for your benefit, which is an unlikely suckering that will probably never happen. Accordingly, it is an idle babble waste of time preventing useful work from being done, making the consideration of that idea a net negative when it should have been binned upon realization it could not be achieved.

Life demands sensible action, not ideas. Gradual progress towards a worthwhile goal retains clarity so goals are inevitably achieved in reality instead of being distracted by fantastical ideas.

Time is running short, so build something good while you can.

December 25, 2020

Communication Theory

When I learned that broadcast professionals often majored in Communication, at once I had to take a communication class to gain a view into what they knew. Surely if thinkers working on wise interpretations to all human knowledge were focused on the archaeological application of philosophy, those seeking a way to transmit valuable information to other humanoids were employing the finest techniques developed, and these would be useful in case there might become a need to communicate with someone.

It turned out communicators had honed in on the mediocre middle of humanity with a broken attention span, making sure to repeat themselves and prompt the listener for confirmation that they had heard and understand tiny tokens of communication. This format has more tightly appeared in media, with morsels made so small they contain almost nothing, though wrapped upon a skeleton with full introductions and concluding summary so the few seconds of expression has a chance to flash before an addled zombie consciousness that rarely has to go deeper than clearly affirming to indicate social obedience.

Watched from a distance as if studying a foreign species, people talk in a form of babble saying almost nothing, whereas insects and animals communicate clear intent. Were you to take notes on the significant aspects in the human discussions you observe, you would exhaust no pens.

At best, people talk to remind themselves of unfinished problems that need to be worked through, using the other person's time to forge a social contract with themselves to create pressure assuring that the matter needs attention and presenting them to the other person will force action to finally take place.

Most talk as unconscious robots, whether repeating the opinions and ideas they consumed earlier from media products and consider easy enough to express agreeability. Perhaps 5% occasionally think through the merits of a concept and weight it against decades of observation to consider whether it is factual or useful. That leaves 1% who think through implication and consequences, sometimes chewing on them and their relations for decades before forming a considered opinion -- one that is considered equal to the moron who repeats ideological talking points.

In whatever city I end up on Christmas Eve, I enjoy finding a church to fully take in the spectacle of a warmed over evening program for a docile audience that is so agreeable it is unable to find anything strange in the subject matter or claims upon which the presentation is premised. Supernatural events in a Middle Eastern land and the psychology of revenge in the desert are not only totally normal topics, but accepted as naturally belonging to their heritage.

It's important to keep in mind that not every person in the church benefiting from its structure is necessarily a believer in the stated church platform. Just because someone operates under the banner of a system does not mean they support the system or are remotely close to being a demonstrative representative of its goals.

Leaders and staff do not have monolithic or coordinated motivations, and their schemes can vary widely.

  1. The position might be a means to a comfortable job that is quasi-governmental in assurances. Everyone knows they show up to run an orderly ceremony on Sunday, and are available through the week to provide for any community needs that might arise. Some greatly enjoy socializing, gossip, and wine in the style of academics.
  2. They might be a contributor to a community, even an outsider transplant, e.g. a doctor who has moved to rural farmlands and provides a valuable service for modest income, which is more rewarding and relaxing compared to city living
  3. Someone might advocate for the system because it is currently powerful or at least provides for them. If it collapses in a year or five years or twenty, they will just become advocates of whatever the new system is and praise it just as mightily for being right and great.
  4. They might advocate for the system because it will obviously fail, and its rotten doctrine should be made demonstrably clear. Something better will naturally take its place -- may it fail soonest!

Formats are enduring, and many people are happy to attend a format rather than discriminating based upon a particular program or performer. Just as some forms are broadly pleasant, e.g. a comedy show, and thus widely interchangeable to an audience seeking genetic entertainment, there are also unpleasant forms that are repellent, e.g. philosophical lectures of any depth about truth, perception, and consequence of humanity.

Though performers or their work are considered special, in actuality their act dies with them. It is so insignificant that after their passing it is discontinued rather than sold to performers to repeat it on tour. Comedians throw away their material after a tour. Even a multi-decade career has no "best of" tribute where another performs a compilation of proven material. Bands performing covers of the greats are universally feeble and at best a novelty amusement, pleasant for a laugh but not plausibly animating the dead. That audience will just move on and consume a different product.

The orator of a sermon attunes to the crowd, feeling their sentiments and willingness to be manipulated, rather than adjusting the crowd to eternity.

Likewise, popular movements are inherently disposable, as they do not concern themselves with any truth or context larger than the moment. They propel themselves on trivial events, misrepresented and blown absurdly out of context, claiming some universal principle from deliberate untruths.

The movement eventually ends when it becomes apparent the claims are silly and can't be achieved without altering nature and reality, though laws and fashion can make that seem possible for a while. All the attention and money (finite time engaged in labor) were wasted on a senseless distraction, once again overtaking legitimate goals and purpose that could have actually benefited civilization.

Masses clamor for more powerful illusions that will never make them happy, while real answers are censored, outlawed, and made too taboo for public consideration. No necessary conversations are facilitated, only authoritarian monologues from propaganda campaigns.

Have you tried the new product/substance that has been made legal for the purpose of increasing state tax revenue to use against humanity, and to pacify you? How nice if you would tolerate degradation, the engineered failure of civilization, and decades of incompetent leadership. Please tolerate decline forced upon you and accept it with a open mind as the new normal, rather than the previous normal that was qualitatively far superior.

Not only no laws restricting vices, not even public campaigns of awareness advising of outcomes observed for millions ruined by prolonged consumption.

The sweeping tide of the crowd stampedes feedback, rendering the crowd blind, deaf, and stupid to its behavior. There are no answers from those speaking for the gyrations of the crowd (apologists), and no answers in those speaking bland sentiments to the crowd (flatterers).

Arguably, the easy way out of the possibilities of communication is to utter blather so as to hold the position of a speaker, but not its responsibility.

Looking around, do you still have anything vaguely resembling a community, i.e. commonality? Without it, why would anyone care what happens to those deprived of sensibility and truth? Might as well feed them lies, as they are consuming entertainment and junk food anyway without enough awareness or self-respect to stop.

Mostly alone, except for others who behave as remnants of civilization, this clarifies a way forward as everything else turns into ghosts towns with systems remaining in structure, but lacking in function. Organic need and the self-organizing will build around collapse as a yet unsnuffed cosmic force with embers ready to restart civilization while the exhausted breaks down into rubble.

Police transition to social workers as crime is legalized and arrests cease to arrest public harm because criminals must be immediately released to public freedom without collateral as assurance they will stop their hostile behavior.

There are still schools, with material watered down for equity so students unable to keep up with standards are not given failing marks. Everyone professional needs a masters degree to signify awareness of what was taught at the high school level two generations ago, and was the public standard.

Home schooling is an obvious response, though labor intensive to a family. Where there is a still a thin web resembling a community, some people will want to establish group schooling that does not have the burden of accommodating idiots, losers, the antisocial, the incapable, and the undesirable, and to not feign belief in whatever social declaration claims to offer salvation by obliterating civilization to force us into equal misery that removes everything excellent and praises mediocrity.

Appearance is a shifty thing. Are you seeing essence, or are you tricked by myths and propaganda that want you to believe what is insane? For we are among madness and frustrated creatures that make crazed proclamations from their own suffering and from how they wish for others to suffer demise.

They wish to erase much, and by erase they mean destroy so they can replace timeless truth with lies mandated upon all. Fantasies of making their ideology prevail over all give thrill and a feeling of power, though they usually know well that all ideologies are terrible lies.

Appearance is illusion, for only the inferior have need to deceive. Little that is depicted is real. There are no advertisements for superior products; advertisers only try to convince you to select inferior choices for senseless reasons by means of misleading representations.

Vain bamboozling hornswogglers desire to appear equal, a swindle detectable as being the opposite of their claim. No one makes who is in actual possession of such traits makes such a claims or draws attention to their inner wealth. The weak asserts strength before toppling over as wreckage. The incompetent insists upon being respected, praised, and called dishonest titles despite a record of ruin in appointments beyond their ability.

The well-constituted moves forward leisurely but steadfast, taking no interest in sophistry or convincing bystanders for gain while heading toward its destination.

We scrutinize carefully to see what something really is, and what it can realistically be guided into becoming.

From devious disbelief in narratives, we sneak quietly in the night to secretly take a long glimpse at an unmanipulated view of substance in its natural habitat.

There is nothing to learn from the ideas of partisans, marketing, ideology, or goofy metrics cooked by MBAs. Noise keeps us from clarity about what is right before us, just one more technique preventing communication by overriding signal.

Should we wish to gather a thought to share, we must first smother the noise and the noise makers whose practice depends upon creating inhospitable conditions for humanity.

December 24, 2020

Unsent Letter: Wrong Side of the Divide

I can't give you Beethoven's Seventh Symphony, though it is a great gift all rich souls deserve. You won't get it either unless you want to, and you don't -- from disorder and lack of passion -- a condition that recurs enough to aptly define you.

"Here is another example of one that does not understand anything good."

As the continents split, you made camp on the barren side. Strange mediocrity and easy answers took root there and were sustained by norms. Soon the preconditions were lacking for everything great, and as ability to be stricken by subtle realizations declined, anything differing from delusional doctrine became incomprehensible to it, so slavishly myopic was its worldview.

From incomprehensibility, crazy accusations were pumped out as filler to explain away the gap, but were no more than secular metaphysics declaring non-believers ignorant of the one true saving doctrine. Non-believers were surely wicked and could be blamed for being evil souls. Why else would someone not obey a Utopian gift from wise benevolent leaders promising to save them?

No one should be allowed to mention this doctrine has never worked anywhere, is on its face without merit, requires force to make thinking people comply, and in every instance is observed to create destruction.

Rulers smote dissidents who scrutinized the errors of this doctrine and dare to speak against it. None were permitted to express observations of promoters seeking selfish advantage by wielding it against others while exempting themselves and their families from its consequences.

All this was no mystery as viewed from the fecund side, which mostly focused on pragmatic efforts rather than ideology, disengaging from direct conflict with the deranged, desiring peaceful separation, having noticed reason and honest expression increasingly banished.

The secular believers chase trivialities to their doom; sad confused creatures sabotaging themselves, self-deprived of everything good, engorged on junk.

Souls of incompatible forms must disperse in different directions so each is able to exhibit their particular purpose. It would be unfair to demand another must change the nature of their soul, or to live under the confines of another's domination in a manner contrary to their instincts and abilities.

Each must go down their own path to arrive at the destiny appropriate for them.

December 11, 2020

Check Out Your Privilege

It is great privilege to be constituted such that difficult tasks are neither frightening, nor exhausting. Rather, one looks upon them as necessary, whether part of a transition to creating oneself into a more refined form, or as simply the effort required to get a desired result.

Privileged to work hard and build much thereby. Privileged to endure and grow strong. Privileged to let the little things go so the important remains in focus.

Many wither at the prospect of difficulty, finding it uncomfortable and anxiety producing, as they have not accepted it as a playful challenge to face and overcome. Perhaps they do not imagine themselves as being able to prevail over resistance and are socially obedient enough to resign without the slightest impolite conflict.

But one should be tested and seek tests, especially those which offer a result that demonstrates whether they have attained the next position or there is still something to learn preparing them for the next level. We gladly enter into tests knowing the outcome will either be winning or learning.

Privileged to ignore trivialities and nonsense, especially the popular fads.

This willingness to be measured is our great privilege. Cowards flee from being assessed, imagining themselves equal despite not wanting to be measured, fearing others will see they are inferior and incompetent. Those who insist upon universal equal humorously shield themselves from any measurement that which show their actual substance and ability, knowing they measure up inadequately.

Our privilege is the freedom to laugh at difficulty because we expect from experience that we will master and overcome it. That which appears to be difficult will soon seem so small in retrospect. Much of what the public proclaims to be difficult is more typically a confession of a trivial struggle from which the weak and cowardly have created a legend of a monster by enthusiastically repeating fearful tall tales projecting their own inadequacies.

Privileged to be happy, believing the world just and giving everyone what they deserve. You probably cannot make someone happy, as that is a condition of the soul, and the unhappy would resist obvious solutions that would bring them satisfaction, just as the deaf oppose treatment that would give them hearing.

We see the paper tiger propaganda of failed people, and we will soon encounter the task, prevail over it, and recognize it was not the insurmountable effort others called it so they could slink away and do nothing.

Our privilege is the rare ability to do great work and create solutions for what vexes others. We welcome what is difficult for we know we are made for it.

December 6, 2020


Nearly everyone I grew up with is a millionaire. It happens by accident if you move with purpose and keep your head down, paying no heed to demoralizing failure propaganda.

A big increase in wealth comes after choosing a steady girlfriend or wife so you no longer leak time pursuing prospects. Competing for women consumes the most potentially productive hours a man could be using to create lifelong wealth and rewarding achievements.

Time spent talking to bored women can instead be put to use for multiplying returns. You recollect the hours gambled for a chance at a woman who hides her actual value and whose substance is likely of little value, but this can be difficult to determine without first throwing away perfectly good time for the chance to catch her unguarded and reveal herself as she actually is.

Social outings and dates keep you out late, mired in pointless conversation about nothing as you optimistically search for signs of a vivid spirit going the same direction as you.

Men beguile themselves by imagining what a woman might be, trying to convince themselves she could be wonderful, until men finally overcome romance with rationality by making it a game of cautious disqualifications. This is equally met from women with bad measurements and unrealistic assessments of the future so that they squander their best years on fools and end up settling for a different type of fool when their allure has perished.

After jettisoning random women to focus on a foundation for a future, you gain not only joyous calm but also growing wealth.

Investment statements arrive periodically reminding you that having several six-figure accounts is normal, prompting no reaction because those accounts have been growing for many years and thus are normal. A freak year with 30% returns provokes laughter at the windfall and its inevitable compounding.

One weekend while reviewing quarterly investments, you realize you've passed a million without even trying. From putting away money to fund an uncertain future, it keeps growing and several more million will arrive just as automatically.

Because it means little, most quietly hide their wealth away for the future, letting it compound year after year. There's nothing immediate you need so it fades into the background as just another abstraction.

You look amusingly at the silly women chasing silly men, one thinking they can get at conspicuous money and the other thinking that's a smart lure, as if both don't have to pay the costs of an unoriginal idea.

They could have learned so much, if only they were entirely different souls, but their useless university education was spent working in an office staffing HR or writing copy to sell Cheetos Jumbo Puffs Cheese Flavored Snacks. What a way to log the hours until their sole chance in the universe expires.

They gave it all away for the enticement of money, think it was special or rare, while they could have been doing something meaningful and made a rewarding life.

November 28, 2020

No Corrections

She was highly enthusiastic about her cooking ingredients and willing to go far out of the way to acquire essentials, wise for knowing that good ingredients establish a foundation for great cooking.

Upon hearing her joy of bringing truffle oil for the day's meal, I said nothing but praise. I already knew the short truth about its empty deception, but it was not important for her to know -- certainly not at this moment.

Why critique an action and offer facts when they are not helpful? There is little reason to steer someone away from their chosen destination.

Urge them to keep going and allow them to correct themselves later, by their own will and reason, if it becomes necessary for them to do so. What matters is they keep going where momentum and joy are essential.

We are already rich in foolishness and error, which is our social norm. In consideration of scale, someone is putting together a splendid meal and soon it will all be gone. This is not a spacecraft visiting other planets where a confused unit of measurement will lead to destructive failures wasting tremendous work, time, and money.

Many things are better when no corrections are offered.

October 26, 2020

Norm's Wager

Life trapped in the vast loneliness of a planet of fools in a barren universe is meaningless. Were this our terrible fate it could not be accepted. Every action would be in vain, soon undone by entropy, with no possible purpose or destination that could be reached. Every thought would be inconsequential as there would be no application and would be similarly even if the benefit or utility of superior creative intelligence could be recognized for a moment.

In desperate hope to save us from realization of this abyss, we must postulate salvation through faith premised upon some other world reached by death, followed by episodic seduction so the choice of this view becomes inevitable as a reality, not mere belief.

No, we could not be alone in an empty universe trapped with chaotic fools creating a literal hell out of inherent stupidity preventing humanity from ascending through a gradual aggregation and sustenance of demonstrated potential.

Others will have their own bouts of desperation, but we must convince ourselves that this prospect of faith is correct and heartily live by it before we perish by yielding to captivating demons and cut our cocks off out of madness and compelled conviction in the deranged messages of progressive signaling.

October 25, 2020

Substantial Innovation

Within democracy, the purpose of a career in public office is to generate personal wealth by selling off access to government policy makers and related services to generous bidders who stand to gain far more.

Direct bribes are illegal and primitive. Nor are authoritarian approaches palatable to the public. Government officials prefer their actions to stay under the radar and dissuade clumsy competitors who might draw attention to openly obscene schemes of wealth transfer, leaving them alone to efficiently extract with minimal public scrutiny.

Towards be successful, democratic leaders must innovate to receive the wealth they desire from their positions of power. Some collect via brilliant valuable speeches after serving office funded by unknown corporations returning their appreciation for past acts. Others create disposable media products such as books, movies, and shows that have no audience but allow millions to be transferred to the politician. Even foreign nations and foreign companies can get in the game and compensate great leaders who provided them favorable treatment while they controlled the levers of power.

For each democratic official who has given up practicing law in exchange for lucrative public service, the dream of earning great wealth by selling off access comes with the the burden of innovating a vehicle to maximize their grift demonstrates how creative a public servant can be within the legal constraints of their office.

A partner in a well established legal practice can only earn a few million in a good year, but through public service, a politician and their family can easily earn tens of millions of dollars each year if they have invented a creative way to sell influence and liquidate public resources.

There's so much money available to take and securing power and control to set policies, it would practically be a crime not to put together a creative scheme to take some wealth as a reward for the effort.

Billing $500/hr as a lawyer will take many years for modest earnings to accumulate, but as a public servant in the right place you can extract wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

October 24, 2020

Nothing Good is Sustained

Take the blame, because assigning blame discharges tension while imposing no cost or meaning. You might as well be accusing people of witchcraft and attributing nature's inevitablities to imaginary gods.

Hocus pocus satisfies the dishonest masses. Every savior understands human frailty welcomes cheap explanations distracting from the never opened gifts before them. Squandering follows another squandering in tedious repetitious loss.

Wouldn't you want to notice shadowed subtleties to see what their essentiality conveys? Or better to seek solace in hurried exhaustion with comfortable fatalistic fools? Evasion by imaginary gods or substance haze is all the same.

All of your religions are a lie from inherent dishonesty. You cheat yourself of divinity's secrets and salvation for safe nothingness.

The trip down is a long one.

Ugly from denial of creation, you act like an Irish peasant driven by impulse and unreason. Everything "just happens" with submission offering bliss for the moment, taking you away from the painful loss you create evermore.

Quit your crying. You long ago renounced all passions in sanctuary retreat to remain an unloveable passive vessel.

With sober eyes you lie about the nature of the world, calling things what they are not and binding yourself to obey those fictions. Everything worthwhile was lost from weakness.

October 23, 2020


Change not for proles or shopkeepers.

Take care not to be influenced by any trend or movement popular at the moment. It will soon pass as more hyped bunk that clamored for attention and promised the world without having any substance. Rebels lash out at nature, but that is not your problem.

Likewise, no rush to consume any book, movie, or pop art. If good, it will be around for decades for you to consider when ready. There are lifetimes of great books, movies, and timeless art far more worthy than the latest product companies are spending millions to influence you to purchase.

Let no one nudge you, for even small nudges destabilize. Judo premises creating imbalance as an introduction to attacks, as the destabilized are both neutralized from being threats and open to being moved into compromised positions.

Rules appropriate to preserving your mission will follow. Notice those who seek to nudge and how this imbalancing opens you to large systemic failures. Your system must recognize nudges as threats or attacks and restore balance while not being compromised.

October 22, 2020

Daring To Look

All we wanted was to understand the universe. Towards this end, each illustrative event was valuable and to be venerated accordingly. From it, reflection upon its meaning and origin was necessary, typically rewarding with insight and perspective.

Accordingly, we hated the trivial distractions that sought to draw us away from understanding the essential that had illuminated wisdom to be uncovered and made a part of our internal nature.

We also hated evasions that did not dare to look at the events before us, but instead refused precious knowledge to be plucked, satisfying itself with chosen ignorance out of laziness and comfort.

Deficiencies and shortcuts come undone by time. Upon a collapse, shall we inspect what happened and understand its conditions, or feign surprise and slip away in a smokescreen? Dishonesty and lack or curiousity are a failing to honor life; also a bringer of death.

Calamaties have so much to say. Shall we better understand what we missed and misjudged? For they also show us a glimpse of the future if you understand how all things are connected by various strands.

The North Star guiding through darkness can be utilized as a centering mechanism, or looked away from so one can be safely lost in helplessness.

October 21, 2020

Patterns of Misfortune

You should never wish ill upon others, but understand why it happens. Everything is slowly falling apart and left in unmanaged instability so its parts pull away upon conflicting trajectories until eventually the whole is torn apart.

The general tendencies of unfolding patterns announce themselves with abundant warning about their incipient branches of conclusion, yet even when collapse is slow moving, most passively watch undesirable ends develop while denying the obvious preparations coming together before them.

Will you set the unstable right while you can, or let it slide into terrible consequences?

The events are so powerful they can only be denied and turned away from, not considered and grasped in perspective. No sane comprehension is attempted. They are discussed as a mystery, as if caused by magical forces from another dimension and then their origin and demonstrated meaning ignored.

How thick the calluses? How disassociated by lust for numbness? The next event looms as its conditions slouch into inevitability.

The joyful spread joy, and the miserable specialize differently, each repeating to sustain itself for the next generation to experience. The joyful spread joy from instinct and positivism. The miserable cultivate their preconditions not because they think trauma is good, but because its sting reminds them of a home's comfort.

Habit obeys lazy dullness, and in obedience to habit, the trivial quickly overtakes possibility, crowding out potential for growth.

You can't fix the troubled nor relieve the troubles they conjure. They too know this, having many times endured its heavy misery, yet find enough soothing relief in it they do not take basic measures to interrupt its appearances or attempt an honest confrontation.

October 3, 2020

Into the Fray

There is danger in all directions and no abstention available. Surely your life will not last forever. Therefore apply your efforts toward excellence, which is a far different measure than utilitarians could imagine to be of ethical primacy.

You have only sword and shield, and that is enough to more forward. So many enemies to neutralize and fight past to prevail over the sole purpose of their existence: obstruction. They do not wish to crush you so much as tie you up in distractions to prevent demonstrative counterexamples.

Knowing you will be gone forever and will enjoy no fruits of your labor, your effort is performed for kindred spirits who too desire to build further and take from your example to craft greatness never before seen. You might never meet them, some are long gone, and others not yet born, yet you share cosmic purpose and right.

Strength, beauty, and wisdom remain exalted as north stars. May the lowly be crushed before their envy levels everything through mutual ruination. May the fake and scheming be mocked for their flimsy nature. Demonstrated accomplishments tell everything.

Your labor, wealth, and natural gifts are temporary and a result of nature. Accordingly, be graciously spending them to fix the errors of the disorganized.

The strife of the confused consumes what would otherwise allow our qualitative advancement.

Others will one day find a way to return the lost to be among their own people in their own lands -- a paradise of their own making finally free of systemic oppression.

September 19, 2020

With Contempt

Were you dealing with a system accusing you of using illegal words and harboring forbidden ideas, you could only consider the judge an executioner of civilization and hold such proceedings in contempt.

Were screws brought to bear would you call out the kangaroo court proceedings while you could, before you were smothered and silenced?

Or would you grovel before demons and frauds seeking a safe path out? No one has ever seen apologies to mobs achieve anything but signal willing submission to being entirely picked apart.

Would you seek ingratiation by quietly pretending the aggressive attacks against your experiences, thoughts, and spirit were legitimate and deserved? Would you testify against yourself and every truth you ever knew, hoping this demonstration of weakness and self-renunciation would make you look so pathetic that the eternal enemies of humanity would have mercy just before they entirely destroy you?

Would you proclaim yourself ashamed and wicked? Would you deny reality and nature if its open recognition offended man's law and the ridiculous fashion of the day?

"The ideas of the herd should rule in the herd, and not reach out beyond it."

There are boundaries, and we shall not tolerate encroachment, nor the introduction of the undesirable into our lives by greedy liars seeking to establish power over us.

"At what point, then, should one resist? When one's belt is taken away? When one is ordered to face into a corner? When one crosses the threshold of one's home? An arrest consists of a series of incidental irrelevancies, of a multitude of things that do not matter, and there seems no point in arguing about one of them individually...and yet all these incidental irrelevancies taken together implacably constitute the arrest."

September 9, 2020


Thousands of ants are lined up because one of their scouts sent a signal that it had found water or caloric intake that should be brought back to the nest, so legions arrive to loot the place empty of what they wanted.

Caught in the middle of their resource reallocation by humanoids, the entire mob is wiped away. A smaller second wave will respond to the previous signal a few hours later and also be entirely wiped away. A tiny third wave will follow to their doom, and then no more will follow. They cut their losses and will find a new target.

The thousands killed are as both none and infinity. They are utterly destroyed as worthless, yet no man could build one. Nature wills them forth from ineffable nothingness into their tribal armies to serve their own against all others.

Destroy a million and they resiliently rebuild eager to serve their tribe by acquiring resources and territory so they can expand onward.

In nature, all are born with dissimilar traits that ensure different outcomes. The smart and determined cluster around one outcome, the dull and impulsive create a different outcome. Without changing nature so that nothing is itself, you cannot modify nature without imposing artificial constraints to limit good or reward failure -- in either case rejecting the authentic character of each creature.

September 6, 2020

Perennially Safeguarding Against Ideology

First you'd show forbidden truths that uncover a rich history of bold efforts by immortal spirits. They echo in old tales, books, and lingering perennial knowledge no longer taught; buried by silly diversions and agreeable fables rather than formally suppressed. This subversive reminder of civilization's previous high water marks is foundational for scattered remnants that still measure by quality rather than popularity, steadfastly rejecting capitulation to modernity.

Then you'd show natural patterns that sort abilities -- uniting those capable of organizing thoughtful action as well as gathering the disordered, delusional, credulous, undirected, and foolish with appropriate peers and fruits befitting their predilections.

A shallow glance suggests glaciated ancestral traits tamed into docility or demoralized into passive obedience, but the innate cannot be eradicated, only faltered into hesitation or lulled to latent dormancy. Awoken from long slumber, those late in still possessing unbroken capabilities innocently clash with sham ideals and phony posturing beliefs no one thinks are actually true.

From the absence of religion, ideology fills the moral and spiritual vacuum with zealous servility to an insane gospel with a rotating cast of interchangeable pied pipers promising material salvation through revolution against eternal truths. Ideology seduces against reason and experience by offering a system of relations connecting incongruous poll-tested propositions that crowds with dubious judgment find pleasing to believe, noticeably avoiding scrutiny of functional consequences to feign obliviousness of what follows advocacy of noxious ideals.

At every reckoning, ideology presents itself as more important than reality. Through spastic revolt, it insists its merits be judged by dreams, hopes, imaginings, and suppositions of unrealistic possibilities were the world entirely different than it is -- namely blandly absent of its essential characteristics and means of sustainment -- and then attempts a logical heist by acting as if that is how things really are. On this basis it wishes to overthrow civilization so its early adherents can profit by establishing rent-seeking in a conscriptional multi-level marketing scheme, the presumptive right of all revolutionaries.

Fairy tales and magical lands were thrilling in childhood, and after accepting Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, a welcome home was prepared for other delightful stories about imaginary realities. Magicians on stage in costumes conveying authority fascinated by chanting nonsensical incantations where every trick was a slightly different formula of misdirection, hiding actual causes, making implausible claims, and deceiving by showing a fake result as supposed proof of the illusionist's supernatural abilities. Ideologues offer a less skilled version of this technique by impudently concocting browbeating dogma they insist others should accept without pointing out its inherent defects and stupidities. While making excuses for the misfortune they predictably cause, they aggressively demand more power and promise more encompassing illusions.

To avoid contacting facts that would debunk beliefs, ideologues shelter behind denial of established knowledge. Devoted conformists dutifully repeat silly neologisms to fog language and impair communication used for critique. Ideological doctrine relies on censorship and misrepresentation to defeat more accurate ideas and superior alternatives. Its only chance of prevailing depends on attrition through purges leaving it the single remaining permitted choice, like a totalitarian election with a single candidate on the ballot. Loyal lackeys do their part to enforce orthodoxy with dramatic pearl-clutching to repress plain observations outside the official narrow worldview and quash dissent from sacrosanct platforms.

Activists believe their movement superior to nature and wage total war against the natural world by replacing it with their prejudices and handicaps. Choices contrary to ideology are penalized with progressive new laws threatening theft and imprisonment for non-compliance, thwarting natural order by imposing symbolic gestures making the unnecessary mandatory.

Caught up in devotion to ideology, they disingenuously promote untruth to persuade others toward a theoretical greater good only reached by lies, deception, and coercion.

Eager missionaries promulgate propaganda to cajole silent surrender to socially engineered failures, shifting the burden for the public to accept disaster as normal and well-devised. The urgent cause of the moment mandates ostentatious avowals for a system's superstitions and empty slogans.

Movements rely on a giant bluff assuming a fabricated conclusion and then working backwards to justify it with bogus evidence, dishonest narratives, specious arguments, and misrepresented misapplied cherry picked data divorced from context. Supportive catechisms uttered by true believers are portrayed as sensible rather than a deranged secular religion buttressed by sports team cheering.

To prevent Stockholm Syndrome compliance that justifies degradation for the sake of appearing amiable, observers can be taught to recognize the disharmonious symptoms of apologists for popular prejudices. Ideologues are reliable for conspicuously spreading malaise scapegoating healthy people for not devoting themselves to wacky ideological tenets that have never worked anywhere and never could.

Ideology's groping hand doesn't pause for reflection on its habitual compulsion to violate everything previously stable and balanced. Repurposing the well-constituted to contradictory aims for gradual implosion, it intrudes to worsen by requiring accommodation for an ill-conceived multiplication of errors to ensure the ruin of the previously bountiful, whether by unstated goal or blind ignorance.

Removing ideology simplifies so one no longer feels pressure to repeat Sovietesque slogans and saccharine praise for foolish pursuits promoted as fashionable despite their obvious thread-bareness. No one should feel compelled by ideological servility to agitate against the good and proven, nor to enthusiastically champion pursuits eroding civilization, nor to be stirred to hysteria over the make-believe and strained misinterpretations, nor to participate on the side of screaming dregs, detritus, lemmings, and dopes.

Ideology blames the world for its failures, turning its believers against fellow man, society, and the principles of life. This lunacy accuses heretics of mortal sin while clamoring about imaginary causes and effects. The unsaved rejecting the swindler's fantastical claims, or worse -- reminding of their previous incarnations -- are warned of tremendous punishment for their transgressions against grift.

Dismantling ideology is demonstrative theater, either helping dislodge deceived believers from a cultish system or provoking their defensive powers to produce wildly complicated explanations to remain faithful disciples reluctantly acknowledging undeniable facts but ignoring implications that reveal their movement's shortcomings and flimsy mystique of enlightenment, exposing its saviors as little more than opportunistic snake-oil salesmen.

You can free some from the toil of marching under a ridiculous banner. As all ideologies are just a combination of Utopian delusions, phony narratives, false promises, and ruthless pressure for subservience to undesirable ends, you can save others many years of devotion to degeneracy that addicts them to increasingly crazy explanations for how supposedly wise insight and angelic intentions repeatedly create systems that only debase civilization.

Failure can be understood as a mismatch of function, knowledge, and action, and anyone incorporating accurate feedback can gradually correct their errors and overcome mendacity, rather than becoming angry with the world and projecting emotional disturbances onto it in the manner of ideologues.

Without ideology, they will not desire power to coerce others or extract statements of allegiance to nutty beliefs. Neither will they deem it decent to deceive, slander, dismiss better choices, contrive panic to provoke a patterned response, tolerate engineered bad outcomes they pretend are desirable, or expect obsequiousness from others who want no part of pointless nightmares.

They'll desire no preconstructed media opinions to take the place of their own thoughts, with neither appetite for irrelevant drama created from deliberate lies, nor feeling need to repeat clever phrases created to distract from rational scrutiny and derail realistic comprehension.

Having no sect for which to spread dogma and no imaginary paradise to proselytize, they will spare others the damage of promoting debilitating ideas that carry dreamy souls far off course.

September 5, 2020


We broadly agree on which events occurred as a basic fact, and vary wildly on their interpretation -- primarily differing on their purpose, value, meaning, and motives.

The interpretation colors everything and changes an event from trivial to essential, or trite stupidity to a foundational lesson of wisdom.

There is clarity in understanding the individual mechanisms of a complex function that once blurred as an incomprehensible mystery. This clarity can also be an illusion, for which critical evaluation is fairly turned upon oneself with skepticism about knowledge.

Once one part is uncovered, we often wish to delve deeper, quickly realizing nothing is off limits of our scrutiny. We take aim at what is hidden and socially forbidden out of pure wish to know all that is taboo. The deliberately constructed taboos are more fraudulent than conventional ignorance and false wisdom. Its gatekeepers project fear while promising safety they cannot provide for those who obediently promise to remain bereft of understanding and ask no difficult questions of the dystopian system run by zombies.

Self-authorizers in all cases, we accept potential harm we bring ourselves from gaining unlawful knowledge unsuitable to utilitarians.

We do not seek to exploit truth for profit, only to glimpse the universe and its small parts as they truly are for the short moment we are here. Our inclinations are not pleased with illusions and conspicuous lies.

May the comfortable keep their blinders if that serves their spirits best. We will tell them nothing of what we see unless they wish to stir battle about the nature of a world they have never seen.

August 29, 2020

Gossip Chatter

The court jester offered his opinion about the situation, which was then reported by the chatter delivery mechanism as luminary insight, since its originator was a popular communicator of jokes using puns, stereotypes, and imitations in a comic style.

Elsewhere a theatre actor gave her opinion; similarly well founded because they had gained fame and wealth by faking the personality of fictional characters with such aplomb as to sometimes convince spectators of the illusion despite their awareness.

Other gossipers were quoted by the town newspaper. John who lives on the corner and is a carpenter of mediocre skill expressed his emotional opinion and wild reaction to one side's interpretations. He doesn't know how life will ever be good again unless everyone conforms to what he has been told he wants.

Amy the innkeeper is outraged and emphatically repeats popular opinions she was taught from the news. In her personal life she behaves in an unstable way that keeps her from ever being able to form a quality family, and that is fine because she is equal. The political statements she utters are important because she is human, even if she doesn't understand how society works, doesn't know any details about the political history of the last few centuries, and has no idea about the implications of policy choices other than the idiot fodder she consumes from media. Her vote matters because she exists.

Crowds have bulk, and that is their only means of gaining control and they try to bulldoze civilization. They demonstrate a total lack of awareness, knowledge, and ability to achieve positive results.

August 16, 2020

Stories, Fables, Myths, and Tall Tales

Religious people are seduced by childish fairy tale stories that are obviously fictional narrations about fantastical violations of reality in which doom is repeatedly defeated by magic.

These fables attempt to offer relief from realistic comprehension of conflict, hunger, sickness, or death by promising dreadful terrors overcome by the intervention of their deity who possesses supernatural powers and can be summoned by secret utterances and steadfast belief.

Some people will never be able to face reality with maturity, so better to tell them ridiculous stories for childish minds so they can remain calm rather than exploding into chaos when facing difficult situations and making things worse for those who are handling them.

Sacred texts claim instances where normalcy was conquered by need of morality, causing impossible feats of physics observed by crowds of faithful peasants.

And with strange aeons even death may die.

Believers want to hear the stories. They want to tell the stories to others. They want you to acknowledge the truth and wisdom of these fabulous tall tales. They feel good thinking they possess special knowledge.

They memorize their stories and keep them close in mind, eager to offer them as solutions and rebuttals to the tricky life situations, thinking phony pre-packaged solutions are supremely helpful. Rather than study the normal cases of reality, they have built a foundation on silly stories that started as exaggerations and became crafted into soothing parables for the downtrodden, suggesting the actual world could be defeated so that another reality would burst through the seams and one day reign.

The irreligious discard the moral and religious aspects of these tall tales, but have many more crazy stories claiming magic solutions to difficult situations, and cling to their secular fables even more strongly than the religious. They are free of religion but totally lost, delusional with neither foundation nor north star. The human instinct for irrationality and magical explanations of complexity is unsatisfied by their life of drudgery.

Secularists find great appeal in conspiracies, accusations, blame, revisionism, and sham pretexts. They use fake science to argue against their perceived enemies, who have been considered so because they dissent from the crazy narratives of the secular believers. The irreligious burn with envy over the success of others who are supposed to be as equally mediocre as their meager abilities, in accordance with the surely true beliefs of their adopted doctrine.

Consider how privileged it is to live among people capable of civilization, yet be unable to contribute meaningfully to it. Products and skills abound as if summoned into existence by a magical deity, yet many people cannot understand the world around them or correctly do the simplest acts, whether born with limited abilities, addicted to something stupid, or perpetually distracted so no thought or learning can ever take root.

Cheap, false answers prosper in such a climate. Are you not rich? Someone else who has more money is hoarding what should be deservedly yours. They are obviously cheating because it is unimaginable that someone could be doing better than you, smarter than you, more creative than you, more ambitious than you, more attractive than you, or better adjusted for doing something valuable. Their wealth should be yours for doing nothing because no one should be allowed to be exceptional so long as botched people struggle from their inherent deficiencies.

Nearly all complaints are rooted in envy. Some wish they were born capable of fostering civilization, or at least to enjoy its material rewards, as others are by virtue of following from two sensible and well constituted parents continuing positive life onward.

Rather than look at the actual origins of inability, the envious will tell tall tales and wacky stories to provide false soothing justifications for inabilities. Their reasons are all lies. Watch who tells stories while the successful simply go out and do what is necessary to obtain results.

August 8, 2020


For those not energized by random drama overtaking all other events, happiness follows from stability, with all things perfectly in place. We are disturbed when situations go bad, i.e. stability is disrupted and now we are pulled away from our effort just to return things to a normal state.

Neither do we enjoy loss, from which previous ability has been removed and must be rebuilt. We have slipped backwards and need to perform work already done before to restore our previous state.

Drama is violence. We are not amused or interested in someone's personal emotional disorder or stupid reactions. They have created an imposition and pushed the unwelcomed cost upon us.

We are not looking for free lunches; merely to hold on to what we have created for ourselves our family and remain unmolested by an appearance that is another tax without benefit. As usual, those with nothing have nothing to lose, and drama is exciting to the disordered and thoughtless.

Just as revolutionaries who wish to the clear the pieces on the board of civilization and start over from scratch because they are incapable of success in its current form and have a free lottery ticket chance to seize power and wealth in a new construction, those who love drama have no attachment to their terrible quality of life and therefore its amusements do not disrupt anything valuable.

We are not revolutionaries, and we endure loss from instability because the nature of civilization is fragile and its alternatives are dismal.

August 2, 2020


So what's it going to be? A passive sputtering into a quiet fade, or will you take your one and only chance and decide to do it your way?

You're gonna go. Will it be hidden and dulled with adopted costumes and fake humility from unresolved unreconciliation? Will you traffic with losers and burnouts, ensuring you join them?

Maybe you could be someone, even yourself. There's nothing else to save.

Not tamed into nothingness to obey foreign rules you don't believe in, when everything great you have ever done has been from unbroken wild instinct.

Probably best to go out your way.

August 1, 2020

Depravity Signaling

George Carlin famously quipped that after considering how stupid the average person is, you must then consider that half the people are stupider than that.

This realization casts an odd light on immigration that favors unskilled people with an IQ in the 80s while the economy is in need of skilled, educated workers capable of high cognitive load. Worse, with heritability of IQ recently measured as 86%, the replacement population with low intelligence could be expected to need public assistance for the infinite duration of their lineage.

Many natives are addicted to entertainment rendering them checked out with consumption and perpetually distracted so they cannot track reality. Accordingly, they are unsuccessful and frustrated, which they explain by blaming the world for personal failures.

This army of retards and rejects is wielded by pied piper leaders for assault against civilization. The lost are freely gathered, easy to wind up, and direct to destroy targets with the promise of removing standards and rational evaluation. Great fantasies are promised to the angry and envious. Mobs smash those who do not loudly utter the slogans of the moment and the rude people that ask questions about schemes to hollow out society.

What constituency is better to rule over than the mentally ill and spiritually broken? Their despondency can be stirred to rage against normal people and the fragile fabric that allows society to function in the 10% of the world that is civilized.

Rebel leaders work with their allies to raze humanity, deliberately creating the conditions that splinter society and encourage a state of individual disability.

Battered and lost, they never find the world, but only other maimed creatures who fail to see the agents of wickedness separating them from the joys of life all previous generations inherently possessed because they were not interrupted and steered towards chaos and crazed ideas.

By their ruination, you shall know them.

We must remember: these are very damaged people who have been guided by lies for much of their lives. They dwell in trauma still, brutalized; their morale broken and desirous of opiatic fantasies for relief. They do not want realistic comprehension because that saddles them with negativity reminding them of their unsuitability. They live only for the soothing lies by which their controllers harness them for destructive aims.

Protesters want to tear down everything because they think it's worthless, and their valid experience affirms that.

They've never heard good music, read a good book, or known anything meaningful or fulfilling. Their idols are frauds promising Utopian revolutions for profit taken from others. They toil pointlessly, having never done anything interesting or discovered anything worthwhile.
They have fallen to materialism, seeking personal profit and false assurance that such theft can be provided to them by warlords who care surely pick off a few golden geese before there is nothing left in a barren wasteland should the revolution succeed.

Everything protesters have ever done has made things worse, and they've never sized up well with any challenge in life. This pressure, combined with delusional measurement of reality, has made them hateful, envious, and mentally unstable. Still worse, they are unable and unwilling to consider how society will function after their attacks, nor do they care for the wreckage accumulated, as leveling to a lower equality with fewer peaks of excellence is their goal.

Not everyone can win in life, and half are below average -- a brutal reckoning upon realization that positive efforts only begin at two standard deviation above average and need four for positive significance.

Losers have need to wreck everything and start over, believing that as the only triumph available for their type. History reminds that loser revolts depend on liquidating the capable to remove competition and keep the masses dependent on the state. Total control over movement and expression must be enforced so no one can escape to freedom and no critical idea can be communicated. The new state deploys armed guards at borders so no citizen can escape servitude. The people are made equal and classless as they are forced together to suffer misery at the hands of a depraved and stupid ideology.

All must be forced in thrall to the controllers, whose first move after establishing control of security forces is to personally plunder centuries of accumulated wealth built by people with cultivated abilities. Not only do the new rulers enjoy confiscated wealth from hollowing out the economy into an infertile husk, they are also example from the tyrannical rules imposed on the masses.

Retrospectives of revolutions reveal them as simple coups that incite manipulation of compliant dolts so a few new leaders can become rich by theft. The healthy conditions of abundance are replaced by excuses and blame, with wealth enough only for the revolutionary leaders while the masses forced into impoverished backwards conditions.

The revolutionary politburo desires a constituency of inept losers unable to resist. Variation must be stamped out. Compliance is mandatory and instilled by propaganda. The independent thinker is the enemy that must be neutralized so he cannot point out their errors and demonic depravity. No one is permitted to question to privileged explanations of the state because that would encourage the public to realize mass fraud perpetuated by liars.

Revolutionary ideology is more authoritarian than any religious fundamentalist state, and its mindless catechisms are regarded as sacrosanct teachings worthy of conformity, despite being only tools with which to rule over subjects. All must praise these regime's beliefs in public, though everyone knows they are lies. The point is to control the masses to keep all subdued and enslaved to powerful authorities who can silence, imprison, or liquidate those who ignore or dissent from state enforced ideology -- or worse, critique its crippling injustice and harm to civilization.

Slogans about excellence inflame because they lack spiritual sense of greatness. They are proles who from instinct consider degradation normal and always existing, rather than an engineered condition merely reflecting modernity.

Excellence is secondarily offensive because it posits quality as measure and they are certain they will not fare well under such scrutiny. Their personal lives are a mess. They are from broken families, are socially awkward, dull in mind, eager for the ease of senseless slogans, besieged by meaningless fragments, and unable to sustain healthy relationships. They live as vultures scavenging rotten scraps, distanced from what is good in life, and blaming others for their situation.

They have been duped with cheap counterfeits. Their subset of society is Game of Thrones, reality shows, sports, video games, porn, and Hollywood movies. Their cuisine is Taco Bell and frozen dinners. Of course they want to tear down society, thinking they are living its pinnacle while in reality they have made a home in cultural poverty. There's nothing in their existence worth saving because they've chosen to live amongst garbage, consuming garbage, which enrages them when they notice others have escaped this and left that programming long behind to choose better alternatives.

The junk food and entertainment products consumed by proles are meant for idiots -- like poisoned sugar for cockroaches -- as are the ideologies of losers mad at the world, blaming people who achieve good results instead of dwelling in failure and dependency. They are effectively owned by the ruling class, having submitted to insane doctrine and willing to protest on behalf of impairing degeneracy.

Nowhere is this more cheekily shown than by training zombie protesters to dance to choreographed protests using revolutionary messages funded by giant corporations.

Proles are undisciplined and unfocused, coming up with lazy explanations for problems that don't match the actual state of the world. This approach leaves them clueless when they dig themselves into a deep hole. In frustration, they blame the world and all who reject the popular delusions they have internalized as a foundation.

Social chatter about fictional concepts is treated the same as rational action. Lost in words, they imagine insults, manipulation, and destruction as the same as building something complex and thoughtful.

Proles have been taught success is impossible, so when they see successful people they accuse them of cheating instead of understanding how normal people acquire skills, conceive plans toward a goal, and then work incrementally to complete their vision. This process is foreign to them and cannot be believed.

Consider the situation of revolutionaries and have some empathy for those who have never encountered anything good. You need to understand why for them the destruction of civilization does not seem a loss. Being incapable of doing much with their talents, they are easy marks to be sold a dream of revolution from which rebel leaders hope to get personally rich by wielding a mob to destroy centuries of civilization and usher in a permanent dark age.

July 26, 2020

Sad Day At The Gallows

After the Revolution and Counter-Revolution, there needed to be a grand explanation for what had transpired so they could push a single narrative and quash dissent. It was decided that blame would be placed upon the career politicians whose inept leadership had led to decades of societal decline that had unraveled the project of civilization.

Schools and the media were instructed to teach that our expectation of politicians was that they should raise societal standards, but they had collectively demonstrated generations of incompetence and tried to distract from their failed responsibility by stirring up the public with nonsense. Statistics proved what we sensed, and what they tried to hide.

Each politician was good enough on paper. They were all educated and most had law degrees, which means they thought like lawyers who obeyed the words of the law rather than its spirit. Law was a final resort anyway, when culture had failed and conflict needed resolution according to rules, so these were experts in societal strife and human disunity.

With lizard brains, politicians protested the gallows as a improper legal process, rather than critiquing it as a possible solution to begin rebuilding society from a functioning and healthy orientation.

This was not to be a kangaroo court like in leftist nations or like cute legal cases in the US where definitions decided the outcome before any facts could be considered. Much like judgment before Saint Peter at the gates of heaven, each politician's career was carefully reviewed in context, and the consequences of their leadership measured to determine whether their actions raised or lowered the quality of civilization.

In a few cases there were acquittals, typically from those who had entered politics having observed failed leadership and realizing they could contribute with just a few relevant efforts. They had some reason to volunteer, however small, and reluctantly fell into politics without losing sight of their purpose even as their passion for it declined.

The rest were cold reptiles in remarkably human-like skin technology, though noticeably gray in appearance and demeanor. Their behavior at the gallows was alarmingly inhuman. They fell upon excuses and evasions as if unaware of their responsibilities and utter failure to meet them.

Upon realization that one cannot meet basic expectations and cannot uphold the requirements of a position, they are expected to resign and step aside. No one should create new problems and dramatic sideshows to hide from their inability to perform basic duties.

The rooms were isolated to prevent public spectacles, which led to maddening comedy when each politician uttered the same procedural defense proclaiming their innocence.

We are a democratic nation with a representative government. The citizens and near-citizens elected me to vote and promote policies. I was merely their representative doing their will. My personal preferences never intervened.

In fact, I have rather strong beliefs that I never voiced because I considered that inappropriate in my position. To remain fair, I acted as a character so that voters would clearly know how I would represent them, and remained true to this as their steady avatar.

Therefore I fall upon the mercy of the court to find me innocent, as I was only serving the people and acting on their behalf with the many years I sacrificed as a public servant, obeying the structure of our system and upholding the laws by which we are governed.

After a few dozen nearly identical speeches, the judges began smirking upon hearing these recycled sentiments. There was always an omission of the decline in societal quality that went unmentioned by these speeches, as if the hangings were happening for no reason and innocent public servants had been gathered randomly.

The guilty were taken through back hallways to a chamber outside the gallows. Before their final consultation with a priest, each was customarily taken aside by a philosophy professor with a specialty in ancient Greek civilization, and each politician was given a brief explanation of the duty of leaders to at least uphold if not raise the quality of the civilization they inherit. Few listeners understood this, as if the professor was speaking an incomprehensible language about foreign topics. Some smirked at archaic notions of public duty.

They were given a few minutes to say their farewells before a proper rope was prepared by the hangman. Each execution was appropriately fulfilled in an attempt to provide some solace to the lawmakers who never bothered to measure results, but selflessly devoted their lives to ensuring codified definitions were followed.

July 25, 2020


Vegetable and fruit scraps go to compost to make dirt.

Seeds are honored for their potential and are separated so that birds and rodents may scavenge and spread them widely for rebirth in another form. May peppers arise in unusual places!

Ideas as seeds likewise. Maybe others passing through for the moment take what is useful to them, i.e. what fits their tastes or gets caught in their teeth. In some cases, they will do something with it later.

No full plan or worldview can be conceived beforehand, nor is necessary. Potential is fed, and faltering is fine too. Let life prosper where it may.

July 24, 2020

TikTok Nurses

They are helpful, but can't and won't help you. They'll provide competent and compliant labor, but ultimately just want to dance socially, which means to take the side of appeasement to ruckus.

Seeing their naked character, you cannot blame them for what they are, but you know what they'll do.

Sweet, caring, essential to civilization, and yet not on the side of civilization. They will actively demonstrate against you and let the opportunity of raising civilization slip away as they act out for attention in a way that appeals to the vulgar mob.

July 12, 2020

Just A Phase

At different points in your life there are things that curiosity compels you to find out, or in the case of utilitarians, to possess. Once you know what is there, the mystery dissipates and you move on without reason to linger after discovery.

Recollections of how others viewed your earlier phases are amusing. With your full and honest best effort, you could probably never do it again with any real passion.

Long wary of communication, the expense of talking precludes activity. Actions must be chosen carefully, for each selection closes a hundred other doors, usually forever. This reminds us to organize our tasks so they build conclusive purpose.

Curious about human potential, inquiries into the will and hope of the undamaged show what is possible when two independent spirit meet and explore together. But it typically isn't much, dispersed by random impulses rather then strengthened with focus upon a destination, grinding against itself until collapse.

Why bother talking about what is confused and really just needs organized action to become something? Words without actions are empty hopes and dizzying fantasies.

July 11, 2020

No Answers

No one has interest, need, or time for particular answers. Notice how they do whatever they feel like -- or stall forever justifying inaction with clever explanations for perpetual delay and proclamations of impossibility.

The separation of information and action is liberating. You are free to act now if you care about accomplishing something in the short time remaining, for it will soon be too late to do anything. If you keep waiting, your forever will turn to nothingness despite all that was once in reach. Refine the details of your efforts while on your journey.

Let those who need answers pay the costs for them and determine for themselves how the world works, as shortcuts only leave them with a foreign map and atrophying abilities.

You should spend several years failing at relationships, business ventures, and other attempts that only later are understood as unsound, best proven by achieving great success through better awareness in the same areas previously met with failure. Revenge by creating excellence and defeating disasters of all types.

Any answers need to be abstracted and refocused to the form of reasoning rather than any specific narrow facts, thereby lending a manner of evaluation as its lasting instruction suitable to yet unseen problems. The structure of reasoning and how to quickly ascertain its essential underlying anatomical functionality allows penetration for a clear understanding of how a system operates, and thus a reference for its problems or misuse, no matter the specifics.

Such answers allow one to survey a situation to measure its attributes and deficiencies, effectively foreseeing its outcome and providing a means to set things right.

July 10, 2020

Grovel For Mob Justice

They want you contradicted and nullified so your efforts end up for naught and your energy is spent upon destruction rather than creation.

You may not sustain truth and reveal light for the way forward. You are requisitioned to repeat nonsensical neologistic slogans as catechisms. Nature abhors a vacuum and the elimination of wacky religious ideas reemerges with brutal interest in the form of a secular religion with preposterous ideals and fantastical claims of salvation.

No rational criticism is allowed, nor data, nor reasoned study, nor considerations of obvious consequences of tolerating mob madness.

No honest conversation is permitted, only agreement with phony discourses and narratives. Everything in public is fake and astroturfed to seem as if it has wide support, but is just a facade base built for thieving.

Dissent from totalitarianism will be met with whatever people do, i.e. mobs stirred up by propaganda so incompetent politicians aren't revealed as useless schemers having no realistic offerings to improve society.

The mob wants you grovelling and humiliated, ruined and broken with no option but to publicly declare total devoted belief in conspiracy theories trotted out by activists hungry for power and plundering all they can take from dupes and appeasers.

Nothing productive here, just envy seeking recompense through destruction.

Whatever you give is never enough. If you yield to ransom demands, they demand evermore. They either don't notice that giving doesn't fix whatever problem they claimed to be concerned with, or perhaps the real purpose of the demand is to create an imposition: that you are made to suffer from their ascent to power to match how nature has cruelly imposed suffering upon them. Their spirit is pleased when you suffer watching your civilization be dissolved into tyrannical disorder and irrationality.

They only measure in mob appeal -- and never measure quality, because decline is obvious and they are accelerating it to leave all pauperized in obliteration.

The political class won't get us closer to having a society capable of writing great symphonies or philosophy again, or even more modest goals like keeping most of our communities separate from accumulating ruin.

They aren't champions of civilization or excellence. They are just surfing erosive mob waves with increasingly crazy policy offerings without worry for the growing jetsam.

June 28, 2020

Consigned and Expended

Extraneous adventures beckon! Come drain away your youthful inspiration and lust for life on someone else's tasks. You are probably a lost consumer anyway. Why not lose yourself completely?

There are many witches to burn. The dejected say they can only become free after history, truth, and civilization are destroyed -- or at least they will have temporarily satisfied themselves with petty revenge against nature and imaginary conspiracies of oppression.

You could be one of 52% who pays income taxes to transfer money to the unproductive so they can have families in place of yours. Why not go barren fighting something irrelevant to your mission in life?

They want you to renounce the possibility of family to give up on civilization and let it fall to orcs and gremlins bringing about total degradation and ruin.

Rejects and failures badly separated from reality insist you follow their model and crazed ideals.

Loudly repeat the catechisms and extract statements of doctrinal compliance from others, under threat of violence, theft, and forced poverty.

You could have done something with your life, but instead you are made useful for a power grab so new mediators of resources can seize control and profit while you work for a zombie mob, contributing to degeneracy pushing civilization to fall into a new dark age.

June 24, 2020

Plain, Simple, Direct

It's getting late so we cut to the chase. Some of us have always been cutting to the chase, losing no time on filibusters and excuses.

It doesn't matter if wasting time is done from denial, ignorance, or some wild strategy imagined as so clever it can't be discerned. Moments are brief and precious, and if not taken when available are gone forever.

Inevitably time runs out on stallers. Inquiries about potentially viable paths that are not affirmed and acted upon age out as irrelevant, the possible value of the proposition dropping to worthless.

We must read situations quickly and act upon them or move on to better opportunities, owing no explanation to irrelevance, and certainly no therapy for the lost who do not know the way and cannot sense the urgency of our moment.

June 22, 2020


Your enemy is the swarm of locusts. They are hungry simpletons. Unless kept in check, their numbers will destroy everything in their path.

They can build nothing but wish to consume all in perpetuity from claimed right of existing. Having no sense of the fragility they audaciously destroy, their dominance will cast a long sunset over civilization until they starve from having eaten everything, until finally consuming one another.

There is no reason in their swarm, and assaulting them with reason creates no defense. It is madness to see locusts as creatures of sense and sensibility. Has anyone ever seen the use of reason slow or stop a swarm?

Some who want wicked chaos unfurled stand back from the swarm as if it cannot be quickly crushed, giving it space to be strengthened and encouraging broadened and increased attacks.

Locusts might pass through quickly and expire, but we should recognize what they really are and not mistake them for cute harmless creatures.

June 15, 2020

No Lessons Learned

Often the past is simply gone and there are no lessons to learn from its events. You cannot undo them, so must accept that they were, and continue onward. If you have taken damage, you must rebuild -- for future battles await.

No grand narrative holds.

With nothing to learn, there is little need to reflect upon it. It collapsed from randomness, ignorance, or whatever inane causes. More simply, it had no possible path to victory. From the start it was a losing effort, leaving nothing worth consideration.

Better to align with ascension, focusing on what your efforts can achieve rather than trying to salvage anything from a mess of ruination. It didn't hold, and the whole is faulty. You are too comfortable with this wreckage. Flee disaster and build elsewhere.

We get caught up thinking there's something valuable in every hope, but most attempts are stillborn schemes with unrealistic plans and inadequate parts unfit for purpose. You must build upon this earth with what your hands can raise, and not get lost dreaming beyond your abilities and will to perform the necessary.

You can put on an academic hat and spend years studying failure, but there's only poverty to gain.

June 14, 2020

Summer Flirts

For a while my model was seasonal. Rather then get bored in a relationship with an entitled princess, Spring was the season for flirting, building to a wild sustained explosion of passion through Summer.

Fall and Winter brought return to productive activities, focusing on hobbies, wealth, career, and other interests as our relationship withered. No one should think they can outlast the seasons.

Without relationships, very little social activity must be endured where hours of babbling leading to nothing dares to steal precious hours for personal attention that should not be given unless one is receiving therapy rates.

Also no staring at screens watching idiotic programs together, perhaps a trade of stupid babble for distracting amusements. The inactive have neither ideas nor spirit to put dreams and realizations into motion.

But it is fun to engage in the magic of romance to play and dazzle and indulge, and then in other seasons to achieve something worth doing.

June 13, 2020

Rock Solid

You are the same ever. Baby, you should have been a Constitution, needing no new interpretations from activist judges championing misfits, losers, underdogs, and queers.

Eternal truths found simplicity with teachings that hold no matter the situation -- an anchor for when one is in doubt and needs sight of a structure from which to assess events.

What is stranger than life? We know how to bravely face all things, and that is often enough, remembering that the answer will be yes.

The silly creatures that expend their energy on panic only generate noise, missing pragmatic alignment that could have righted their ship.

June 12, 2020

Projecting Motives

We imagine ourselves in the positions of powerful leaders and accuse them of possessing our deficiencies.

"I would never have the knowledge and capability to decide complicated matters in short order. Thus our leaders must also be of limited capability and mental acuity."

In others, envy and greed reveal themselves.

"I would use power to finally obtain the wealth I deserve, by any means necessary. Thus our leaders are stealing from us through illicit means."
We are always projecting motives into others while claiming to understand them.

May 31, 2020


The entertainment industry rates its products as excellent and important. They never stop clamoring about how great it is to stare at a screen watching a contrived plot already shown a 100 times before, and normalize watching weird entertainment products, such as monotone news talkers or men throwing a ball to one another. They want this to be the center of your existence, which robs your time and money while draining your spirit for life.

At first this looks like an scam where the industry conspires to pump their idiotic products and makes them the standard over superior alternatives. Those who generate repetitive uncreative products ("creatives") seem to be shilling for their industry to encourage consumption of their category of products so it seems normal to watch things and quell curiosity about the natural world.

But then you must consider that participants in the entertainment industry might just be average people with average preferences. They create gossip and distractions because that is an accurate representation of their consciousness. When they get together to talk about what they find interesting in the world, their only thoughts are to praise entertainment distractions. They could be entirely honest, and thus honorable in their communication because they are telling you the best they know, only blinded by not realizing that not everyone suffers their condition.

Like our elites, entertainment creators have no knowledge of anything good in civilization and have never experienced anything but varying flavors of degeneracy, so all they can do is praise the trivial as the best thing they can conceive as possible.

Who are we to insist they consider something beyond their ability to appreciate?

All we can reasonably expect is for someone to reach their potential and authentically reflect it. In their natural habitat, each will exhibit their predilections. Accordingly, we must forgive them and look away when they are loud, for they can do no better.

May 30, 2020

Don't Be Late

Her presence captivated as an undeniable force of nature. Lean and strong like a leopard, she needed only walk into a room for everyone to at once know what she was. Her compelling presence swung all situations in her favor.

Her powers seemed infinite, yet she was wise and took on every worthy aim offering reward while the sun still shined gracefully upon her.

For this grace is as short as it is powerful. Very soon the clock would strike midnight and restore normalcy. She would become a babushka sans magic, and there would only be memories of the wild terror she once was, and treasures her well crafted weapons had won.

How privileged one feels when the world is yours by needing only to appear and claim your take, until one day when creatures no longer feel compelled to yield and never do so again.

You can only run at breakneck pace for a while until tolls must be paid. Wildness abrades into exhaustion just as indolence ruins by atrophy. Discipline falters as she gradually falls apart and never quite puts herself back together to extend the ride a little longer.

For a while you can win many bets in a row, and some come to believe they possess skill or fateful luck, but the house always wins in the end. Gambling is just an expensive form upon which to cast fantasies of fate.

Everything eventually slips away, and it only matters what one has to show for their opportunities, which is ultimately reflection of spiritual resilience and realism about the nature of life.

Difficult choices must be made despite uncertainty while it remains possible to do so, within one's mighty powers.

May 29, 2020

Reflect, Build, or Hide

Free money from governments or trust funds produce wither. No great art, ideas, or interesting contributions result because ease arrests inspiration. Few spirits desire to accomplish anything, finding easy satisfaction in illusion and distracted immobility.

Idle wealth is spent on diversions. There is no goal, and accordingly no need to budget wisely towards any end. Purpose loses to frivolity in a disorganized jumble of senselessness.

Had Beethoven any pragmatic concerns, he would have run a basic import/export business, and civilization would be forever much poorer.

May 28, 2020


What is better than fasting? Only the gorge afterwards, no matter the actual merits of that feast.

The fast reminds that much is unnecessary, and that eliminating the unnecessary simplifies focus upon the essential. How much easier and grateful one is for devoting themselves to what matters and eliminating distractions from the irrelevant.

No need to speculate on how past situations could be different, or how the world would be if the state of reality was magically rearranged. The moment of opportunity has vanished, and with it both conflict and the possibility.

During the war your posture is clear. You will shoot at your enemy and seek to destroy his capability. When the war ends, you take a friendly posture and smile at him and trade goods, no longer compelled to shoot and destroy.

May 3, 2020


Will you be so cruel as to reduce someone's life to a simple narrative? For even the wisest reveal their actions as a constellation of follies and banal motivations.

Just as you can summarily describe a decade of their activity with a word or two, so can you assess the trajectory and potential of their lives. But need you?

This knowledge does no one any good; not you, whose attunement quickly ascertains substance, nor the subject who cannot break from the gravity of their predilections and impulses, but instead hides away behind alternative narratives clever enough to fool themselves but not anyone who honestly scrutinizes the situation.

You need not confront anyone with knowledge, but just look away from the worst and encourage them to sensible ends, even as simple as reminding them to walk in the shoes of their grandparents who were able to retain basic alignment with nature.

April 15, 2020


When you are ready to ride, no fear can dissuade or linger very long.

You have internalized your task as necessity, whether or not it really is, and fulfill it as destiny, come what may. Doubt was obliterated, and then hesitation had no home.

Arguments no longer hold relevance; disregardable as the squawking of neurotics staying so safe they do nothing.

Analysis consumes time but yields no new ideas and must therefore be put aside as distraction. The way out of stalemate is to throw yourself into action made inevitable without regard for a careful categorization of its parts and how mortals judge them.

Shortcut of shortcuts: a great victory needs no dissection and blame -- and certainly not before an impassioned attempt -- only a later retelling to those who love brave feats and audacious spirits who dare.

Since you will be doing it, considerations of not doing it are silly theorizing about imaginary worlds unworthy of being entertained seriously. Why would you not do what is possible and worth striving for?

How easy is every task when you focus only on completing it well, with no worry about infinite dangers you might face along the way. Gnats and pests are no surprise and will be trodden underfoot and overcome, properly seen as small annoyances, not incredible forces to drive you back to retreat. Usually there is only silent stillness revealing most menaces as conjured illusions.

Affirmation and deed lift everything heavy, banishing dread so you can willfully go headfirst into the irrefutable.

Placing big bets on your effort for victory somehow taps greater capabilities, encouraging you to go all in and win your prize rather than dithering.

Sometimes it seems the universe's accountant is at his core an equitable fellow willing to put more than a thumb on the scales when measuring the good who devote themselves to appropriate fates.

March 22, 2020

Play With Satan

Through temptation you can elicit authentic reaction so that pretenders show themselves as they actually are. May your lures ensnare terrible truths.

Engaging in fight betrays unreformed impairments. You trust none shall hobble you, but are you sure you're sure? With stone composure, you stir turmoil so it can be present before you for active assessment. How else do you know that you can survive battles with chaos and disorder? And if you can, what possible force in the world could present a problem?

Thus you welcome the most difficult situations, opponents, and treachery so that certitude of overcoming is your first thought upon recognizing difficulty and opposition. It presents no danger you have not already defeated countless times before. How puny its threats, how few and weak its weapons, how blustering its pathetic tactics that will quickly collapse.

We know the work of evil. While we do not intend to feed evil, neither do we crusade in hunt to strike it out at every instance. We observe and recognize substance, and for that sometimes we must use unconventional techniques to draw out what hides in the shadows, so we play with the demonically possessed to coerce them to show us their true sides.

March 21, 2020

Force of Nature

From where does the inexhaustible well originate? Its endless force and what it carves away to fiercely flow is all that's seen, never the mountain peak and melting sun.

With a wilder wildcard, more possibilities are birthed.

Many have never encountered strong wills with unrelenting jaws that do not release what they have bitten, out of principle of retaining the prerequisites for prevailing.

Seeking no solace, neither drug, drink, nor entertainment, they are not diverted from purpose threatening to take them away from their missions. All else is pointless noise.

Calm but fiery and still uncompromising after all these years, neither worn upon, nor browbeaten, nor resigned to any outcome as fated. We forever make what we want and thus fight the devils who soothingly tells us to tolerate horrible wreckage only made inevitable by toleration of it.

Setbacks and losses are just the cost of action. Fighters bite down and push through, for on the other side victory awaits.

All choices are within range; nothing is prohibited.

We cheer for wild nature, not political parties, not fantastical ideologies, not popular sentiment.

Halfway to gone forever and still burning hot.

March 20, 2020


Floating through happy loneliness, you are alone, which means free of malicious needful fools -- at least for immediate interaction prompting conscious consideration. Surely in the murky depths these creatures still lurk and spread and wreck havoc, but daily life does not fixate on how to neutralize their destructive attacks.

It is only you and me in a universe of magic inevitably cultivating love from instinct and spirit.

But something stirs and something tries
And starts to climb towards the light

How quickly will you discern the nature of what is before you?

January 14, 2020

Purpose against Derangement

Conan, what is second best in life?

Ignoring your enemies, overcoming the obstacles they conjure, hearing none of their specious panic, and staying true to your destiny.

To raise children of unbroken heritage, constituting continuity of your ancestors' traits instead of yielding to the random purposelessness and compromise of modernity, never quitting and giving in to its paper tiger bluffs that would honor the deranged enemies of civilization with passive obedience.

January 13, 2020


"It started from casually looking into back beats. The next thing I knew, John Bonham's solo at the Royal Albert Hall compelled me to learn the fine points of triplet drum fills and their near relations, and there I went for the next 5 years."

In turn, she told me about misadventures and wayward foolishness that had consumed her best efforts over the same duration.

There was once much we could have done together, forever lost in our inability to share purpose.

December 25, 2019


Rejoice, for the world you have been shown is a fraud!

The path remains open; obstructed and cluttered, but not entirely blocked. Wide gleams continue to show the eternal way, though the wicked wish to lure away your view to pointless distractions and blunt your will into slumber and death.

Young adults growing into the world are spun into confusion, doubt, and depression that leaves them childless and abandoned.

Talk and pictures fixate on crazed invocations to break their spirit and make the young believe there is no future for them, society, civilization, or children they would have.

As they withdraw from life to consume products and substances, they look away to forget, seeking numbness from this horrific promise of despair.

But this promised despair is all bluff. Little of what you see if real; most is just a show of insanity and malice deliberately pushing lies to cause despair.

The merchants of misery wage war against the cheer of good spirits.

Accordingly, you can largely dismiss and ignore their scare tactics, for no truth has changed in 10000 years, and no parade of mentally deranged fools should change your opinions or impair your will.

The same things your last 100 generations have done, you must do as well. This is as natural as the seasons and now you must do so while not letting griefers pull you into their negativity.

The unhealthy and failed wish to bring the healthy to ruination, creating equality by removing excellence. They agitate for chaos and instability as they fantasize about our liquidation.

New machines serve the wicked, built in their image and as stupid as their plans -- thusly totally beatable -- and falsely portrayed as mighty in propaganda encouraging normal people to give up and yield to the wicked.

Nature remains resilient and fresh spirits gradually rise to the fore. Our mission is to preserve a space of sanity so that some remain unbroken. From this base, gradual expansion of this territory and seeding the wild will win more space.

Regeneration takes many disconnected cycles appropriate to the pace of the situation.

We fight because what we have experienced is worth continuing onward and shall not be extinguished. We see weakness in our enemies and know we are made of enduring substance that shall prevail for countless generations onward.

Rejoice, for the world they wish to show you is a fraud!

November 23, 2019

The Earth is Flat or Round

It doesn't matter much whether you believe the earth is flat or round, because realistically you aren't going to act on that belief. Your beliefs only act as a placeholder that supposedly answers a question with assumptive speculation or a silly definition game so that you no longer think about the question or its implications.

The placeholder become permanent so you never consider again whether the question was really answered, nor doubt its veracity unless too many other placeholders stacked upon it all start to come undone with unconscious realization that you've internalized a bunch of silly lies just to keep away from another truth you couldn't handle.

This is that because of this, thus it is clear -- and now you can move on to other ideas.

Likewise it doesn't matter much whether you believe the world is governed by dozens of major and lesser gods that are inherent living aspects of nature, or one Big Daddy schizophrenic multiplexed God who is terribly concerned with your being because you are so special, especially when you post frivolous idiot fodder for attention on your social media attention outreach campaign.

Sin, forgiveness, and scapegoats are obvious ways to explain situations so we can lay them to rest and move on. We have many such mechanisms that combat defective examples of remembrance manifesting as anxiety, OCD, and related mental errors that stem from undisguised repetition.

At some point there is nothing more to squeeze out of a rock, and we must not waste time on the pointless. When we are done with dramatic displays, deliberate techniques help break from consuming cycles.

It's hard to take anyone's beliefs very seriously because of how erroneous and wacky most people are, but we care very dearly about the quality of their results and that they end up living in harmony with reality.

We wish all a rich and natural life in accordance with how their ancestors lived, and they too deserve to experience, though no one can help them find the way. They must realize much for themselves through neglected paths, which means not spending too long looking into lavish opiate dens full of lost and resigned spirits.

November 11, 2019

Gimme Danger

The masses gather in the middle and huddle together to feel safe. Safety is an illusion that promises nothingness, as if it had power over wild nature. Unless your spirit is beaten into docility, you don't really want a safe nothing.

Everything the crowd does is a uninspired copy stolen from other dull uninspired people who are their spiritual models. Fools emulate and imprint upon one another out of dishonesty, lack of character, and inability to conceive better possibilities. Error stacks upon error constructing frailty.

At the edges there is no precedent. Anything can happen, and there is fresh territory to explore and settle in accordance with one's will. Here there is danger, which also means opportunity. Cruel dispositions might curse their enemies to never experience a chance outside the gates.

After a few experiences, you leave convention behind, and begin throwing yourself into danger because of the alluring opportunity it promises. Why have a safe nothing when you could have something you really want, so long as you can brave danger?

Some are driven to explore the dark forests, empty deserts, unknown mountains, and vast bodies of water, all of which are known to capriciously pluck lives, but do so judiciously by rewarding the many who prevail. We are durable and wish to live in truth of this, not cooped up in shitty apartments of vast anonymous cities of convenience where nothing interesting happens and all are domesticated into observers of pointless transactions and happy lies that offend no one.

We thrust into danger and enjoy its best fruits.

November 3, 2019

It's Simpler Than That

How might you fix errors you have chosen?

Not theory -- that is already overcomplicating the natural.
Not rituals -- those are for making time, not untying knots.
Not excuses -- counter-examples demonstrate attainability and its prerequisites.
Not pithy sayings -- words numb to manipulate people into agreeably without action.

Complicated schemes are evasion trying to convince of impossibility, inventing constraints that aren't there. Doctrine constructs another crooked religion.

You have deviated from health. How to return?
1. Cease your deviation (performing the non-essential)
2. Return to the model (attaining your essentiality)

Your absences are several, and you are likely too dishonest and ignorant to see them. Nevertheless, means of self-awareness must be devised, for you are unlikely to randomly encounter gifts such as honest feedback.

Your excesses are several, and you have grown accustomed to them as a comfortable habit and how they cut you off from much. You deem them normal, even optimal, unable to imagine a beyond from your practiced obstructions. From laziness, fear, and greed you do not wish to discard dead weights.

Will you be stalled by indecision? How could you be other than you are?

Without thinking: Everything is already what it is and needs no explanation. Now you try to think up a way of explaining that it is not itself, and has unusual invisible properties and relations you can somehow see. What kind of clever fools think this way? Social expositions tell amusing stories purporting insight; never results.

The universe has something else to show you, if you could only look away from yourself and see undistorted simplicity.

October 19, 2019

Making a New Life

You can take on two or three transformative activities in a year. Each takes some time and effort for its fruits to develop, otherwise if approached with half devotion you are just occupying time without setting yourself up for the benefits of cultivating new skills.

Some skills take several years to fully show, but visible roots will already be established after the first year.

  • Removing sugar and sugary foods from your diet, e.g. juice, candy, junk
  • Becoming capable in a musical instrument
  • Effective physical exercise for health and physique
  • Gaining skills in a martial art
  • Learning another language
  • Cooking well
  • Gardening for food, aesthetics, and balance with nature

Why remain modern, i.e. passively being a person who has atrophied without basic awareness of how to do anything in the world, and has no skills other than staring at screens for hours and reacting to what others do?

You could spend the next five years doing nothing, or you could develop excellent abilities that will be rewarding for the rest of your life and establish substance instead of being just another watcher.

How would you like the future to play out?

October 18, 2019

The Soulless as Enemies of Civilization

They hate forces of nature such as passionate men explosive in numerous directions. As reactionaries, they forbid passion by law and make wild accusations when this passion flames for women.

They reason: better if men are exposed to endocrine disruptors, play video games, and busily keep to themselves doing nothing significant.

Facts too must be constrained to the allowable, which means suppressing forbidden truths and anything that reveals too much contrary to crowd narratives. They think taking over universities achieves this goal, but their doctrine only ensnares the average, too weak to pull genius within its orbit.

Genius lives exclusively outside of academia, unsmothered and untethered by norms insisting on comfortable palaver. Genius might have learned within a university setting, but the fruits of his capability prosper outside and separate from the system, typically within a mix of traditional foundations and foresight innovating modern form that others will emulate.

They were in need of a thinker
But no thinkers appeared
So they settled for an artist
But no souls had need to make art
Perhaps a dreamer could show the way
But the dreamers were medicating, lost in despair

October 17, 2019

Working Forward

Begin with water from northern mountains. This is tasty and fulfilling. Store in glass or stainless steel, never touching plastic. Paper and wood are safe for interacting. Shill scientists will happily say there is no evidence indicating harm from strange new chemicals, which might be true for decades because it will take a while to gather definitive information. However, there is needless risk without benefit for being exposed to unknown chemicals. Maybe you can filter some of what your evolution has never previously been exposed to.

You like fruit and vegetables, but now they are enhanced with pesticides, so you have become a science experiment like billions of others that no one claims responsibility for. They put xenoestrogens in your lotions, shampoo, and food to supercharge your estrogen.

It's nice there's no Bisphenol A in that plastic container, but its replacements might be worse and it still has dozens of other harmful compounds that leech into your drink so you can add endocrine disruptors and billions of plastic particles to your biology. By rejecting glass containers we already invented, you help ruin soil by spreading plastics and chemicals.

After a period of 30 days in the presence of HDPE, which is commonly used in the production of plastic bottles and carrier bags, they found that rosy-tipped earthworms (Aporrectodea rosea) lost on average 3.1% of their weight.

In comparison, the earthworms living in control conditions, without added microplastics, saw their weight increase by 5.1% over the 30-day period.

The chemical plant cost hundreds of millions to establish and can't be closed just for suggestion of harm. It has to recoup fixed costs until it can defer to insurance settlements, so will stretch out the period of exposure while it keeps pushing needless poison on consumers.

The industry group runs interference saying there is no proof, which is technically true though indications increasingly point to problems, but there is no halting. A decade or two later it's clear this chemical was a great danger, but there is no process for limiting or ensuring chemical safety before they are unleashed upon the public, and hard to avoid unless you stick to those proven by time.

We can roll back to the time of your grandparents, who had unified communities, loving families, few chemicals, and no social media -- norms for all previous historic time periods, including the superior ones.

Removing modernity also removes obesity, mental illness, and numerous other maladies. High fructose corn syrup and seed oils weren't omnipresent in foods as replacements for normal ingredients just to make a profit while creating public health hazards.

There was no dependence on pharmaceuticals because the conditions for them hadn't be created yet by progress. And if one is made miserable by having their society degraded and meaning of life destroyed, drugs fail to restore to previous conditions but only dull the individual into tolerate for their wretched situation. If made fat because they eat too much junk food, pills will help them maintain their weight but never address the underlying behavior. What madness to perpetuate medical conditions without resolution!

Once launched it cannot be undone. Territory is ceded to disaster, written off, making more precious what has been left alone unexposed to progress.

Manic urges compel experimentation on the human race by untested results with unknown side-effects lasting potentially forever, replacing perfectly sound natural growth with inferior defects. Nature can endure some damage and rebuild but we normally want to foist this vast wreckage on our enemies rather than ourselves.

October 16, 2019

Working Backwards

First you prepay your funeral plot and service. Your life insurance will leave your family a generous cushion so they never need worry about anything big. What they do with that is their burden. When your time has passed, you will have made their lives a little easier and give them a chance, if they are able.

You write your final letters to all those you wish to leave with one more embrace when you are no longer able to do so in person. You think of them deeply recollecting your moments together and let them know what they meant to you and that you appreciated all they are.

From here the rest is easy. Whether you are slowly or forcibly removed from the world, your preparations are in order so when your connections are severed, you can let go without any frantic concerns.

Continuing still further backwards: now there is only you and your family. Your own obliteration is of no personal concern, and with comfort and awareness you can carefully do the best that is possible with the unknown amount of time allocated to you.

For your family you will wish to provide as much continuity possible without your intervention. The structure that you have created for your wife and children carries with natural momentum, and they will know how to interpret your instruction.

Your wife will run the estate, your children will continue to grow onward and measure the world wisely, both pursuing wise opportunity and avoiding luring pitfalls.

Backwards still more: consider your special skills that no one else can do or create, and therefore you must in your remaining moments? Those are yours alone. How shall that work persist? For to take action only to have it obliterated is of dubious worth, though it is yours to do with as you wish.

How would you show the uninitiated that it has worth, which is to assume you have the ability to correctly judge or assess non-triviality?

If you do have something exceptional to create, how are you pulled in to foolishness such as watching shows or ball games? You could be creating what the universe shall never see again but instead you listen to fools and take in foolishness while losing precious time.

Your essence is nullified by frivolity.

Some time remains. We are still able to do the exceptional and set out a superior situation, as you are a spirit of the universe.

October 13, 2019

Average Is Not Desirable

Recommender systems aggregate data and suggest popular paths from a single origin.

When you buy trash bags, a recommender system might suggest a disinfectant or paper towels because previous consumers of trash bags were thinking about cleaning they would do in association with hauling away trash and bought those products at the same time.

Democratic suggestions for music are accurate in capturing crowd choices of what songs were consumed after others, and connecting pop band associations, but this assessment only captures the generic taste of consumers who listen to whatever identical pap is pushed upon them, telling about popular crowd tendencies and suggesting more of it.

For people with discerning tastes, a human is much better at recommending what is actually good.

Tastes vary, and different experts can described their preferences, so several could suggest a wide survey of music for consideration instead of safe repetition of essentially identical products for dopes who don't know any better.

Solutions of quantity replacing quality continually fail, leaving supporters baffled when bulk genericism remains unsatisfying. Zombies are happy doing whatever everyone else has been instructed to do, but the sentient prefer what is good. To fix this, some attempt to reduce the number of sentient and their critique of bad solutions so they can be safely dismissed as an irrelevant minority.

One rule for all is oppression to those who are not equal zombies.

October 12, 2019

Hong Kong Will Be Crushed

Hong Kong has separated from its Western oppressors, and with it Western norms and standards.

Human rights and civil rights are a European invention for Europeans, and vanish under the scrutiny of non-European systems. As Europeans are replaced, so too will their inventions be replaced by standards of the third-world. This progress should be embraced, not artificially preserved for non-Europeans.

Without Europeans there is little purpose for preserving free expression. Critiques of government incompetence will be brutally punished. Censorship, propaganda, and force will prevail with no means of opposition.

The public will be monitored by cameras and disappeared in the night for expressing dissident opinions.

Automated surveillance will ensure communication complies with state opinion or be silenced and meet severe consequences. Police officers might harass and arrest, but increasingly social credit systems will simply tally negative points to remove the dissident from bank accounts, credit cards, jobs, communication, and travel rights. All will be taught to quietly obey instead of critically assessing the situation around them with imperiling rational critiques.

Citizens have no right to discuss consequences. They are to be programmed with a deluge of nearly identical media instilling opinions and interpretation so consumers are mentally stunted and internalize what they hear instead of thinking and freely developing ideas.

Curated interpretations keep citizen subjects in line.

Do not speak of freedom when you lack a right to express yourself. The state will decide what you can say and do. Your job is to obey so you do not have to face the consequences of being an enemy to democracy.

October 11, 2019

Living Just to Keep Going

Designating suicidal ideation as mental illness assumes every subject has an incorrect comprehension of one's life. It might very well be the case that someone lacks discipline, self-control, has put themselves in a terrible situation, lacks the willpower or ability to upright themselves, and has no particular purpose, as they live in a diverse failing society that will be converted into primitive peasantry controlled by technological bureaucrats.

Those ready to give up are rarely taken seriously when they announce their decision and so have to act in secret, which causes others confusion which they resolve by calling the quitter wrong, ill, and in need of help.

Well founded instincts might correctly sense nature's wise instruction to exit, just as hunger calls when appropriate.

Modernity wishes to keep around the maximum number of people after making them miserable and removing the conditions of their meaning of life. Rather than restore previous conditions to health, the miserable are drugged up to sense nothing, along with abundant lesser tranquilizers to make the hours pass, such as media and jobs so people observe many random senseless events capturing the struggling of fragmented consciousness around them, occupying them like junk versions of everything replaces fulfillment.

When someone has already given up and decided they aren't going to straighten out their life and begin doing something interesting, how could someone else argue against the basis of the conclusion and say it cannot have been reached correctly?

Vacuous souls fill every day with the same narcotic consumption of entertainment and drugs. They've admitted they won't stop and begin doing something better, so what's the point of dragging the self-created hell out any longer and insistently refuse to fix simple problems?

September 18, 2019

Automating Evil

In traditional civilizations, evil is primarily a manifestation of stupidity, not motivated from malevolence as depicted in entertainment products. From stupidity, one is psychologically and spiritually imbalanced from which they slouch towards depravity, greed, selfishness, and other errors that look away from the consequences they are creating.

William Wildblood considers whether the IT revolution has been demonically inspired, as they usher in the madness of unreality, artificiality, and inhumanity while being strongly associated with addiction, surveillance, distraction, and loss of vitality. Computers stifle the magic that created civilization, and thus seem an encircling demonic force bringing about humanity's downfall.

Our technology is unapologetically stupid, yet is dominant as it replaces human judgment; thereby automating stupidity as it bypasses scrutiny and reorients purpose to that of the device.

Big Tech removes humans from decisions, such as automating complaints so a few complainers can get any communication they oppose banned by reporting it as illegal. Idiotic implementations independently reproduced throughout all popular social media products assume there is a real problem rather than a few crazed monkeys trying to squash an idea, and without bothering to gradually become aware or heal the error instead reliably empower the spirit of fools to use the technology against humanity for purposes its creators did not intend but also don't care to restrain. Modern technology has no notion of preparation for the resilience amongst the world's chaotic unknowns or general fitness for purpose.

The same approach to design can be anticipated as built-in to robot weapons, which will automate accidental mass killings or liquidate people communicating the wrong ideas in accordance with local jurisdictions.

You could even instigate robot weapons by putting a vinyl print of an object approved for bombing on the house of your enemy, and the smart robot will dutifully destroy their family and blame the algorithm for the designer's automated evil.

What is developed for military use inevitably is deployed on civilians. The tools used by demons to sway elections and addict people to social media so they look at advertisements are certain to cause untold atrocities from defective short-sighted thinking that is now the unchecked norm in Big Tech.

September 15, 2019

Remember, No Rushing

You typically end up remembering people for traits quite different from the impression they intended. You might enter assuming they have nothing worthwhile to share, have not achieved anything, or ever had an interesting thought of their own. Sometimes through patience or the good fortune of paying attention, you find a gift in a poignant moment of clarification from which you will always remember a specific aspect of their character, as it is the strongest example of a type, or the first time you realized the genius what they innocently displayed.

One task when dating is to act like an interviewer persistently giving your subject an opportunity to be interesting. "Let's see what you've got" is the normal disposition for two people facing one another, whether a date, fight, or business negotiation. You'll soon see whether they are impressive or dull. Those who take the attention of pursuit for granted and make no great impression quickly lose favor to more promising possibilities.

I was in the midst of a wild tear juggling several prospects, and wanted to see if she could present herself as a desirable companion while at her peak feminine charms. At first meeting, I stole her away from a group of admirers and quick passion suggested great potential.

She had mistaken the time of one of our dates, and when I called to let her know my upcoming arrival, she was not ready and expressed great concern that she would be rushed to put herself together. I assured her I was no fan of makeup, costumes, and other concealment, and asked her not to bother with such instruments of trickery, nor did she need them.

The date went poorly. In a time before smart phones, instagram, and twitter, her phone was silently but visibly under attack by aggressive suitors and she was sneaking peaks and exasperatingly blocking numbers from recent drama, taking her away from the moment we could have been having, and revealing the remnants of her unfocused life strategy.

They want the long crafted results, but not to fulfill preliminaries and prerequisites, so ambitious chatters jostle for place through socialization that filters for talkers rather than doers.

After a few more failures at cultivating chemistry, I stopped calling, but her one-time expression about rushing remained with me. Being rushed is an indicator of a situation being pushed to fail unless handled skillfully, and when someone creates a rush, I purposely consider the mismanaged relation of events they are suddenly forcing together to swift disaster -- and step aside to let them pass.

September 14, 2019

With Age

In adolescence and young adulthood, one is torn with wonder and shock at the choices others make. From societal expectations on politeness, you do not intervene, much less reason with or discuss the imminent doom that obviously follows atrocious decisions about to be taken.

You politely tolerate stupidity and destruction, watching events hopelessly unfold into binding situations that a little awareness could have prevented. Seeing them teaches you the lesson so you do not repeat that mistake; others are not so lucky. Survivor's guilt creeps in a little after watching disasters strike many around you.

What is valuable goes cheaply to buyers who sometimes see potential but rarely end up utilizing it. Good matches are rare. Bluffs and greed only drive away honest participants so the bluffers settle with the ignoble and desperate.

You stick to social norms, staying silent about significant matters that others do not notice, preserving their blissful unawareness as they fall into wicked fates that could have been avoided, and thankfully no one is offended.

He who lives to see two or three generations is like a man who sits some time in the conjurers booth at a fair, and witnesses the performance twice or thrice in succession. The tricks were meant to be seen only once; and when they are no longer a novelty and cease to deceive, their effect is gone.
We avoid speaking of goals or purpose because those who lack them will take offense. Perhaps worse, purpose suggests a hierarchy of values in which some things are more worthwhile than others, implying preferential pursuit might be more sensible than random reaction and coercion.

Once you've watched the scenarios unfold enough times that they are no longer shocking, but regular and expected, and their story lines become familiar. You see where self-deception and misconceptions are built into popular narratives, and the essential omitted from consideration. Like a machine learning algorithm based on surveying aggregate information rather than developing actual insight, the strong historic model of events shows when the early steps of preparations are securing the inevitable pieces before the terrible action is locked in.

As polite equal individuals we say nothing and reveal no facts, stranding one another in insulated bubbles where no truth need be confronted, respectfully free of feedback and honest discussion. Past the clouds of political and media discourse, each is abandoned to make their own way and find some bearings to discover the landscape while staying silent to avoid rudely disrupting comforting illusions some have prejudicially determined are preferential to plain truth.

September 13, 2019


Let's go. You are fit for tasks few others dare.

The inert and dull occupy space so almost nothing possible happens, moving only to pursue low effort banality unexceptional from cultivation to result.

Distanced from the droids, you merely put yourself forth to create something substantial, making it possible for your effort to attain a non-trivial result. You risk yourself because in idle safety there is little worth winning.

So many idlers and non-dreamy souls. You don't have to be like them. You aim for targets worth hitting.

What is a better bet than you?

August 25, 2019

Unsolicited Advice for Young Men

Fail big. Look far and take bold swings. You might knock it out of the park or miss terribly, and best to do so early when stakes are low. All attempts are better than hesitation.

Questions of duration: How will you use your energy? Others will try to capture your time for their gain, thereby immobilizing you. Later you will be accountable to yourself and family for misspent labor. Only wise investments pay dividends.

Wide surveys, willfully spending great sums of time and sometimes money in order to experimentally derive results that answer a series of small questions definitively, unlocking paralyzing uncertainty and revealing new landscape so you can continue onward. Deep and uncharted plunges into murky waters are one way to try out what seems possible and show some of what might be on the other side.

You can get to the root of what something really is by any means necessary, including unconventional improvisations and dubious ethics. You must endure prolonged desolation as you are estranged from the timid who dare not quest and will only misunderstand your efforts. Alone with no easy answers, you find how wide and uncanny the world is as you take in its essence piece by piece. Holding no strong beliefs needing defense, driven by wonder and will, you have many chances to flirt with new discoveries while egolessly risking oneself time and time again.

Abandoning all preconceptions and unable to take seriously any fixed rules or bourgeois leadership, you have been forsaken in a strange world and time from which your spirit has necessarily defected. Now you start over, careful to exile familiar explanations lacking veracity.

You are to be your own man, not the play actor of someone else's personality. However, try on other outfits and costumes to see that they are just part of a pose and what that pose consists of, and how it relates to your true center. You will also better know the actors who use those costumes and thereafter find their attempts at portraying archetypes to be amusingly clumsy as a third-rate scam.

Rush into difficulties and unpleasantries to become familiar with how they play out and understand their initial bitter sting is not a big deal, and thus lose fear of them, reactivity, desire to stir up drama, and disproportionate concern when facing them. You are a durable creature quite able to withstand such blows. A new trouble is just one more modest chore to set straight, not an event of great importance.

Do not seek refuge and fantasies in supposing what things should be, assuming the rational way others should behave to somehow make the world other than it is. Accept that what stands is a proper representation of its current nature and uncover the reasons for that rather than striving to argue against what is plainly before you and can only exhibit its particular characteristics.

Do not seek peace but rather conflict and struggle so that battlelines are clarified as well as the motives of their actors. Ever centered, remembering: that which is valuable is rare. How do men fight for those worthwhile spoils? Then: how are these battles won and how can you sharpen your skills to be victorious in these fights?

August 24, 2019

Alligator Wrangling

"Alligators are like problem solving," the Wrangler told me. "When they're small, they're essentially no problem at all. We leave the baby alligators out so anybody can pet them. There's no threat of harm. They have no teeth and can't even hurt a child."

"But once they put on a little weight and age, their teeth grow in and we have to tape their mouths closed if they are in reach of tourists. People will try to jam their hands into an alligator's face, expecting these dinosaurs to passively tolerate aggressive acts from thoughtless humans. They must either think wild creature are puppets, cartoon characters, or staff paid to accept public stupidity and abuse."

Experienced wranglers know how to handle an alligator. While most the time the alligator will only strike when motivated by something enticing before it, there is some randomness involved in its behavior and deeper risk of commitment if a strike entails. The wrangler is always on guard and knows how to set the situation right.

This is just basic professionalism: a few skilled men keeping order towards a goal amongst a roomful of chaotic fools with no idea what to do when something hearkens, nor how to anticipate pivotal situations and realign them towards a desirable outcome. They are spectator droids under no pressure or instinct to think about the moment, but if uncomfortably required to consider their actions for a second would renounce them as obviously erroneous.

They should be grateful if the day of reckoning never comes. They are not forced to live the ideas they fervently espouse, and yet retain those beliefs as wise without being held to obligation to follow them. Treated as equal and empowered, no one strikes them down or exposes them as fools by forcing them to demonstrate the merits of their claims.

The office worker nodded and smiled. "That is professionalism in its finest form, and a standard that all professionals understand and seek to maintain."

"But there is a difference in most professionalism when one is a lawyer or a football player or an office worker because the end result of what those workers do is entirely irrelevant. The purpose of being a professional in those activities is to acquire money, which is done by faking a reputation for this span of a career. One not need be a great problem solver or take concern in the end result, but only must appear to be that way and make others feel that he is."

"Metrics are horribly flawed and awareness of managerial judgment based on crude measurements prompt clever and complex evasions to avoid detection within the rules. Workers acknowledge which of their peers are excellent and which are not the best, but rewards go to those who play the situation as a game and are able to best extract money from the company for the needs of their family."

"You professionals who wrangle, toil, and live in risk are to be admired for sure, but in professions where no harm comes to practitioners of bad practices, great winnings can be gotten by means other than professionalism."

August 23, 2019

Myopic Enlightenment

Those who cling to religion are simple minded, needing rules and reminders to help them avoid folly of all sorts.

Those who are too clever for religion are even worse. They don't have help avoiding folly and fail to consider how they court it and repeatedly pull disaster onto themselves. They then deny the obvious and fail to upright their collapse.

From this lack of awareness, they spread ruin to others and lack self-reflection that could arrest their hubris and blatant error.

June 1, 2019

Technology Becomes Metaphor

You notice the multitudes fail because they do not think realistically. In place of plain analysis, they use technological metaphors that come with implied tolerance or praise of their actions and relationship to humanity, rather than objective scrutiny that might lead to avoiding obviously bad choices.

They will say life is just a game because they spend many hours playing video games and watching men throw balls to each other. Accumulating irrelevant scores and seeing characters move around worthlessly seems normal to them. They abstain from meaningful action.

Prolific entertainment options steal time and focus while making depressed. Who watches shows except the uninspired and those willing to let their souls die in spectatorship? Without purpose, you'll need to binge eat garbage to get obese and loudly signal failure that repulses aspiring humanity so they are not pulled towards your drowning.

Artificial sweeteners are called good because they are chemical technology, though they make you as fat as drinking soda and juice. Lots of drugs are needed to zone out and prevent mental anguish that would result from awareness of the paltry way of living and the decisions that went into its current state. Rather than reverting back to better choices, just paralyze your consciousness and lie cleverly.

In need not just of positive role models indicating desirable directions you could choose for yourself and the rewards of doing so, but also of negative role models reminding of consequences from popular decisions chosen by dummies. You could gain abilities, health, and knowledge -- or atrophy, grow unhealthy, and bind yourself to failure.

As you become addicted, depressed, or obese, you will eat more garbage and watch more entertainment, dawdling as you mentally disconnect from what your actions are doing to yourself. You deny the past, deny how life was for your grandparents, and deny possibility within your grasp to attain. Rather than take the effort for success, it's easier to consume and invent crazy explanations.

Such strange remedies! The more you try their solutions to nature's beckoning, the more you need. And if you skip them, you have no need for them -- which is why advertising and social normalization is needed to overcome a lack of interest from those who are active with pursuits they do not want sabotaged.

May 5, 2019

Sports Fans as Activists

The San Diego Chargers are the greatest team ever and no team could possibly be better. This was my vision statement and my cause for activism.

I've lived the truism. I had all of the team gear and it was my preferred public garb. Every Sunday my day was based around the game. During the week I studied the details of the men and learned their statistics. I sought out their character attributes, though few they were, so I could know them as individuals with personality.

I'd run into other true believers at the grocery store or while doing other shopping. "Chargers!" we would yell to show our loyalty and primary interest. We understood one another and the sacrifices we made for our team.

I spoke with the guys at the water cooler about how well my team ran with the ball or threw the ball or caught the ball. It was spectacular. We had a lot in common and they understood my interests. We knew how good cheering for our team made us feel. It made us strong and able when we triumphed, no longer flaccid useless losers who attempted nothing.

The off season was tough. Sports talk shows didn't have enough compelling material to fill the entire day without many games to survey and gossip about possibilities for the coming weeks. How much time can you fill talking about men theoretically running around scoring points unless you have a lot of jokes and clever banter about nothing? It has to be real and concrete about fact-based scores and insightful ball strategy or else it's just a bunch of dopes talking about nonsense that doesn't matter much.

This was my social and political activism. Others spent their time and energy trying to have more abortion or less abortion, or getting more or fewer third-world illiterates to the voting booth, not so much to bring about change but so they had something to do and felt they were important.

After a few decades of cheering for the Chargers I began to reflect on it all. No, I would not renounce the Chargers, and certainly not pick another team, but I began to consider everything this following had cost me in all those long Sundays and hours tracking scores and players that passed quickly into irrelevance.

Others did without the Chargers, spending their time watching thrilling movies about comic book characters or dramas about people in workplaces being very effective in labor. To each his own! The Chargers showed how conflict takes preparation and guts so that all fans can win together.

It's hard to take a stand. I could have been one of those people who didn't follow the Chargers, or only did so passively as just a pedestrian dabbler, but I stayed true to my beliefs and earned all the rewarding benefits loyal spectatorship offered to the brave.

May 4, 2019

Renounce to Satisfy Fantasy

Every few years, they will have you revise your past renunciations to account for the flagellating fashion of the day, and add new renunciations for previously uttered words and actions that were done in honesty, innocence, or humor, but are now part of recreational outrage and must be taken seriously to crush dissent of important symbolic territory.

Your must make an ostentatious public display of obedience to lies and stupidity so that your independence does not disrupt the fantasy they want to make look realistic. You must express opinions that are dishonest and stupid in accordance with their demands.

They will want you to donate to their charities and shame others into making this level of self-harm and groveling the norm. Of course you should hate yourself for whatever insanity grips fragile nutcases today.

Their concerns must come at your cost. Your lack of conformity is a threat, so you must be destroyed or made impotent. Only the self-hating and clawless are safe to be left uncontrolled and allowed to live freely.

You will be made to pay with money, loss, and humiliation. You will volunteer labor for your destruction and replacement by those who hate you. You will fund organizations that are your ideological enemies, taking your tax money to support aims contrary to your interests.

April 27, 2019


The classical formula is no mystery, but has been done well so few times. Pack the essential into two minutes for maximal punch, repetition only thematic rather than filler for proles.

Drums steady and insistently pushing forward, laying a pulsing cyclical bass structure establishing frame and boundaries holding the whole. Rhythm guitar thickens by filling the middle on tempo. The determined backbone steadily pushes the surge forward and holds the stroke strong, interlocking with lead guitar when the chorus engine shows its might.

Relentless lead guitar expansion overlays motifs to complete measures, chaotically unhinged as an unregulated free spirit going where it is called, exhibiting intelligent wild instincts with tasteful conclusions and texture via tremolo, slides, and bends. Reusing themes but playing them out differently, turning their forms over to dissolve or resolve so a new one can enter and show itself.

You can't get there without practicing hours every day. How rare is anything good; so few willing to perform the necessary, instead tolerating mediocrity and pretending it is an acceptable offering rather than admitting it lazy, uninspired, cheap, and disappointingly empty.

Not just one person building out their effort, but several together toward a shared goal with purpose. Usually when we do anything, we are fighting against one another for contrary aims, sabotaging the striving of others, forcing them to waste time and money in stupid battle and creating isolation from them so their attacks cannot stop us, -- or we self-medicate in depression with ballgames, shows, and drugs to paralyze our consciousness of this malengineered means of organizing society.

April 20, 2019

Emotional Gesture

We get the symbol divorced of an explanation when the roadside cross marks a fatal accident of a loved one.

Were they killed by a drunk driver? Or were they the drunk who passed out and smashed into a tree or wall? Or some other crazy roadside mistake resulting in their death?

We might suspect something foolish occurred. Though friends and family surely grieve, the action of the deceased might have been ridiculous and resulted in an event with an obvious antecedent.

But when we only see the roadside cross, we are manipulated to believe an innocent victim through no fault of their own was horribly assaulted, as if that is the normal state of the world. Perhaps they did it to themselves, as is typical, in which case it is hardly a tragedy.

We are stripped of a story, suggesting they are obscuring context and a pathetic truth with dramatic gesturing.

April 19, 2019

The narcissist lives stillborn

The narcissist believes they are important, though they are typically of low ability and accomplishment. The individual places themselves at the center or reality, believing the world is whatever they imagine it to be. This abolishes facts in favor of ignorant opinions, paranoias, and mental illness creating a narrative for what they think exists in the actual world, never inquiring deeply into ideas and seeking to know reality.

Fact and reason are deemed rude because they offend, which is enough basis to call for them to be made illegal or at suppressed in public. They've been raised in crazy contradictions and defend the errors in their head, otherwise they'd have to think critically and their universe would spin off its axis.

Now they nakedly bluff with a moral pose, claiming they are moral because they are good and want to improve society by presumably obeying more fervently, while judging people with different ideas, such as wanting to rebuild high quality civilization, as evil and immoral. This fake altruism and moral posturing is another way they praise themselves while failing to understand how to make a positive contribution to society.

The narcissist turns away from the world and ignores the obvious patterns before him. He does not emulate the good but accuses those who strive and achieve.

The narcissist shows madness and blindness by repeating a pattern of failure, and then blames the world when his results are the same as the last million who acted similarly.

He plays the victim and acts surprised for pursuing obvious consequences instead of taking thoughtful action to attain desirable results.

March 16, 2019


Often when you show the uninitiated something excellent, they immediately become like wealthy Chinese tourists feverishly trying to acquire whatever it is, though clearly not understanding or appreciating it. They simply notice others recognizing it as possessing rare value and therefore try to get their grubby hands on it before others might take it first.

This desirous consumption creates comedy because if they are successful in obtaining it, they have no idea what to do with what they can't understanding, and either fail to ever grasp it or ignorantly misuse it to waste it or bring themselves harm.

Without a grounding in purpose and wide comprehension of how nuanced properties can massively change the value of something to an individual, eager consumers will thrust themselves into error from impulse.

Rarely is there a need to rush towards the external. We can find out what something or someone is and consider the merits of the match with our lives and purpose.

Likewise, we can abstain from saying too much to the uninitiated. When they are ready, they will discover the appropriate mysteries of the world for themselves without need for our guidance.

March 10, 2019

Make You Humble

Enduring an onslaught is a prerequisite for victory, but lasting many rounds by merely enduring ensures a loss after a prolonged beating.

Sparring takes you down dark alleys, confronting you with skillfully applied attacks you must read quickly, defend properly, and ideally counter with your own attack. You'll also need to test your opponent by probing for possible avenues of attack so you can successfully end this confrontation.

Dark alleys are lawless and any type of attacker could be lurking, so best you become accustomed to and comfortable handling all comers.

Your training has been competent and wise, from which you know what to do. What you face is neither novel nor overwhelming, just a sustained barrage. It's nothing you can't handle, though were it easy, all would undergo it and reap the rewards; few do.

Absorbing lighter shots and their accumulating damage is a trade-off when avoiding powerful strikes that would end your fight with an immediate knockout.

No flailing or desperate attempts that are unlikely to work, but conservation of movement and energy towards successful ends to survive, recover, and trust in the gameplan of winning rounds while looking for opportunities to finish the fight and own victory.

March 9, 2019


Before they are pacified and thereby destroyed, your curiosity leads to the discovery of frontiers where new possibilities are uncovered and no laws prevent finding them out. Reality is wild in full force.

There is some risk, just as there is in crossing the street or laying on the sofa. Usually the reckless are the main casualties and eventually authorities move in and outlaw the frontier, driving the frontiersmen to increasingly sketchy and dangerous, but ungoverned alternatives so they can enjoy some semblance of the unrestricted joy they previously lived. As open space becomes ruined by authorities, many leave the community until it consists mostly of those late to find out, and the lingering insane experimenters trying to recreate what once was excellent when unhampered.

Often the newly illegal frontier remains in degraded and banned form for decades, retracted and now dysfunctional. Some ignore the prohibition and continue explorations, accepting the legal risk and thinner community.

Communities can thrive so long as they remain below the radar. Others don't care or understand the strange world they have uncovered, where the firm rules people believe are demonstrably overcome, and an unbridgeable gap exists between those who have experienced this and those who ignorantly repeat babble asserting the opposite because they heard someone else say it.

In quietude, revelations are not in the top ten list of societal menaces that the fake elite need to pretend they have a solution for, so they take no action to create new laws allowing force against citizens on the frontier.

Lawmakers don't care about legislation, only the need to uphold the appearance of leadership, even if doing pointless or stupid things. They have infinite public money to waste on mistakes, and soon will have a different leadership position and will escape responsibility for their terrible actions and inactions, typically blaming large governmental bodies for policy failures. Officials refuse to be help responsible for the harmful public impact of their office.

The lawmaker does not hate the frontier, he is just doing a job of filling a paid position. He doesn't know much about anything nor care. The essential psychological aspect of being a democratic politician is understanding that nothing the politician does matters, i.e. that he chooses to do whatever, which could be blowing up a country or fixing a transportation system. Either way, the act is done and cannot be undone, and he will never do it again nor face consequences or benefits, as he is insulated from both and detached from concern.

The politician has no honor, having done away with the notion of honor entirely. You can call him names and he will politely disagree. You can point out his corruption and great wealth accumulated while on a modest government salary, supplemented by bribes and insider information. He merely shrugs and says you are entitled to your opinion, which is truthful.

There will be no duels. He will not try to defend his name and has no need to, for he has renounced all beyond the immediate and cares not to take on bold efforts to be remembered as one who contributed to making civilization great. He is disposable and takes no concern over what happens, nor cares for the damage he causes that is forever attached to his name, which will be buried with his body soon enough. Just as his office is a vehicle for power and wealth, his name and soul are likewise just temporary vessels to use and discard.

Some are bothered that frontiersmen have found a new place and value it greater than the boring world. They do not understand why someone would leave the joy of television and cheap intoxicants.

Why would someone seek something greater than life than watching a civilization lose its capabilities and lock in on third-world failure?

When all around you becomes weak, fat, and stupid, why should you object and look for better outcomes found through unconventional means?

February 16, 2019

Side Headlock

An unskilled fighter entering a street fight might grab a headlock because his ignorance makes him feel safe for a moment, not realizing that they are giving up their back, further digging a hole from which they do not know how to recover.

In much the same way, most of what you encounter each day consists of lost people attempting things they've never considered, practiced, or experienced to understand their effectiveness.

When you care to instruct them, you can show how their action based on misjudgment is dangerous, and offer better alternatives leading to the possibility of good results.

When they are opponents and you need not care for their well being, you can just plow through their errors, which has the passive charity of demonstrating to all observers what happens with flimsy schemes.

February 15, 2019

Churches Need a Replacement Congregation

Walls are effective and help stop illegal immigration and the anchor baby scheme to make citizens out of people with no ties to a nation. Powers relying on illegal immigration rationally want walls prevented so the flow of replacement citizens continues unopposed. Beneficiaries of illegals call opposition to illegality "immoral", while those moralists just want to milk that exploitation for gain while foisting its cost on the public.

With US church attendance dropping precipitously, church management desperately seeks a way to fill empty churches to restore their power and find a new donation pool to help fund God. Church leadership has accepted population replacement as fait accompli and strive to make it so, attempting to restructure their religious business to third-world patrons and its brainwashed stooges rather than return their focus to upholding an unchanging tradition that they promoted until a generation ago.

In their statement, DiNardo and Vasquez said the wall was a “symbol of division and animosity” between the United States and Mexico.

[Fences between neighbors aren't established out of animosity. Holy liars and frauds.]

“We remain steadfast and resolute in the vision articulated by Pope Francis that at this time we need to be building bridges and not walls,” they added.

Having alienated the current population of the US who see no future in what the churches now stand for, the church is going all in on the bet that citizens will be replaced with obedient passive people eager to be authoritatively controlled and tolerant of manipulation.

“While countries have a duty to ensure that immigration is orderly and safe, this responsibility can never serve as a pretext to build walls and shut the door to migrants and refugees,” Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso, Texas said.

Lacking a message for people of Western civilization and totally unhelpful in helping family formation for the existing population, churches have become advocates of migrants and refugees in as large numbers possible so they can have a new audience for a new message constructed for that group.

After abandoning the timeless, they are just a modern marketing machine trying to create a new situation so they can exploit it for money and power.

They are private moralists who believe that which benefits them is good, and that holding them responsible for their actions is bad. Their claims of a moral stance are as bankrupt as their demand that the population be replaced so they can benefit from people easier to control to their favor.

February 4, 2019


It would be of great benefit to youth were substances not treated as something subversive, but plainly shown for their common usage. This would both educate realistically and dismiss the mysticism surrounding consumption of intoxicants, which are primarily hedonistic distractions that are silly and waste time in a complicated way.

One can imagine studying substances and allowing open experimentation in safe areas separated from the public to prevent harm to innocents. Students would consider the common antisocial cases of the drunk running his car through a family, the heroin user who ODs in unfortunate places, and the cocaine binger disappearing for days to chase fleeting pleasure while friends and family wonder if he'll every make it back.

Substances aren't a moral issue, only simple function.

February 3, 2019


One would not say that a life filled with accomplishments and demonstrations of potential was tragic to lose to inevitable death. Though we would give much for Mozart to have created a 50th symphony or Beethoven a 15th, we also accept they did much with limited time and their configuration of spirit with so much to show shall never appear again in that form, and likely was filled with more before too early an end.

We shall all soon perish. But some shall live for a while and in that short time fulfill their purpose rather than being pulled away into idleness and contradiction.

The devil and his minions steal life's potential by putting us with nonsense pushing away the divine mysteries of life. They shall be the lost, childless, handicapped, and incapable of love.

They advocate a living death of nothingness, promoting soda and video games for imaginary triumphs while real life atrophies. They are merchants of death robbing life.

Libertarians say we need no strong laws against abortion, for only rejects would kill their own children. Those concerned with civility suggest we shouldn't tolerate senseless death and dismiss it as the work of deranged fools, thereby allowing them to demonstrate such behavior as normal for others to accept.

Devils keep the flock occupied and fruitless, and many quietly forsake everything until it is too late.

January 6, 2019

Make Some Noise

When you have the attention of the room and wish to introduce annoyance, ask them to MAKE SOME NOISE. This honestly requests manufactured sonic pollution to mutual detriment of all within auditory range, faking excitement for the sake of purposely creating sound to fill the emptiness.

January 5, 2019

Downgoing, Turning Against, and Onward

From downgoing you nestle inward, now close enough to take first sight at what something really is, usually a brutal accidental exploration from which few beliefs remain undebunked. Upon taking in the actual substance, one feels cheated: there is far less than the image and mystery suggested.

It was shallow but esteemed as incredible by fools who have never experienced anything great but wanted to act like others they have witnessed from afar who were familiar with transcendent experiences.

Some get caught up in travel, which is valuable for how it reveals the variance of the world and recharges by removing from routine, but is disruptive and yields little to most people who are dull no matter where you put them.

Exploring great food similarly shows the potential of raw materials as well as the skill to prepare it and pair it excellently, but once this lesson is understood, putting time aside and planning for yet another presentation isn't worth having to accommodate.

Many have complained through the ages about the worthlessness of news, while others assumed it was an accurate information service rather than a semi-reality based entertainment product -- and the Internet supercharged that into wrong-headed consumers repeating opinions about topics they've never bothered to examine in the slightest.

Similarly, drink and drug are promoted as insightful yet their practitioners have little to show for the wear they've taken that could have been spent on worthy aims.

Consider how little music, art, literature, and philosophy are of first rate and able to last centuries? All the rest is promoted for sales before being discarded as trash for morons.

Descending from hype to actuality is transformative.

January 1, 2019


With phone perpetually silenced, notifications off, and email scanned every few months, texts and phone calls only make it through if someone is a dear friend.

An angel in a dream once advised to "enjoy all the worlds." Thus we must!

With some spirits we have gone far. How we could have done more and touched wider, deeper. Oh how limits limit us!

Those you knew in the past would not recognize you today. Your spirit's trajectory offered abounding hints of what you would become, as did theirs.

In silence, you steadfastly followed dreams through deeds to find out what was really possible, and they have gone their own way with complicated explanations ignoring action essential for unlocking the best mysteries.

You think how you would like to show them triumphs and refinements, but they are gone (and likely lost).

How fitting they shall not realize what they didn't notice.

Nature is cruel and just.

December 25, 2018

Man Blames God For Man's Ignorant Acts

There is much you can't see until you have entered within. Theorists remain on the outside cleverly abstaining from the essentials of life.

Waiting is death. Arguments for waiting are sins against life for which one pays eternally, creating simmering Hells on earth. The self-punished gnash teeth and act out their furious anger on others insisting on being accepted and making others share their pain. Hurting demons remain unquenched and lurk wishing to lash out.

We have prayer so worry can be easily discharged. It's closely related innovation of scapegoats let us blame the external to help forget. Gods were invented to attribute causes for the unknown so instead of spending centuries enthralled in pointless speculation of the unknowable, we can ascribe great mysteries to the gods and get ourselves back to focusing on our need for wise action to create Heaven.

Ambivalence is a gateway to positivism, and eventually comfort with discomfort and ignorance. Rather than be distant and wary of them, you know how a man worthy of your own respect would act: know their faces, look them in the eye, and do what is needed to set the situation straight. Disregarding cheap treats in favor of results makes the taste of bitter pills a reminder that soon your work will yield a better order, and the unpleasant labor easily within your power will be forgotten while its fruits flourish.

As noble soul, handle yourself accordingly. Whatever comes to you is deserved and within your abilities to handle, and you'll be gone soon forever anyway, so no need to impotently stall as if nothingness is your essence and a better use of your abilities than exhibiting refined somethingness.

First you master the contours of reason, using their guiding principles and turning against rigid dependency requiring impossible completeness. Decisions do not need more information or a formal statement of purpose; merely a form of possibility that your force can shape into value, just as millions of others have previously achieved.

You are guaranteed nothing. Most people are inept and fail, like most nations. Rather than equal to the incapable, you seek a positive outcome.

Men invented romance to enchant the mind beyond merely practical aims, for material goals would be a death stall. All high culture flows from this helpful dreaminess, from music imagined into existence, to poetry serving no direct purpose in showing the soul dancing, to philosophy making sense of humanity's paths and follies.

On the surface, many games appear silly, and if measured and played at face value they are. But those games are just one form that allows us to infuse character, both animating a rough scaffolding to match our spirit and display ourselves to others so we can merge passions for an aim. Those who begrudge the form and don't play the game change nothing, thereby missing the point.

The apparent form is not the actual purpose, and the value of the whole is more often in what the act incorporates and sustains as second order results, rather than the direct implication of acts that often go unseen by being so banal.

The stated form is merely pretense, which is an illusion.

October 21, 2018

So Soon, So Long

Conflict and discomfort are hilarious, beautiful, and magically illuminating so we happily pay the cost. Who could get mad at an idea being expressed, especially if it is more insightful than prevailing palaver? Honesty uber feigned outrage.

The choice was yours but all your thoughts were damned.

So soon.

Not only uniquely Faustian but sprung with tension, creating the most pressured self-perpetuating engine of magnificent potential to create hard gleaming diamonds so long as the structure steers straight and doesn't self-destruct or leak out its energy through faulty gaskets.

There is nothing (except my conscience)
Kept in conflict, pressed to my lips.

So long.

October 20, 2018

Care Less, But With More Love

Once trained, you can incapacitate any average person within a few seconds, and break limbs or choke into unconsciousness shortly thereafter. This realization alters perception of fools acting aggressively and bluffing partly out of ignorance of how physical conflict plays out and partly from their presumptuous assumption of competence though they have never trained the skill for triumph they imagine they possess.

Nor can one have guns and knives handy at all times, so being able to settle any situation might require raw ability sans accessories. What do you really know how to do?

"I come in peace. I didn't bring artillery. But I'm pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I'll kill you all."

Mattis offers respectful peace to those who will accept it rather than agitate for their own obliteration out of instability and unreasonable demands to hurt others who want no part of such malice.

Nature appropriately works through its cycles to liquidate those who wish harm on good souls.

The wicked ones too are innocent, merely seeking opportunity with hope they can get away with it by descending upon you. Yet you could do no other than destroy crumbs creeping upon you. There is no shame in crushing an overreach; nature doesn't care that a creature honed for fraud from poor measure of the world brings about their eternal end.

We are still until provoked, then definitively clear away crazed pests as nature demands. Attacks are not safe or free.

August 12, 2018

Enemies of Civilization

Anyone who lowers the quality of civilization is an enemy of civilization. Anyone who makes the healthy and abundant into the degraded and rare is an enemy of civilization. One need not be absolute or directly act to shift conditions to favor inferior outcomes -- advocacy and tolerance are enough. "The whole question is -- who will overtake whom?"

Silicon Valley weirdos are not only socially inept (yet control standards of social networks), they are totally lost in life having abandoned sensible guides. They are cultureless and unaware of anything of what came before them, focused instead upon trivial contemporary dabblers popular in their inbred circles, remaining unfamiliar with the greatest works of civilization.

By not knowing the best examples of human culture and the conditions of its potential, how could they not make terrible decisions that recklessly harm humanity?

July 15, 2018

Scarred and Battered

That which is won without great struggle is a booby prize of no worth. Could anyone who has lived a few years think that which is valuable is left unguarded or is relinquished without prolonged and violent battle?

Fake prizes are only satisfying to those without fortitude to confront challengers and enter into conflict, risking consequences.

Recognizing this danger and not caring enough to win anything worth winning, they settle for useless scraps, celebrated only when everyone is given equal trophies for success and failure alike.

Those willing to fight get battered and scarred many times, but wounds mostly heal and are the price for taking a chance to taste what is best in life.

July 14, 2018

With Love

Living in a time separated from nature and purpose, many go crazy and this reverberates.

You do not wish to engage in conflict, nor to engage generally except to complete commercial transactions. You don't hold any animosity or negative feelings, just awareness of their behavior and knowledge to keep distance.

It is not your task to fix them, as that is a personal task valuating time realizations and achieving results. Many are too stuck in habits to fix.

It is not your task to educate them, as that is a personal task requiring curiosity and pursuit of sensible information, and many are too dull to be educated.

They are ill and you wish them no further harm, but neither is it your task to rehabilitate them. Smile and nod as you pass through, and they will continue screaming at nonsense.

July 13, 2018

Immigration Politics

Immigration politics are largely based upon:

1. Whether you believe unity or disunity makes a better society.
2. Whether you measure the failed dregs of third-world countries as being of higher quality than your own people. (The doctors, engineers, etc are living well and don't abandon their homeland).
3. Whether you aspire to raise other people's children to somehow attain the traits of your own children.
4. Whether you believe or disbelieve in scientific study of intelligence that that finds its mostly genetic and the determiner of success, wealth, organization, function, law, and other markers of civilization.
5. Whether you think it wise for nations to enforce their borders and decide who is allowed entry and the privilege of applying for citizenship consideration based upon whether that would benefit the nation.

July 12, 2018

We Fruit Flies

Our time is short. In those short glimpses of one another we must test, assess, and suss out character to see if this is the one we should join with to continue our dance of infinity.

This one we taste and pass by another who is not right for us either. Meanwhile time rushes past quickly and soon will have expired.

The beautiful one with gorgeous flapping wings and such a round thorax someone will win her before her time has grown too short.

Another spends the time drinking fermented fruit juice and soon will pass away in an extended stupor.

This season of frolic only lasts in our togetherness, not in one seeking external frolic.

July 11, 2018

Your Representatives

How will you compete with the Chinese when gremlin Representatives are punching holes in your social fabric for decades to make you into a unified third-world country with no abilities?

July 10, 2018

The Inferior

We make a bunch of talk about equality, but don't actually care about the mediocre, average, and inferior.

June 23, 2018

Missed Connections

The first half of life is a collection of Missed Connection postings. Despite desire and potential, our relationships lapse into diffuse sputterings, becoming a long series of lost opportunities.

Love ages out. The unmarried girl at 23 finds herself repeatedly passed over for younger, more pleasant, less deranged women. Her job, degree collection, or directionless partying lifestyle is a liability rather than the fun allurement she imagines it to be.

The coping behavior behind their pretentious appearance is more ruinous than the original trauma they are trying to fix.

June 22, 2018

C+ Average Utopia

Regression to the mean without pressure for excellence means all those who have been demoralized enough to disbelieve in goals and purpose will also cease to strive, doing the bare minimum to present themselves as average.

To sustain mediocrity, arguments against excellence, skepticism of excellence, and denigration of excellence are needed. Propaganda must be fiercely deployed to impose a dislike of excellence upon youth so that habits of weakness, resignation, and poverty can be instilled.

Excellence has been made nearly synonymous with fascism because it displays inequality by allowing the tremendous diversity of ability to manifest, with only the best examples of possibility deserving of becoming the standard of civilization.

April 30, 2018

Ancestral IQ

Dr. Bruce Frumkin, a clinical psychologist who tested Salman last summer, was the last witness to testify Tuesday.

He testified that Salman has an IQ of 84 -- in the lower 14 percentile -- and thus she could be easily persuaded. He told jurors that "she's not the brightest of all people."

Frumkin said Salman is more vulnerable than the average person, which makes her prime for a false confession.

* * *
A score of 70 is widely accepted as a marker of mental disability, but medical professionals say people who score as high as 75 can be considered intellectually disabled because of the test's margin of error. [Telegraph]
* * *
Salman was born on May 26, 1986 in San Pablo, California, as the eldest of four daughters to Muslim Palestinian Arab immigrants; Bassam Abdallah Salman (d. 2015) and Ekbal Zahi, a grocery store owner. Her family emigrated to California from Ramallah in the 1970s.
* * *
The two previous studies of an IQ for Palestine summarized in the introduction gave estimates of 86 and 83.3. The two estimates are in close agreement and were averaged to 84.6 by Meisenberg and Lynn (2011) and Lynn and Vanhanen (2012). The present result gives an IQ of 85 and is in close agreement with the results of the two previous studies. We consider that the best estimate for an IQ for Palestine now available is obtained by averaging the three results to give an IQ of 84.8.
[Intelligence 47:10-11 November 2014 (PDF)]
[11 Uncomfortable Facts About How IQ Affects Your Life]

April 21, 2018

Misunderstood Fake News

News reporters draw conspicuous attention by looking like mentally deranged liars when they try to explain the meaning of events while demonstrating they don't understand a thing about them. They act like they have no memory, no access to information on the topic, have never visited planet earth nor met its humanoids, and are too lazy to bother with a basic study of what they are being paid to authoritatively write about.

But if you consider that most news reporters are daily users of amphetamine cocktails so they can write voluminous gossip, their behavior makes sense. All they have to do is produce a massive quantity of news that will soon be forgotten, but in the meantime is very valuable for breaking up space between the commercials that bring in all the money.

Insight is a luxury not afforded to news. Programming runs on a format, whether a word count, page size, or a show duration. When there is no important news, the daily hourly news program must still fill an hour. Just because there is nothing to report does not mean news can stop writing stories for those eager to consume exciting stories.

Adderall is great for bulk schoolwork, cleaning your house, and other tedium, and to news writers a story deadline is one more boring task that has to get done.

Dependency on stimulants doesn't produce calm reflection and deep understanding. News writers use stimulants to produce a deluge of words for stories that are usually superficial, incoherent, and resemble frantic schoolyard chatter.

Consider how scatterbrained news is, presented as if there's no past against which to measure it, only their fake urgency promoting panic and fears about the present that never amounts to anything. It takes a while to realize news reports rarely cover anything significant.

The perpetual drug binge of reporters is only made weirder with consideration that a management layer has awareness of what's going on and has to herd the unstable drug users to produce maximum usable context so the aggregate can be used as a backdrop for selling advertisement space. Managers tolerate the drug users and need them to keep writing crazy half-true articles, while drug users need the drugs to be able to produce a massive volume of nonsense barely connected to the real world. News is totally dependent on drugs to keep up its pace of production.

News skips discussion of how a story today fits into historical context because its economic concerns aren't related to being informative and no longer wastes money on fact checking or experts to clarify discussions and relate them to previous events of a similar nature.

Featured political and economic pundits are wrong about nearly every prediction, yet are regularly invited back to give their next incorrect prognostication because they produce more material to sell for advertisements.

A great many bad writers make their whole living by that foolish mania of the public for reading nothing but what has just been printed -- journalists... a most appropriate name... journeymen, day-laborers.
[Schopenhauer, On Authorship]

French: journalier - day laborer, journeyman, commuter, ordinary daily events of no concern

They don't mean to create fake news. They just lack a mandate to be accurate or informative and corporate cultures based on heavy drug use lead to sloppy results. Their sole task is to produce value for shareholders, which is satisfied by creating content that temporarily stuns and captivates audiences so they can be shown advertisements.

April 20, 2018

Not Kale (Methods of Self-Governing)

They'll tend towards novelty to discover more dopamine drips, then as addict keep pressing the button until the feed goes dry or their thumb gets sore, then try devious schemes of trickery to get more dopamine from nearby buttons rather than wean themselves from treacherous external dependence.

A thin thread still connects you to your grandparents and their way of life, which was satisfying, successful, sane, and did not include eating kale smoothie sugar bombs your genetics can't handle and will only make you progressively fat as your body struggles to hold off diabetes.

You have so many opiates! What do you care that you're getting fat from bad habits that make no sense and are founded in social nonsense you heard another fool tell you was a good idea?

March 24, 2018

Nincompoop Tales

The child was born with an IQ of 80, considered average to high in most of the world. An IQ of 80 is only deleterious in first world countries, most of which subsidize nincompoops in hopes of pacifying them so they don't rage against a society in which they are seen as backwards from being noticeably below the ability of the majority.

The mother wept with anger, screaming "My baby is literally worthless - he can do nothing of value in this developed country and therefore is worth nothing!" Robots increasingly perform unskilled labor for less than it costs the state to divert the money of successful people to pay for the fool's housing, food, large families of helpless idiots, and periodic jail sentences.

The nincompoop desires and deserves a satisfying life in the company of his peers, for which only more fools suffice. He will need distractions and substances to enjoy himself, and if the state makes this difficult then it is cruel towards the nincompoop who can do no better. He was cursed to be born in a land of people with an IQ a standard deviation higher than his ancestral norms. It doesn't help that the people also have the ability to form abstract thoughts and possess different values that clash with his instinct.

No one thinks much about how the nincompoops harvested for cheap creature labor are quickly becoming obsolete and useless. After their owners have used them up to extract temporary wealth, cleaning up the mess will take a long time.

March 23, 2018

Ideological Tantrums

From youthful ignorance, the inexperienced hear messages of wild revolution against nature and order, which promises an exciting new way of living and join whatever movement is promoting it today.

In their limited survey of the world, children already realize how rare excellence is and are intrigued by ideas such as eliminating dependence upon it and removing competition so more people can contribute something valuable, even if they haven't bothered to develop anything worth offering. Thus communism, anarchy, and related concepts appeal to youth as are considered new since they've never seen them played out.

The diet of the last 100,000 years is offensive and needs to be overthrown by progress, namely soy, junk vegetable oil, and incomplete proteins, giving vegans a distinctive appearance of soy rebels made emaciated and puffy from diversely creative malnutrition.

March 12, 2018

Forgot About Mattis

Leftism can only be forced upon people after equalizing them to serfs. First the successful need to be liquidated (or taxed unmercifully into supporting the rest), then others capable of organization and teaching need to be cleared away so leaders can control the mass by removing all reason and dissent.

With the most able removed and the power of the secret police well established, the rest can be scared into silent obedience, and the most socially adept will instinctually praise the brilliance of the oppressive ruling class that degrades society until it eventually collapses from lack of intellectual talent.

Mattis was a proven first-rate leader of a type seen only once a generation, but dared to reveal the foreign policy being followed was based on a naked bluff with no contingency plan prepared if the bluff failed, and lacked all consideration for likely future moves in the contest.

Some of those questions apparently were uncomfortable. Like, what do you do with Iran once the nuclear issue is resolved and it remains a foe? What do you do if Iran then develops conventional capabilities that could make it hazardous for U.S. Navy ships to operate in the Persian Gulf? He kept saying, "And then what?"
[And Then What?]

Consequently, he was removed and replaced by lickspittles.

When leftists failed to win control of the next administration, Mattis was appointed Secretary of Defense and began cleaning up the mess that had been created by neglecting the necessary.

A healthy and secure nation doesn't dismiss rare talent striving to help. Only ideologues seek to censor reason by liquidating people who expose the ignorant errors of leaders.

March 11, 2018

Join Secret Clubs

It makes sense to withdraw from the mass.

You watch everything good, healthy, and capable become degraded by groupthink, soy signaling, disunity, and instability from persistent declarations of suicide and resignations as our collective goals.

After detaching from drowning clods you pull away and return to shore. There your aspiring will matches its longing with others who are active building with competence.

What the mass touches it ruins, making it obvious to turn away from the popular and common, preferring rarer nuanced options offering natural barriers from the mass busy killing time with nothingness.

No one else needs understand what you do. Neither have you need to proselytize.

By leaving the crowd, you leave behind the trivial, foolish, pointless, and tedious so that you can affix your time and energies upon something better.

When you must be among the masses during the day, you can be active at nights with your pursuits. Donate time on weekends to worthwhile volunteering. Study topics of your interest while ignoring whatever is popular at the moment.

There was nothing to gain by keeping up with the crowd. They were only going to the gutter.

March 10, 2018

Twelve Pounds Means Everything

The young woman with great natural features yo-yos in weight from low levels of depression, loneliness, and periodic descent into sloppy diet and inactivity.

When she's eating healthy and exercising, she's a stunning embodiment of feminine enchantment, with her alluring characteristics at the height of their power on her 125lb frame.

But when she neglects herself and balloons to 137lbs, she looks like every other bloated creature and her features are lost to puffiness making her look plain and utterly unremarkable.

Plenty clusters around the average and mediocre; details make the exceptional.

March 9, 2018

Plenty of Rope

Our task is not to directly give lessons, act revengefully over perceived slights, nor punish for bad acts.

We illustrate with examples, showing both amazing possibilities that can be made real with unified will, or left to drift into stupid collapse and tediousness from poor attitudes and diverse flavors of uncaring.

As creators of examples, we're happy to have either outcome -- the lesson remains true in all cases: the more demonstrative, the better.

Within our extinguishable love, no effort is too great.

January 20, 2018

Visit Third-World Countries

One of the joys of traveling is to visit third world countries to observe the characteristics that keep them backwards and impoverished, which never change unless the people are replaced by those more capable of civilization.

Without fail, they are disorderly and disorganized. Every possibility yields to chaotic impulse.

Decades of colonial order that proved effective are undone as soon as colonialists abandon maintaining infrastructure that is antithetical to the natural national character. Not that natives don't want clean water, prefer to be governed by fair laws, and drive on well constructed roads with flowing traffic -- but once colonialists left, the country doesn't have enough people willing and able to do the work needed for first-world results that some small nations of civilized people can do easily.

As the first-world is transformed into the third-world, know what to expect and how to make a good life with a chaotic lower level of civilization.

January 19, 2018

Wary of Explanations

We are rarely studying events to ascertain precise contours of their failures, unless we are executives or aristocrats. Otherwise our concern is practical -- attaining a result -- and any explanation of why the goal was missed is more likely excuse than brilliant insight or experienced wisdom.

Clever words help little when action is needed.

January 17, 2018


With the death of a wise and active teacher, you realize countless insightful lessons and essential corrections have been lost, and now you will find a new master to guide your development.

He was right about so many things! Time and time again, he took a bold and uncompromising stance and was proven right years later. He saw errors early and refused to be a party to its ritualistic toleration when a diverging solution was possible.

How blessed to be his pupil. Such blessings do not often last long before disappearing. Thus we do well to recognize and appreciate rare intersections with wisdom, beauty, and love while they flickers into light for short moments before shrinking into mere memories of what is possible.

He thankfully left you with road maps for years of study with which additionally internalize his spirit in the framework and methods by which he wanted to show you the secrets of his art.

You will never approach his level of achievements. Nevertheless, becoming very good serves as an ongoing foundation for the art and he knew it would be rewarding by itself and introduce unexpected benefits in other areas of your life.

Your master had detailed knowledge of the contemporary greats with whom he competed and collaborated throughout the world. This art is a bridge to the greatness that lives in the midst of failure and mediocrity.

First tier excellence should develop itself maximally while in its prime to discover and exhibit what is possible and push it to its limits through the challenge to be the best in the world.

Second tier excellence should teach, having recognized it lives just next to the championship stage or its skill has passed its peak and will not be a champion again, yet has ability to develop young talent and expand quality broadly.

In nearly all cases, our masters exceed us, which pays tribute to their mastery, without which we would not have the excellence needed for civilization.

January 15, 2018

Praise The Fall

When everything valuable has been savaged and the new seedlings grow crooked and ugly, time cannot be spun backwards to undo the deeds of ruination.

The pragmatist seeks to arrest negative momentum by praising the disaster, calling its parts good and its results fated or blessed. Perhaps it will come to rest?

This stance accepts the obvious terminal diagnosis rather than denying, bargaining, and the usual psychological struggles.

The terrible manifestation was long ago formed and has come together, thus it will develop according to how its characteristics require, which no one bothered to halt or reason with when there was still plenty of time to do so easily. Now the plentiful moments to abate it have passed and the cursed force has formed to play out its cruel abomination.

We who watched it swirl and coalesce out of bad traits energized by distraught energy and opportunity can only nod and tolerate what follows, perhaps fantasizing it might somehow stay small.

For when it was possible we did nothing.

January 14, 2018

Have A Treat

There are people who eat milk chocolate, typically diluted with junk and marketed to dopes as a cheap substitute for real chocolate. Most consumers obediently buy what they are told to and make themselves content with it, thinking it is normal and good.

Eating candy or a bag of chips won't by itself make you into a land whale. Individually, these products are non-toxic, but as part of a lifestyle based on weakness and poor decisions, the consumer will soon be overweight and unhealthy.

The company argues it is not to blame. It merely sells treats, which are harmless to people who exercise daily and choose a healthy diet. Such people also have no appetite for treats -- depressed and unhealthy people seek treats.

In practice, most people reject activity in favor of passive watching. They eat treats all day long because they believe in no standards or goals, even easily attainable ones. They are free floating lost souls, and stuffing their face with treats presents no philosophical objection nor clash with their ideals and future plans.

For companies, saying their harmful product should be used responsibly is a great legal position, as well as solid marketing.

They keep selling treats while consumers acting as eating machines spend each day transporting garbage into their bellies, yielding the obesity you see around you everywhere.

Companies are just a formal structure for making money, not a quest to somehow fix the massive health problems of modernity.

January 13, 2018

Holding Back

You are holding no one back. No one is holding you back. None of the people you know conspire to hold back others. The successful focus on useful action, not injuring people, constructing fetters, or explaining their failures with clever excuses. Upon consideration, you realize that no one sensible would waste time plotting against people they don't know.

There is no shame to be excluded from the top 0.0001% of ball throwers paid to entertain bored droids. No one held you back or falsely selected others over you. You just aren't good enough at throwing a ball around -- perhaps you are decent at something else.

There is no systemic oppression. To the extent there is any system, all popularly promoted ideals are propaganda on the side of the least capable with the lowest demonstrated potential, consuming nearly all resources on a crazy underdog fantasy while the best who have always been society's greatest benefactors are abandoned.

Wishful thinking has endured a century without composers, art, or an intellectual class. Our greats now only come from independent aristocratic strains and exceptional hermit spirits who live outside of society, cultivating themselves because nothing worthwhile was available within.

January 12, 2018

Boring Lectures

The majority of leadership -- and the boring part -- is talking to adults as if they were retarded children. This ingrains the perspective that everyone should be assumed an ignorant fool who is confused, disorganized, and holds contradictory misunderstandings, as the public repeatedly demonstrates.

Therefore, leaders fall back upon ideas that are clear and simple to those of average intelligence and impairments, seemingly offering progress and moral goodness even if repeated for decades with increasingly poor results.

This also reminds that insight and independent thinking are rare, habits are comfortable, and low standards are repulsive to those with higher standards - and even within a homogeneous culture levels vary. The formulaic ritual leadership can be robotically fulfilled by reduction to standing in front and offering comfortable long-winded babble spiced with platitudes, but this educates no one, chooses no direction, and shows no understanding of the current situation or plan for tomorrow.

Doubt creeps in and you realize that boring talking is neither necessary nor helpful -- it's just a fake substitute for effective communication. Still worse, the type of communication gets only one chance, so fixation upon the average precludes discussion of essential ideas that would necessarily be approached quite differently with a distinct focus far from dull and placating.

December 17, 2017

Birth Control

Blue hair, obesity, graduate school, and exhausting jobs keep women barren and age them out by wasting their youthful fertility so they don't reproduce.

Idiocracy plays out no so much with consuming neurotic worry about being ready for a family as it does by psychologically demoralizing normal people with the threat that any children they have will be swallowed up by and sacrificed to a third-world population. Tax payers must fund this government's policy of replacing natives with diverse 80 IQ dregs from the world's failed civilizations to recreate remnants of broken nations in new borders and repeat its proven levels of inherent ability. How will you build another generation with this replacement population being constructed? And yet, such demographic results are not inevitable and could be easily reversed, but we are told not to think about getting the results we desire -- rather to dwell passively tolerating misery no one wants.

While it's beneficial to nullify leftists and encourage them to consume sports, video games, and the latest Netflix series that must be watched until all of their time and reproductive ability has been stolen by foolishness, you don't want good people to get caught up in the excuse factory and pity party that turns so many unhealthy and consumes them with elaborate justifications for the nuttiness that is harming them and distancing them from a natural relationship with life.

Birth control keeps sex recreational until women grow too old to have children, and men extending adolescent fixation on pointless amusements into their 30s or 40s helps ensure there is no threat of pregnancy so that both sexes are kept from their timeless expression and purpose in a slow suicide.

Mating of released sterile males with native females leads to a decrease in the females' reproductive potential and ultimately, if males are released in sufficient numbers over a sufficient period of time, to the local elimination or suppression of the pest population.

SIT is a proven, cost-effective strategy for eradication or suppression of target populations.
[The Sterile Insect Technique]

The smart people with kids tend to be balanced: educated, physically fit, able to eat normal sized portions, realistic, positive, active, and professional. Time is short, and a willing pair finds one another to begin their family while the sun shines.

Some blame feminism and call it a fake movement that deceptively invents grievances, spreads false claims, and deliberately misinterprets data in an attempt to defy nature and harmonious relations between men and women.

By psychologically poisoning women to make them bitter, resentful, and hostile while teaching them to dissolve their old hopes for an identity as victims of an oppressive conspiracy, feminism guarantees them unfit for a loving relationships, ensuring they will be barren unless they overcome feminism and recover the internal joy they had before the psyop. It's no coincidence that feminism is designed and spread for its observed purpose, just as many similar agents of sterility are used against the populations as a war for future advantage.

The cheerful don't forsake life for ideology.

Those who declare devotion to childlessness tend to be ajar and ideologues who were sweet and joyful in youth, but then became true believers with crazy politics or social movements at odds with reality, and kept spinning out.

If they can't stop believing in and promoting destructive fantasies, its best they have no kids, but terrible their lineage lasting hundreds of generations was terminated by a stupid lying ideology.

December 2, 2017

Normalizing Bad Outcomes

Economic masters push society evermore leftist. Cthulhu may swim slowly. But he only swims left.

Enforcing leftism requires expanding restrictions to speech and expression with forceful mechanisms. Ideally, all comrade citizens will obey by correctly repeating the ideas and opinions of their masters, which they internalize from schools, news, television, and movies.

Ideas and expression that had common understanding in previous decades are made unacceptable, yet nothing about their substance has changed nor has the problem been solved, only the modern trained reaction to reject their questioning. Rather than being aware of problems and proposing solutions, we are told to consider the question off limits and tolerate the problem as if it is normal and desirable.

Old books and media are instructive in reminding which ideas have been shut down so the issues they address cannot be opposed, as language to discuss it or the subject itself has been forbidden by social instruments that train people to perceive such topics as terrifying. One should one never discuss it -- and it should never be considered in private with empathy for its rational merits.

To cause change, first degradation must be normalized, which requires silencing evaluation and critique, and then forcing tolerance for the damaging conditions created, which start mild and are rapidly increased in intensity once masters establish leverage over the population they rule, at which point effective opposition to further degradation through that vector of attack is greatly limited.

Obesity will soon be the norm for the US population, though just a few decades ago being merely overweight was rare enough that seeing someone 30 pounds too heavy in public was strange enough that we'd marvel over them as if a circus freak while wondering what was wrong with them.

Nearly three in five children in the U.S. today are destined to be obese when they reach their 35th birthday, according to a new projection.

["Destined" -> as if caused by magical forces no one controls. There is no mention of causes or that obesity didn't exist 50 years ago -- it has suddenly become a "destiny" we must accept.]

Computer modeling, using current national data, estimated that 57% of children ages 2 to 19 in 2016 will be obese by the time they are 35 years old.

Progress made being overweight normal, and now obesity follows. In turn, it will soon be deemed hateful to notice or critique obesity, even in purely medical implications, which will allows its manifestations to expand without resistance.

Likewise, as IQ drops from immigration preference for demographic replacement by third-world morons, it will soon be wrong to discuss low intelligence people as less valuable to civilization than smart people. It will be immoral and forbidden to speak negatively of the problems caused by dummies and the limits their low IQ genetics impose forever on mankind. Preference for smart people will be deemed hateful and history will have to be rewritten to praise idiots and remove smart people as the cause of all great achievements.

Not only will it be considered normal to be stupid and obese, but also to possess poor character, to be lazy, and to be physically inactive.

By abandoning standards, we also abandon the foundations of civilization.

December 1, 2017

Not My Society

It's rude for people to try to put irrelevant things in your head, but they do it anyway. Such behavior is standard operating procedure for companies and organizations that make money and wield power by getting people to pay attention to their theatrical promotion of fabricated issues. They will say anything to provoke a reaction, and it's all based on garbage.

Ignoring their manipulation frees you to become grounded in aims other than caring about their frantic make believe nonsense invented to profit by stealing your time.

Their dramatic noise also distracts from worthwhile efforts elsewhere in civilization. Ignoring loud noise also benefits society by starving a parasite.

The newest version of the arts is usually the most inferior, as it comes from people of low talent, an idiotic culture, and no knowledge of what came before. Those products are created to make money from rubes.

Read no books from the last 100 years unless the author demonstrates familiarity with Schopenhauer. @nntaleb

Instead, seek the best versions of the arts that reveal the genius potential of mankind that continues to inspire generations.

We are nearly British with our stiff upper lips: calm in the face of chaos and cold while watching fools act as they must, while we do what is necessary rather than participating in commercial foolishness.

Hours were stolen from you watching grown men throw a ball around, the contest having no consequences in the real world. People told you it was important, just like the latest celebrity opinions and products, so dummies talked about them and participated like good obedient subjects.

So many stupid news stories to fill space and time, terrible shows, and formulaic movies took away precious hours each week. You could have been doing something interesting.

Tuning it out breaks the addiction to trivial frivolity. You'll find non-marketable activities and timeless art far more rewarding the mediocrity. All you have to do is ignore endless garbage.

October 25, 2017

It's Inevitable (It's Not)

Politicians work primarily for self-benefit, typically creating horrible conditions for the public to endure while they create a small advantage for their sponsors at tremendous public cost.

To extract compliance from the public for these negative changes, they create a depressing psychological atmosphere of resignation by saying it's inevitable that the degradation no one wants is being forcibly enacted upon the public, and though it could be stopped, reversed, and a better situation restored, the degradation must instead be tolerated and supported.

This mindset tries to inform the public that even their smartest and most capable people, some of whom possess reason, have fired rockets into outer space, and once were able to compose symphonies, aren't capable of organization and selection of desirable outcomes. Though many of us can see where bad situations are heading, we are somehow too weak or stupid to prevent them, so instead should medicate ourselves with SSRIs and estrogen to tolerate, accept, and embrace the abominable by calling it enlightened progress.

Kaczynski suggests the phony use of inevitability is a narrative device to preclude logical scrutiny of active behavior intent on producing that specific result.

As for the inevitability argument, if the developments you describe are inevitable, they are not inevitable in the way that old age and bad weather are inevitable. They are inevitable only because techno-nerds like you make them inevitable. If there were no computer scientists there would be no progress in computer science. If you claim you are justified in pursuing your research because the developments involved are inevitable, then you may as well say that theft is inevitable, therefore we shouldn't blame thieves.

But we do not believe that progress and growth are inevitable.

FC to Gelernter

Public discussion about possibilities and actions ends when talk is hijacked from solutions into dealing with an undesirable outcome. This manufactured distraction insists upon accepting what can be reversed by prematurely calling it the new state of things by resigning without an effort or single plan to attain the desirable state, telling all they should tolerate unwanted ruin.

Though your leaders have failed to uphold civilization once again so that your children will have all that you had, you should remain cheerful as you despair over collapse and the impotence of those in power to do what is easy and wanted.

Those with power use this tactic for good reason, but it is defeated by remembering the healthy condition that used to be and working towards what you want, rather than what they wish to foist upon you for their gain.

October 24, 2017

In The Rear View Mirror, Constantly Looking Down

The most dangerous driver on the road is the dopamine addict using a phone to find material to react against and crudely simulate social communication by indicating approval and feeling jealousy.

Addicts reveal monstrous appetites for whatever controls them. It burrows into their bones and makes a parasitical home, demanding to be frequently fed with powder, pills, ballgames, or another click on the screen.

Addictions kill not so much by the qualities of their substance as by unseating the normal behavior that abstains from nonsense.

October 21, 2017

Bad Behavior Must Be Tolerated

For total freedom to do whatever you feel like at the moment, all you need to do is remove immediate consequences.

Until recent times, a punch or slap restored order to those misbehaving, whether from lack of care not to encroach upon others or aggressive deliberate acts. This kept citizens polite and respectful towards one another, as any bad act was subject to retaliation. All men could potentially hit miscreants.

The cunning enemies of civilization didn't like it when bad people could be stopped, so branded punches as violence and banned them, as if adults can't handle being hit when appropriate to stop their madness. By making a punch illegal, all are forced to accept antisocial behavior without any practical remedy for stopping it.

The jackals grew bold knowing they could do anything and others had no recourse except to tolerate it. Soon everything wicked had to be tolerated, and this passive acceptance of everything destructive, ugly, and abominable was called a virtue and enlightened.

If you strike down pestilent scoundrels, they will play victim, using law to have you punished and suing you for free money -- but if you do not strike them down, you are tolerating one more act against civilization.

September 23, 2017

Soul Certificate

Anyone can be given legal documents proclaiming them to be a nationality they aren't, but no one who isn't French can be made into a Frenchman.

A non-French person given French citizenship doesn't give a hoot about French culture, French values, or French civilization. The third worlders in France pragmatically want French money and hope to replace the Frenchmen and transplant the same population and culture that fail everywhere because of its inherent qualities.

The non-Frenchman lacks a French soul and no document can bestow him one.

September 22, 2017

Domestication Kills The Soul

By age 25, a man has done something if he is to do anything.

Though wiser with age, action is a young man's game. With age comes a love of comfort, which avoids not only difficult efforts, but also the psychological taxing, such as risking hopes and expectations on efforts with a reasonable prospect of failing. Hesitation injures and kills, leading to withdrawal.

Risk aversion makes boring and safe as well as unfulfilled. A wild beast tamed into a domesticated animal is drained of ambition, urgency, and desire, turned into a pathetic tamed creature who stares at televisions and consumes intoxicants to tune out the world he hides from.

September 21, 2017

Tolerating Obvious Harm

The distinctive attitude of modernity is how we are taught to watch someone set out on a course of action that will obviously conclude with degradation and disorder, but rather than intervening or informing them of what they can't see, advocating and tolerating destructive action while pretending it will go well for them.

First one is disingenuous, then passive-aggressive in sabotaging fellow man from whom one is separated and cheers him to his doom.

This mindset skips consideration of its cold suicidal encouragement that makes humanity worse off.

This rude competition lays waste to anyone who believes popular opinion and does not consider how their time is wasted by pointless harm.

September 20, 2017

Willing a Way

When someone wants something, reason and reasoning will be swept aside. We've honed the ability to argue, which is based upon winning, not reason, or sensible interpretation of facts.

Will ruthlessly seeks a particular outcome, facts be damned.

Once you engage with someone who wants their desired outcome, you're in for a fight to dislodge them of their dream.

You need slick technique and gentle effective nudging, not childish appeals to logic.

July 15, 2017


If a parasite could talk, it would not apologize or see the slightest thing wrong with placing itself into your biological space and using your blood, tissue, and organs to propagate at your expense.

Nor could your best dialectic possibly convince a grizzly bear that it had committed a moral violation or even a faux pas by eating you, since you are a type of food and it is a hungry creature.

The same worldview of immediate self gain propels the industries of media, advertising, politics, and food.

They serve their own purpose without concern for what happens to their consumers or the general public subjected to its consequences. A far superior outcome could be produced were their approach and standards different, but that would depends upon fantasy ideals of benevolence, honesty, and cooperation that don't exist. It's a mistake to pretend it does.

June 23, 2017

Let's Pray

Prayer to imaginary beings is a reminder to stop worrying about what nature will sort out properly.

As soon as one prays, they are able to stop neurotic concern about mechanisms they have no control over. The imaginary being has been summoned, made aware, and transferred responsibility for a magical intervention.

That which a person's actions can improve needs action, and the rest is let go through prayer.

Since people worry about what they cannot change, wasting time, energy, and focus without making the situation better, prayer allows them to discharge this wicked worry and get back to doing things that matter. For those who cannot focus their mental state, prayer remains a valuable tool.

Other similar mechanisms based on imaginary forces and relations likewise.

June 22, 2017

Strange Exceptions

Stone lasts a while, but too becomes dust.

The rest is far more fragile.

Nearly all men are incapable, and a few each century remind of humanity's potential through works that might as well be of the gods, so distant and disconnected is the gap from normal conceptions.

And those bright lights too must die, often sooner than the idlers, and for centuries thereafter we puzzle over what they left us in strange gifts we cannot cultivate, or at least have never bothered to try.

June 14, 2017

Resist with Feigned Innocence

Violence is unacceptable say all the forces that foment violence but disclaim its messy results. Some want to make use of the threat of violence against critical thinkers who reject or hesitate to repeat its catechisms of expected conformity. How better to push insane falsehoods than to make them slogans?

"disunity is our strength"

"the capable and incapable are identical"

"we are a nation formed by and dependent upon impoverished disorganized backwards third-world idiots"

They renounce violence as a way of directing public action and locking in the results they want, directing action and results by producing endless delusional propaganda, strife, radicalizing rhetoric, and societal conditions that alienate people from civilization while giving them a scapegoat to blame. For legal compliance and deniability, they tell the radicalized not to harm the enemy that the message has identified as the sole cause of all moral and structural problems.

Made crazy from media, frustrated from a pointless life, and spaced out on diverse pharmaceuticals, receptive losers get their ideas from television shows and are the end consumers absorbing a chain of toxins from a polluted ecosystem. It's no surprise that such conditions makes them antisocial, with some willing to take out their hatred with violence instead of merely angry words and passive aggressive deeds.

Normalizing violent resistant normalizes violence. Protests for the purpose of shutting down society soon normalize riots, which normalizes war against society (the civilized and organized), which soon normalizes violence and assassination as a way to resist order and forcibly change leadership when candidates are elected that you don't want.

Note that the resistance does not debate ideas or in any way use reason to express disagreement. There is no discussion about differences in structural organization, nor do they even posit a goal other than resisting for its own sake. The forces of resistance have no end goal, other than them ruling and attaining satisfaction when no other alternatives are permitted.

The forces of resistance been able to radicalize a few with their fire and brimstone story telling, but should take responsibility for the violence they've stirred up, as well as all future violence that will surely result from the conditions they've deliberately created.

Pretending to be innocent doesn't work when dirty hands and money trails reveal years of toil towards this goal.

June 11, 2017

Hysterical Reactions Undermine Rationality

When a young child trips or hits their head, they immediately look to the nearest trusted adult for a reaction, which they mirror as appropriate to their situation, regardless of the magnitude of injury. When the adult remains calm, the child does the same; when the adult reacts by indicating terror, the child respond by screaming hysterically.

We can stop adult hysterics with basic stoicism that doesn't inflate the trivial into an imaginary crisis. Hysterical people need to be immobilized and trained to become as calm, thoughtful, and considerate as their instincts allow.

Reacting wildly is a horrific weakness and destabilizer, not a virtue.

June 10, 2017


To bilk and control people, you need to first break their spirit and coerce them to work on behalf of the regime, not only tolerating failure, stupidity, and unhealthy societal conditions to normalize them, but to actively lie in public to praise the regime as enlightened, while attacking truth tellers as vicious and deluded rebels.

This can buy several decades of decline until at some point all the basics of society are in obvious disrepair, morale is shot, and the people are too exhausted to rebuild things. Then there's nothing further for rulers to degrade and take their percentage by facilitating deals and picking winners.

How much disinformation can you handle? It's an obvious flood of lies that needs to be filtered out of consciousness like living with a crazy person whose imagination makes up wild realities and situations that dissolve under the cruel glare of scrutiny and consideration.

Whereas the English make small talk about weather out of banality or awkwardness, the habit of ideological messages and motives are how failing political structures manipulate citizens into being useful idiots who react to and ideally cheer for make believe tales.

Rather than refute lies invented and propagated far faster than they can be debunked, we should understand the function they intend to achieve.

"In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies some small way to become evil oneself. One's standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to."

A walk through a shopping mall tells you about the 47 percent who don't pay income taxes, and what kind of future they are creating.

They aren't responsible people. They aren't able to plan or organize. They surely aren't practicing safe sex, and usually have several children that the 53 percent are paying for or subsidizing so that irresponsibility can flourish.

But what if they aggressively rejected responsibility and did what happens naturally, ignoring state/media propaganda, and returned to asserting their interests?

It would be a quiet revolution of aspiring youth becoming families and each independently reforming the seeds of civilization while starving the weeds.

June 9, 2017

Radicalized Towards Stupid Aims

Ostracism means expelling those who disrupt what your community is working towards refining I had the joy of traveling through Greece during their 2015 currency crisis. The beautiful islands were unimpacted, as they flourished on a tourist economy making them independent of the mainland. Rural Greece was also mostly unimpacted by currency problems, running on a barter system of food and goods with neighbors to avoid paying taxes to a largely irrelevant parasite government. City people who had voted benefits far beyond their productivity were crushed.

Greece's problem wasn't the EU or European standards. It was politicians who flattered the citizens and gave them more than was sustainable by their work. This effectively Ponzied the people by spending big on the credit card of the people and paying only partially while interest on debt compounded to unmanageable levels.

All of this fake wealth was a drunken shopping binge.

In multiple cities, communists proudly waved the Soviet flag and related symbols while demanding an alternative to European culture and standards. They were literally requesting the same horrors and failures previously forced on millions to be forced on them by choice.

Consider: how would you sell someone corn chips, soda, or a life-crushing ideology so they affirm a harmful imposition rather than resist and reject it?

You can't directly address the downtrodden by saying "Hey, you are depressed losers untethered to reality and eagerly delusional, so here's a sweet fantasy lie you can believe in that will give you temporary relief from the consequences you have created for yourself while you keep digging the hole deeper."

Instead, you ignore the elephant in the room, which would be rational evaluation of the proposition, and instead pretend the offering is perfectly valid and sane, finding some positive attribute or speculative possibility to talk about, as if talking about the weather.

"Yummy corn chips with salt grains -- that's what you want. The grooves are cut to maximize flavor and they're great for parties." rather than "You know diabetics, the obese, and undirected screen watchers eat corn chips, and all of them share common flaws they should venture to overcome."

By normalizing horrible decisions, degenerates are able to form communities of the like-minded and corporations happily sell them products of their willful impairment.

There's no check and balance on proposals. Products are universally shown with pro-product commercials absent of critique and consideration, just as all ideologies are promoted as positive despite their histories of destruction conflicting with their positivity and innocent claims of good intentions.

Nor do companies or politicians care what happens to those who obey commercials, thus they are free to say anything, take reckless gambles with public monies, population, and national responsibilities -- and keep moving on to the next scheme.

May 28, 2017

Mass Depression

You are locked in a death match with a strange incomprehensible consciousness and must trust in your lineage to battle on and prevail, as the war will outlast you yet is bound to your spirit When you see there no future in your country and all projections indicate it will be overrun and transformed into a cultureless disaster that would be easy to prevent, yet there is no will to do so, why have kids? You wouldn't condemn others like you to grow up in Guatemala, Algeria, Nigeria, or Turkey, but now that level of society and the people who create it descend upon the open gates of advanced nations to replace founding populations and clear away all that came before.

This widespread ruination is why the creators of civilization have renounced having families. Purpose and unity have been spoiled,and now decline into third-world misery appears inevitable, just a decade or two from full realization when all will be made to suffer equally and depend upon politicians who created the problem for relief from it.

As children, we were encouraged to create a better future than our present, to dream big and achieve. That hope is smothered by the sight of everything valuable being replaced by the useless.

Responsible adults reflect on their spiritual health and renounce any possible future. They sense looming despair, knowing what awaits in coming decades. In public they are brow beaten into compliance with a horrific agenda and must call it wonderful or stay silent while pretending that destruction is a positive achievement.

Taxes are extracted from the capable and used to create the opposite of what citizens want, creating undesirable circumstances through deliberate disunity using components that have failed everywhere else. That which is known to succeed everywhere is rejected from consideration because it's time to try out deranged experiments that no one believes will turn out well.

In this stormy tumult, quitters will quit, and the weak will be quickly felled by circumstances that healthier souls shake off and recover their strength. They will leave no progeny to continue, resigning from humanity forever because the cards were atrociously stacked for a moment in time.

No wonder so many are depressed. It's hard to imagine a positive future when the forces of destruction and wickedness are aligned to make the good become lost, and call those initiatives progress.

However, that is exactly why to fight back openly as well as by stealth, to loudly reject undesirable change and to create a future that will be capable of organizing around timeless principles of life and civilization.

This flood of desperate migrants is part bluff, part psyop, part madness unleashed for the purpose of wrecking nations. Even if they take over, all they will be able to do is ruin what they control. Life will go on and the capable will work around dysfunction. The founders of civilization have endured and outlasted numerous setbacks and resettlements through the ages. When their work is ruined, they move away, regroup, rebuild, and exclude the destroyers from their community.

As society crumbles around them in obvious and predictable ways, the next generation will know what to do and join one another to create a new future for the good who remained resilient and believed in what they are made of. It's inspiring to fight the evil zombies creating a wasteland of ignorance while keeping the possibility of a future alive. You bequeath your children a purposeful life restoring great gifts that have been refined for millenia.

You know you could face the challenge of fixing what disunity harbors -- and triumph. Your descendants will be made of the same soul and raw abilities as you. They will endure and heroically face the opportunities presented by rubble, pioneering a rebirth of civilization that is not yet possible today.

May 21, 2017

Cold Stare

Container ships go everywhere, distributing the same cheap plastic molded tools to every country.

Yet in poverty based nations, tools are run down and persist in poor condition though they could be easily repaired or replaced to restore normal capabilities. Just as those people regularly endure filth, disorganization, and diverse varieties of ruin and sabotage, they tolerate their tools being needlessly worn or broken to the point of dysfunction instead of making basic repairs.

The wheel barrow wheel wobbles, and yet the laborer pushes on as if it is normal for a wheel to barely work. This is a condition of the soul. A wealth of available material items cannot change it.

You watch this spectacle unfold and take in this misuse of tools to understand the spirit behind it. All you can do is stare coldly at this state of affairs and the story it tells.

May 20, 2017


"Oh, you're a dabbler," I thought, but didn't say out loud, so polite was my upbringing.

Were you a robot of the universe, you'd make an effort to educate every ignorant creature announcing it's error, but as a creature of sensation, you'd recognize ignorance and ideology as a chosen objection and strategic stance, rather than what it claims to be.

May 19, 2017

Damaged Specimens

I took in the gorgeous girl in front of me. While naturally blessed with model features and taking great care in her appearance, she was lazy and worse yet: annoying. No man could put up with this beautiful creature for more than a night, which left her baffled yet the reasons were obvious to anyone after a few minutes in her presence.

She wanted a husband despite repelling all eager suitors with the worst aspects of her personality, likely elements lingering from a profoundly sour childhood left untreated.

Her more beautiful sister displayed a different version of the inability to pair, but was gentler and more alluring, able to build relationships for several months until guys bailed out.

The crumbling pillars of civilization are recognizable from the sight of capable people renouncing action by saying it isn't their responsibility to fix obvious defects. Broken, worn, fixable but passed over and left unfixed.

In one sense they are right: other people's problems don't directly relate to individuals and only lower the quality of civilization in which they reside. Though in theory many others could be helping make society decent, they are too busy watching movies about superheroes or using their phones to learn about important social interactions.

The pretty girl's problem was obvious and could be identified so it could be worked out, and her goal eventually attained. She was a dear soul, but her defensive shields made it clear honesty was not desired, so I too remained quiet about the conspicuous and did nothing to help.

May 14, 2017

Pockets of Civilization

It's not that educated people no longer prefer the greatest works of philosophy, literature, and art ever created. They aren't remotely familiar with them. They don't refute, disagree, or denounce Spengler, Schopenhauer, or Beethoven -- they're totally unfamiliar.

Without book burnings or censorship, just a removal of the intellectual class from public life and allowing cultural standards to be established by the entertainment industry instead of natural culture.

Our elites aren't noble, cultured, wise, exemplars, or responsible. They aren't intellectuals, artists, organizers, or spiritual greats. They are scheming talkers stealing at public expense.

Culture made into a product is deliberately unenduring and quickly cycling its promotions to maximize product churn. When culture was natural, great works endured for centuries and were foundational, serving not only to make the best into common knowledge, raising civilization's consciousness, but allowing easy reference to Shakespearean plot lines or lessons in Aesop's fables.

Today's references are made to television shows or movies for no purpose and with nothing to learn from the mention except that someone was lonely, has poor taste, and lacks curiosity to find anything good.

Why explore Beethoven's piano sonatas when the new Beyonce album just dropped?

They replaced the naturally valuable with contrived garbage and taught everyone to prefer the vastly inferior, ushering in an age of cultural poverty from which they could profit.

May 13, 2017

Shock Media

I once knew a girl who was a perpetual insomniac and to her consciousness was indistinguishable from dreams. She lived like a sleepwalker dutifully going through motions without belief they had any purpose or lasting impact. This made her skeptical of human interactions and doing much of anything because all she had invested could vanish in an instant when the dream ended.

Much the same way, opinions voiced on media suggest that for most people fantasy and reality are interchangeable.

In the media world, real world functioning is far subordinate to a social stance a person can take to get praise from other simpletons. Popular social signaling usually promotes stupid choices that produce damaging results thrust upon everyone, imposing a collective cost to fix mutual damage. It's like terrorism with good intentions.

Media only wants to tell an entertaining story and make a cute argument without having to face the implications of what they are promoting by their stance. They are unconcerned with what's real since they are just in the entertainment business to sell commercials. They create drama and stir the pot to keep people watching, producing shocking material that will never make a positive addition to anyone's life.

Anyone can make a shocking statement that attracts attention like setting off a bomb in a shopping center, but we should recognize that this is just an extreme tactic to attract attention and should mock anyone crazy enough to claim this behavior somehow improves society.

May 12, 2017

Absolute Partial Control

You cannot fully control the body, only steer it toward wreckage or health.

We are suspicious of those who experience calamity because repeated calamity and instability is usually more a cultivated disorder than a piling on of unfortunate coincidences.

April 29, 2017


Newspapers serve an important social purpose of providing a way to wrap fish for transportation Fish-wrap newspapers shamelessly publish stories about entertainment celebrities and their trivial dramas because this is qualitatively no worse than publishing gossip, made up stories claiming anonymous sources, or crime reports about politicians caught doing what is typical in their profession.

The remainder of this daily cycle of information is filled with stories about war, poverty, and collapse in failed nations and exciting sports scores achieved by grown men throwing a ball around. Did you see the latest important movie or TV show with a fake fantasy plot that provided escape by means of a lie, taking away precious hours of your life?

There's never any evaluation of ideas or principles, nor consideration of how to improve the quality of civilization. We are told we must engage in essential dialogues, but this is just a request for submission to dishonest social conditioning expecting us to accept lies of convenience while ignoring underlying factors. As usual, the system makes demands to extract compliance and tries to coerce you to ignore its total failure and tolerate inadequacy instead of addressing those conditions and replacing what lacks fitness for purpose.

As if hopelessly resigned to a nursing home waiting for death to solve the growing list of ailments, the treatment ignores causes and solutions, rejecting what reason reveals. This is diagnosed as a spiritual sickness of failed aspiration and inaction that gives up and disregards known relationships of events that can be made better rather than ignored to lapse into decay.

The showcase of effects becomes a daily regimen putting Dr. Morell to shame. Disassociatives distort consciousness of one's situation, opiates remove feedback while promoting slumber, SSRIs give a feeling of satisfaction without fulfilling the fundamentals that naturally provide those chemicals as feedback of health, stimulant cocktails promote focus on distractions to drown the mind in irrelevance, and mood stabilizers -- which are basically tranquilizers -- help block awareness and consideration of events around the patient, making non-unhappy by making stupid and ignorant.

You can taken these as pharmaceuticals or in other forms offered plentifully.

We must never forget that the primary intent of the press is to entertain, and lying is only one of the tools that helps it spread diversions. You can imagine a cancerous army of wicked orcs desiring to channel all of the universe's resources towards total amusement of the masses, transfixing them on captivating nonsensical messages and images that hypnotize, stun, and provoke reaction to give them a gravitational pull to become the center of the universe. That this is a revolt against humanity and nature is only a side-effect, not its self-centered profitable mission.

The worst part of transforming parrot cage liner to an online format where intriguing titles reap clicks is that valuable paper is no longer provided for pet sanitary needs.

April 28, 2017

Purely For Show

The kaleidoscope lens shows you tremendous beauty and soon changes form. New beauty appears with altogether different qualities. No single display of beauty remains fixed as an ideal finality -- each is merely another show of form.

Would you stay too long stuck upon the same? You've already seen that beauty and it would be silly to spend a whole life without change.

You take in the beauty and all it has to tell you.

April 19, 2017

Flush Your Malformed Abortion

Let it go. What's done is done.

You met with error, ridicule, folly, and maltreatment. Now it is all in the past, long gone, and unchangeable. Its bitter sting only lingers while you hold fast to it. It is time to meet a better future.

"Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense."

Onward onto sometime new, not repetition of the past, or holding on to the unwanted, unhelpful, and utterly useless.

We must not inflict upon ourselves what is too cruel to do to our enemies.

April 18, 2017

Ideology Role Play

Ideology is a means for pleasant escapist fantasy where the individual imagines themselves separate from nature and the universe -- floating apart from consequences without need for actions to cause the results they insist upon.

The ideologue merely summons convenient fruits when he desires to consume them, never having to bother with cultivating good soil or stock. With ideology, nothing has to be itself; it should be what the ideologue wants it to be at the instant he has a demanding impulse.

No matter their political prejudices, the ideologue's conception depends on shifting burdens so the actual work for his magical result is thrust upon someone else unseen behind the curtain. Someone has to pay to prop up an elaborate dysfunctional system that brokers everything through bureaucracy, ensuring that any effective labor is overutilized, first paying many times their fair share of actual usage because the rest of the labor produces so little of value it can't pay for what it consumes. Then the worthwhile labor finds itself forestalled from enjoying leisure and unproductive pursuits, while paying for others to have those in addition to goofing off.

Golden geese are worked over and robbed of wealth without regard for either the geese or the notion of fairness granting relief from schemes that depend upon force to take away earnings to distribute them to loyal political followers.

Were ideology to be realistic, each would only have what they create, not what a system extracts from neighbors that are envied and despised.

April 17, 2017

Everything Good

You can make others equally unsatisfied and dysfunctional by destroying everything good that has previously existed and is the necessary basis for civilization.

This is more like a jail or frenzied Walmart Black Friday mob than an extended family. They strapped us with dead weigh and kept piling on, just like they took away neighborhoods and taught the cleverness of destroying the highest creations and substituting them deficient parts.

The Cult of the Dissimilar revels in replacing cultivation with randomness in its eternal revolution against everything good. They are the snark -- aggrieved, damaged, psychologically deranged, frustrated -- while believing they are special, even a desirable result, and far smarter than they really are.

They are motivated by envy to destroy everything good and are exasperated that we are trying to further sense and sensibility, giving it more space free from their aims.

We insist upon exceptions to their disaster, and further subversion by aiding and abetting the good so it may prosper.

April 16, 2017

Not To Hide From The World

Those who doubt raising children because leftists have made the modern world a miserable place are missing the objective: raise a small army of artistic warrior philosophers to do battle with the wicked -- spreading beauty and truth as they delight in spiritual rebirth.

Your greatest gift is training them to finish off the demons to help restore civilization.

There is nothing to fear.

April 1, 2017

Politics is Downstream of Biology

First you start with zero: nothing does nothing.

From there, to do better than nothing, you must do something, from which economic value can be ascertained.

The frail and rotund bodies everywhere tell you most people have become undisciplined and disconnected from reality such that they no longer realize they are dragging around a decrepit body that announces their disregard for health. Just a few hours a week and freeing themselves of bad habits would quickly bring them excellence.

Consider all the other obvious things they don't notice or care about, far smaller than the profound psychological illness they quietly confess to when renouncing good results. They are so miserable they seek destruction of everything great -- including themselves -- and settle into a relationship with the world by choosing to lose, give up, and make up wonderful explanations.

Neither side is sacred
No one wants to win
Feeling so sedated
Think I'll just give in

And if you wouldn't mind I would like to lose
It's fun to lose and to pretend

Feeling trapped and hopeless in their inactive hell, they silently lash out. Depression and laziness lead to denouncing good results, whether in health, wealth, romance, art, adventure, or spiritual matters.

As sniveling mopers, they settle for the choices requiring the least effort, which is usually the worst, and spend considerable energy justifying its adequacy.

By their bellies you shall know them.

They eschew vigorous exercise in favor of counting the number of steps they walked today, which is barely worth getting off the couch and putting away sugar products. They attain data, but not results.

Those who don't do simple things known to win good results don't really want good results. Their complaints are merely for attention. If they wanted a better life, they'd choose actions to create it instead of making noise that achieves nothing.

When biology displays a sudden surge of flabby, weak, idle people, you can expect their politics will be driven by the same sickly motives. And how could you fault the effete for wanting proper representation? Or fault the opposite population wanting more strong, beautiful, and noble people?

No wonder the deranged become furious when held responsible for their behavior and realistic consequences are openly discussed, or when shown a counterexample to their provisional illness.

March 26, 2017

Law is Just a Myth

Night invites anarchy. Under the cloak of darkness, man's law crumbles to entrepreneurial aggression and becomes an unenforceable agreement. The public that observes by the day becomes exhausted and retreats at night, seeking relief with intoxicants and television, knowing a crude underbelly of predation emerges, but not wanting the responsibility of acknowledging it.

Spring had arrived and my vintage convertible that sat all winter in the garage had a strong battery but the alternator was shot. Attempting to drive it to my trusty mechanic so he could work on it the next day was a sketchy late night proposition worth attempting. Halfway there, the electrical system coughed death, alternatively going lifelessly black and flashing all system lights like a casino jackpot payout. As the fuel pump gave up and the engine sputtered to sleep, the car came to a rest on the side of a nice suburban road. From here, the seven mile walk home in the serene night should have been easy and fun.

This seemed a safe enough area. Thirty years ago it was farmland. Fifteen years ago it held modest wealth and was considered a good choice to get a home with several acres. Density increased and parcels were divided further. Even today, the gas pumps don't make you enter your zip code. Gradually, migrants started moving in from the edges. A dozen laborers paying $250/mo covers the rent on a $500,000 home.

By 11pm, most houses had gone dark. A few still had glowing screens or home office lights. For many, cubicle work would start early tomorrow.

I found my way to a nicely paved pedestrian path and for over a mile there was no one: no late night dog walkers, joggers, or bicyclists. At the top of the next hill, a gray figure approached and then stopped and moved off the path to hide in the trees. This strange lingering was enough to dissuade me off the path. Just as I left the path to enter a well lit neighborhood, two youthful migrants had just left their car parked on a dead end road, hastily heading towards the path.

I looked my eager attackers in the face and took in their frustrated realization that they had again been too slow to action and their means of income was once again being oppressed. They're always cowards in the light.

Perhaps they were just heading towards a late night drug deal or hot sexual rendezvous, but more likely the first migrant had called two friends to join him in a spontaneous business opportunity.

Cell phones were once the providence of lawyers and businessmen to communicate urgent information. Now third-world populations use technology to discuss third-world ideas such as crime schemes. Advanced nations would do well to not export technology to populations without legitimate need for it, as those populations will only misuse to further denature their society, as well as any first-world society they are living among.

March 25, 2017

To Construct a Synthetic Frenchman

You cannot impart Frenchness into someone who is not French. One must already be French in spirit and love the fullness of that fate.

Such strange aims! They wish to build millions of artificial Frenchmen to replace the organic Frenchmen, but are finding that without French heritage and instincts, random third-world people have absolutely no interest in French values, traditions, or culture. Migrants to France are only interested in getting French wealth and products, and then live among the French with their native culture and values.

The random third-world person brought to France can never be integrated or have children that further French civilization. They will never care about French or Western symphonies, opera, art, literature, philosophy, nor possess the spirit that causes these to be created. This displaces the French in their own country, introducing disharmony and an alienating disunity.

Western civilization is a result of spirit, not something taught.

March 24, 2017

Not Just One Error

Systems rarely collapse from pressure to a single structural girder.

Even simpletons invested in the system's continuity will recognize a solitary vector of degradation and correct the source of that problem.

The real wreckage comes from multiple, usually unrelated sources, independently exploiting in quiet infiltration. These ravage the system, making its future ability to function look doubtful.

Most road traffic is more complex than just volume. Quantity can be handled so long as people are orderly. However, individualism makes people disorderly as they space out, fail to plan, and try last second maneuvers that create delays for drivers behind them.

In areas with many migrants from bike and animal culture, driving ability and knowledge is very low. Organizational instincts present huge variance, leading to clashes in assumptions, and those who don't understand the rules or culture surely won't be complying with them. It's unfair to expect primitive illiterate savages to contribute anything positive or to take the place of people with high ability.

Populations based on an average IQ of 100 to perform basic functions but instead using an 85 IQ person will find the lesser able person unable to adequately perform expected function.

Paper statues fill a physical space while capability crumbles, like every society where idiots replace those who created civilization, and nature eventually reclaims the space with few hints left behind of what its healthy people once could accomplish before their mass suicide.

March 21, 2017

The Right to Happiness

Does Norway have a right to be happy?

The most happy nations in the world are homogeneous populations of well-constituted people, good looking on average, organized, intelligent, and capable of creating art and civilization. Should they be allowed to keep their health, beauty, and unbroken heritage?

Some argue that the good should be made equal, at least more like ugly and dysfunctional countries, and forced to accept many people from failed civilizations to destroy the happiness the good people unfairly enjoy. Wrecking the source of their happiness will put them on a similar level to other populations.

People from Central African Republic and other backwards countries are ranked as being miserable because of the poverty and filth they've created. By taking the good people away from their nations and sending them to horribly failed nations, all nations could be made equal, so long as the good people do not stay among their own kind and create civilization for themselves again.

March 20, 2017

No Other Way To Stand

Storms pound fiercely, prompting wonder
Of the great universe, its cyclical depth
and inexhaustible possibilities
Your form carries the same
Mighty force without end
You, so small in its midst

Eternal sun one day will perish
Long after your dust has scattered wide
Prospective destruction everpresent
Yet you'll never bend nor yield
Your sun withers in a billion years
Still you stand strong and unbroken

Enduringly press on in nature's tread
No setback lasts for long
The will of heroes echoes inside you
Relentless stoics upon their goals
The faltering are not your companions
Nor find with them common ground

Firmly insistent upon eternal right
Noble in cause and aim
Resolute as a tall oak
Those who quarrel cannot move it
In all, whether time is short or long
You remain true to your world's relation

March 15, 2017

Someone Else's Babies

Not only is it impossible to rebuild your civilization with another civilization's babies, neither a person's abilities nor level of development change by fleeing the homeland in which essential traits were cultivated for centuries.

We should also not forget that third-world people are a net negative for civilized nations, not only because of the low IQ and disorganization that makes their countries impoverished and backwards, but also because third-world countries have never developed significant art, philosophy, literature, or technology.

What good is an economically dependent unskilled dullard who can in no way make a positive contribution to the restoration of high culture? At best he can consume junk products and promote vulgar culture, which will further debase civilization to make it more closely resemble his wretched homeland.

Like fractals, they recreate their essence everywhere they go.

March 11, 2017

It's Always Been Fake

Fake news, fake crime, and fake social media message are performed for ideological terror with labor contracted to political characters who pay money to achieve a particular appearance.

Unless you were at the event, you'd think the news was accurate and concerned with facts, rather than an entertainment offering that spins vague threads into fairy-tale stories buttressing the core of media, education, and government.

By using this ideological terror to convince socialized people of a different reality than they one they live in, those people can be tricked into following a phony narrative they are desperate to advance.

The self-crippled blame everyone and everything for their own short-coming, inaction, and unwillingness to emulate success. But blame is just a type of excuse after failure -- not only fixing nothing, but worse because it relieves pressure by using a fake and soothing explanation.

For proof, they trot out conspiracy theories. They think they are so important that others meet in secret to plan effective means of oppressing them, better then they already do to themselves by choosing the methods of losers.

March 10, 2017

More Everything

Sampling from a wide range of outcomes is restorative. The thrill of short lasting victory shrinks to its proper size and insignificant losses carry no sustaining sting.

"Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them."

Celebrating overinflated triumphs echoes with emptiness when perspective eventually comes back into view. One is most punished by a loss that wasn't considered possible.

March 9, 2017

C'est Possible, Comme Toujours

Ten years ago, the accomplishments, capabilities, and quality of life you have today would have seemed unattainable.

Yet this was always a modest illusion, for others around you and in previous generations had reached the same and far better -- showing it was obviously possible and within the reach of many.

March 5, 2017

Whether to Emulate Success or Failure

Devotedly train a martial art for a year and then spar with someone who has only been training for a month. Choose someone young, athletic, strong, and keenly devoted to learning the basics.

Sparring with this sort of untrained person is like fighting a child. In Jiu Jitsu they will have no defense and will be mounted, choked, and joint locked at will. Neither will they have any attacking moves. They are a complete non-threat with nothing to show that isn't trivially avoided and reversed.

In kickboxing or Muay Thai, beginning fighters telegraph every strike, have no combinations, nor understand how they are open to counters and present so many undefended openings as to be indistinguishable from a punching bag.

We are not moralists. The only thing that matters in fighting is that a technique works.

No one cares if you leave yourself open for a mauling, or perform a technique poorly. You will merely lose, while skilled and disciplined players will prevail.

For as quickly as someone who has trained for a few months will be picked apart by a skilled practitioner, a random street fighter will fare still worse against a trained fighter.

March 4, 2017

We Shall Overcome The Stoplight

Our soul says Go! and the stoplight says No!

We will bore, ten levels or more to escape constraint.

We shall not settle for paralyzing and pointless waiting. There is much to do in our short lives.

Traffic circles eliminate many traffic light, but do not go far enough. Our souls must be free to reach our destination, unrestrained by crowds.

It's a mistake to use technology contrary to our spirits, and we'll soon remedy that.

Bridges and tunnels everywhere will allow us to travel freely and further: automated, synchronized, untied from artificially imposed limits.

We long for the stars, not to get through the next light cycle and wait three minutes at an intersection for nothing.

We should remove depressing and stifling rituals from our midst, as they do not belong to us. We should no longer tolerate their insistence that we stay small when our dreams are for action and purpose.

No more hostage taking. Aspiring spirits will not be crushed by silly obstacles.

We shall overcome the stop light and its thinking forever.

February 27, 2017

To Be A Warrior

We are not soldiers at the command of a king to be dispatched for the enforcement of His Majesty's Will.

Still we recognize that possessing a warrior's skills can be useful at time and harmonizes our physical abilities with our mental deftness for setting chaos into order.

We see solutions to problems everywhere. When aggressing fools are the problem, all the words, laws, and social cunning in the world might yield nothing, whereas physical combat quickly settles the issue.

We have no prejudices against any method that works.

February 25, 2017


Junk for sale - come get as much as you want, paying money to become unhealthy because it's cool and stylish somehow according to the commercials Only actions that achieve a purpose and ideas that corresponds with reality are of value. The rest is consumptive nonsense and illusion.

Consider how extraneous chatter is when recognizing that talking changes nothing. How lost is someone socializing instead of doing the necessary to get the results they need!

Fantastical but false promises are especially alluring to secular people who have no religious outlet upon which to discharge their magical impulses.

Secularists transfer their irrational instincts onto political ideologies and worldviews that inevitably depend upon and conclude with expectations of supernatural intervention. They posit causes and effects never before demonstrated that reasonable people and all history suggest should not be expected.

Somehow, they think something wonderful happens through the act of writing policies on paper that declare all people to have identical high qualities. So far, such declarations have not caused people to gain traits they don't possess, nor to achieve what is beyond their station.

He who lives to see two or three generations is like a man who sits some time in the conjurers booth at a fair, and witnesses the performance twice or thrice in succession. The tricks were meant to be seen only once; and when they are no longer a novelty and cease to deceive, their effect is gone.

Youth is entranced by amazing promises and claims that are new to them, and only people who know the swindle's history have a cold heart toward those schemes, seeing through them and trying to steer back to what is already known to work well.

The ignorant and gullible are plentiful prey, just like nature makes rabbits and deer available as a mobile protein source. Innocent dreaming youth is perpetually taken advantage of with repackaged lies they think are fresh and innovative ideas -- and could work if only people who have seen this scam before would stop opposing it and its believers.

Though some conmen obsess on fleecing sheep, just as one could spend their entire time chasing food sources, the rest who want something better find the fixation on trickery and being tricked to be a strange occupation.

February 24, 2017

Beat The Champ

They want to become the champ not as a natural attainment of excellence, but for credentialism to only display the appearance of excellence.

Top challengers study the champ for years and train for a single exploit against a flaw they notice. Upon felling the champ, they cannot replicate that level of preparation for their next fight, and typically fade away.

There are many temporary paper champs who fail to show prolonged greatness, having faked their way to the top only to be exposed in the spotlight.

February 23, 2017


From the perspective of the universe, the purpose of our intelligence could be reductively described as:

  1. sensing error
  2. ascertaining a practical means of correction
  3. taking action to realize results in the actual world

Provided we have this level of sentience, realism, and agreeable nature toward necessary tasks, life unfolds beautifully.

February 18, 2017

Screaming Jackals

Jackals gather for attack so they can gang up upon their superiors and aggressively feast, yet offer nothing except needful consumption We see angry, frustrated people and our initial instinct is to look upon them as fellow humans suffering from a legitimate cause. They hold signs expressing victimhood at the hands of an unfair system that oppressing them with a secret conspiracy of millions that must be overthrown. No one wants to be oppressed by conspiracies!

Then we begin to notice that almost universally, they are irresponsible, gullible, low achieving noise makers and media watchers whose lives are utterly disordered, thankfully making them highly ineffective.

The loud agitating counter-culture messages is intended to harm the majority so it can be replaced by minority uprisings. Its proponents imagine they will then be able to do anything they want and will rank relatively better since the capable will have been eliminated. In such a society, no one will judge them critically because everything will run on third-world levels like all nations populated by chaotic dopes and drones.

These revolutionaries are inextricably in debt from reckless spending on frivolous desires and fashionable junk, yet they publicly advocate against materialism and following convention. This personal approach to value is the same they demand of society.

Rejecting expertise and rationality, they propose how institutions should function, though they've never even worked a low level position at one, nor comprehend their operation. They reject rational understanding and rigor in favor of demanding magical results.

From their complaints, you gain insight into the minds of those who don't understand what is happening, don't want to, are frustrated by their ignorance, and react by introducing their negativity and hopelessness. They mock what they can't process, always bypassing discussions of substance, opposing everything because they see other jackals doing the same.

It's barely a narrative, as a narrative usually asserts several related ideas in succession towards a general theory, but the revolutionary's stance is simply to oppose every objective and proposal to prevent all healthy function.

Predictable resistance to systemic improvements isn't a thoughtful position so much as a tantrum of the deficient and feckless.

February 11, 2017

Things You Believe (But Don't Live By)

Ideology is a declaration of faith, or more precisely fantasy, used to attack the real world and get revenge on it out of anger for not sizing up well. One can hit back by any means necessary, so the usual approach is to invent outlandish statements declaring insightful progress, new truths, or moral superiority, yet never a higher quality outcome.

Through ideology, one can claim an imaginary world to create a transgressive identity, such as a stylish communist, anarchist, or flat-earther.

But no one who claims these identities lives by them. They are like Halloween costumes worn in public for effect, not actual beliefs.

Someone actually trying to live as a communist, anarchist, or leftist would either have to compromise their beliefs to live among modern societies or set up a cult compound and get others to labor on behalf of their glorious system.

You could dress up as a pirate and use sailor lingo to impress people with your exotic image, but it's just a pose. Those spouting insane ideology don't actually believe it would work, and ignore and defy even the precepts they claim to follow.

We don't take them seriously enough to point our their hypocrisy, nor expect honesty or rationality from them. In any case, it's generally rude to point out that someone is a liar, so liars run wild with insane statements about nutty ideologies.

February 10, 2017

Crowd Opinion

You can surf the crowd and get an average answer, which can be expected to be thoughtless and lazy -- an easy answer that is almost always wrong, yet popular among fools. How much could you ever care about an ignorant opinion?

No sentient person wants to be exposed to the opinions or preferences repeated by an average person. They will be hopelessly off base. At best, we should consider the opposite of anything they propose.

We observe fat people stuffing themselves with soda and junk food. To avoid being like them, avoid emulating their behavior. You know what happens when people do it. They either do not know or live in denial.

Likewise, whatever losers do, choose the opposite if you don't want to be like them.

You begin upon an untrodden path, and soon walk away from disaster into unspoiled nature.

February 9, 2017

Those Who Flatter Failure

The most subversive destroyers of civilization flatter failing efforts to make failures proud with false belief that they demonstrate excellence.

Praise poisons inspiration, and those who feel they have attained the pinnacle of greatness often dispense entirely with aspiration, sine they belief they are already the greatest ever despite having done nothing nor shown the slightest ability.

"Keep doing more of what you're doing, and by no means become aware of what others have done before, or what higher cultures achieved on a grand scale. Keep your ideals low and focused upon quantity rather than quality."

Looking away from wreckage, gremlins call it good and urge more of it.

More than just useful idiots, the labor of destroyers turns against the eternal wheel hoping to wear down the eternal motion they call evil because it gives abundantly but favors the pagan laws of nature.

February 5, 2017

Broken Lives

As soon as we end patriarchy, we can finally end civilization and go back to mud huts and starvation When you see leftism, look for the tell-tale signs of broken families, self-inflicted trauma, and other causes of simmering anger and mental disturbance fueling their resentment of those who don't suffer similarly.

Those who are angry at the success of others are usually self-sabotaging from disorganization and chaotic behavior that leaves them unsatisfied and looking for someone else to blame. They posit conspiracies and systematic oppression instead of their own failure to measure up to basic standards and choose actions that are known to produce good results.

Their exciting lifestyle of drug abuse, abortion, and whoring often drowns them in misery and numerous problems, but rather than denouncing their errors, they defend them as harmless and valid choices. Leftist politics provide cover like a debased priest forgiving anything in exchange for a loyal following, rather than recommending the damage be stopped. Leftists try to normalize and excuse bad behavior, even offering to make non-leftists pay for abortions and birth control so more women can have as many irresponsible casual flings as desired, inadvertently making themselves unfit for loving relationships.

Just as the left relies upon importing millions of third world simpletons to vote for their candidates, the right relies on intact families and people making realistic assessment of nature to predict likely outcomes. Though politicians call many issues moral concerns, their real interest is in how chosen paths are known to determine the political identity of future voters. The left has a monopoly on undisciplined degenerates and an interest in generating as many more as possible, which necessarily maximally increases government to deal with those problems.

The right mostly wants to be left alone to live a normal life without being bound to help people who won't help themselves and aren't going to make positive contributions to the future. They see what people have done before and realistically expect more of the same.

Leftists boldly rebel against normalcy, pretend to be offended by adult ideas, and bitter at nature for favoring the healthy, suggesting their beliefs are more tantrums than an ideology -- and surely not even an ethos.

February 3, 2017

Wild Animals

Upon first glance in the wild, you can measure the health and lifestyle of deer, fox, and wolves. Often they are with their family and you notice familiar patterns from which their general grouping can be ascertained.

Men size up other men as physical and social threats. Likewise women size up other women as competition, signaled with physical appearance as well as handbags and jewelry acquired from suitors and their money. What a strange dance we dance!

Men assess women as prospective mothers: is she healthy, fertile, and possessing good traits? And women assess men: does he have a means of acquiring resources to provide for me and our children? Both men and women are frequently impostors trying to falsely match mating criteria, and both screen for fakers, catching some of the easy cases.

The rest is testing for fitness, as it's going to be a rough life in the wild and you don't want to be stuck there with someone ill suited and unable to fare well.

February 2, 2017

Making Use of Local Resources

Arguing with fools needlessly wastes energy.

Stripped of their individuality, they can be a target to instruct others. Pretending as if they could attain normal behavior, they can be addressed about the proper way to behave with an explanation of reasoning as a counter example to their foolishness, though none of it is likely to change their undisciplined impulses.

Those watching this instruction who are of average or better character will take note of the offense, its relations, and consequences, ideally firming their resolve against others who repeat this bad behavior or tolerate its display.

This recycling program takes note of limited resources and stretches the good so it can serve as widely as possible, having no expectations that the disabled will rise to behavior beyond their ability.

February 1, 2017

Individuals are Boring and Small

Selfie to show others what you look like and that you are doing nothing, ultimately unimpressive for proving you are a dullard Your selfie interests you, but not others. Going to a bar, party, or spectator event is a liability, not an impressive achievement, and indication that one is bored and boring.

The selfie avoids displaying results to be assessed, for it hasn't anything to show except wasted time.

You can forever take pictures of yourself, but no number of selfies can replace a shortage of ideas and achievements. The selfie is a swindle that strives to trade an image in exchange for substance, pretending that the display of potential is the same as successful efforts.

The selfie boldly proclaims: "Look! Here is a person who does nothing and never will, but is supremely proud of their mediocre appearance!"

January 20, 2017

Abominations of Hilarity

The straight man plays dumb and unaware so he can provide a platform upon which to build comedy by facilitating its construction Inept handlers and wicked destroyers often use their levers of control to promote stupidity and failure, pushing a wave of successive bad ideas in place of good ones.

This form of civilization looks like a comedic farce where idiots and devils have taken the reigns of civilization and unrelentlessly unleash havoc for the sheer frenzied joy of maximal carnage.

The symphony of atrocities forced upon us is easily anticipated as the cold logical advancement of stated policies, but can also be interpreted as a violent slapstick comedy in which civilization is relentlessly beaten for deranged amusement.

Multiculturalism replaces the boring daily calm of Western civilization with vibrant and amusing differences in ideals, forcing Western centric people to respectfully treat as equal primitive norms, backwards cultures of low quality and ability, tolerance for terrorism, expectations of dysfunction, new standards, and the joys of diversity.

To make things more interesting and disordered, demons of chaos invited the primitive world to seize the wealth Western people were able to create for themselves. No one told them how alienated they'd feel upon realizing they had nothing positive to contribute to such societies and were effectively useless. No wonder many of them are frustrated and want to replace the majority, like a game show where the most capable need to be removed so the mediocre can prevail.

The job of the straight man is to act serious and pretend he couldn't see that obvious plot line he was setting up to be dramatically unfolded.

Politicians and news readers utilize deadpan and monotone to seem serious about their responsibilities. It's especially useful when they need to feign sympathy, sorrow, or concern for the terrible mistakes resulting from policies they advocate. In such occasions, they offer a terrific masterpiece of mirth performed with the skill of a seasoned actor. So long as no one in the audience breaks the spell of the somber statement with an outburst of laughter, mockery, or pointing out the politician's essential contribution to the undesirable result, their show can be depicted as a sober reflection on the sadness of an unexpected event, rather than a cultivated conflict making violence and degradation the new norm.

"Our hopes and prayers are with the victims (whose situation we set up)"

Meanwhile, less violent and slower actions with far worse results, such as deliberately lowering the quality of civilization in preparation for attaining third-world standards, go mostly unmentioned, yet begin an unsettling domino effect. The current population cannot even maintain the declining standards of civilization and the replacement population will do far worse, suggesting future civilization will only exist in small pockets of isolated people preserving high levels of capability.

Show how you hate THE MAN by burning down your community, or coming to someone else's community to burn it down and wreck it with violence. That'll show 'em As western countries are being forcibly diversified with unassimilable third-world populations, trust collapses and even the majority distrusts each other, suspicious that others who like like them could be part of the effort to replace a unified core with a mix of outsiders motivated by malice, spite, and envy of the majority.

Yet all the envy and hate in the world will not give someone the ability to accomplish what is beyond their potential. Backwards people will create the same level of civilization as the countrymen they flee.

Professor Putnam cheerfully tells us diversity is great, which he skillfully proves by saying it gives us access to novel cuisine, as if cooking is difficult. Every cook with a little experience can create reasonable foreign cuisine, and the interesting foods he desires are almost exclusively simple peasant food requiring no exceptional skill to prepare.

In essence, he proposes trading away a high quality society to get curious peasant food. Why bother with two story buildings, literacy, or the capacity for planning? Anyone wanting better culture than crude pottery and colorful beads is an elitist hater.

With the intellectual class of previous generations effectively liquidated, media is unchallenged when promoting a future based on one idiot professor with limited restaurant experience advocating an advanced nation be replaced by a failed peasant culture just because he doesn't know where to find a good meal.

When a wise politician helps enrich your town by sending you batches of Somalis, Liberians, Hmong, and other wonderful additions, you can be thankful they'll serve you exotic cuisine you've been missing out on, even if they have nothing in common with the people of the community.

Clergy unite to give illegals sanctuary from deportation. Perhaps they will also allow people to use their building for illegal drug trading, illegal weapons transfers, illegal murders, and other acts considered unlawful on non-church lands. How sublime that they deem their structures to be foreign embassies of God free from pesky laws!

"No necessity to be governor there," said I, "even if you are fit for it, no need to be ruled if you don't like it; you need not go to war if they fight, you need not keep the peace if others keep it, unless you desire peace; if a law forbids you to be a magistrate or a judge, you may be a magistrate and judge all the same if you take it into your head -- what a lovely, heavenly life, while it lasts!"

"Yes, while it lasts."

Riots are funded by the elite and professionally managed, with marketing slogans, synchronized online campaigns, and transportation coordination to bus in paid protesters who will overturn cars, set fires, and loot stores to create entertaining media images depicted as organic protest despite being formulaically scripted like reality television shows.

Public schools break under the weight of new demographics, forcing them to bend to different educational traditions and valuations. Most peasants aren't interested in books or learning and can't be expected to value those or excel. Disruption and violence create alienating classrooms, more like prisons instilling dogma than places of learning. Shootings erupt periodically so people can express frustration. Our role is to laugh loudly when people pretend to be surprised or outraged, and to remember that the chain of events making people distraught was long in formation, and deliberately created by smart leaders who knew what they were building.

The foundational elements and consequences of modern failures are all plain and preventable, but leaders choose to create unwelcome and unsolvable problems that result in misery. They claim their benighted motivation is to help people, though not the people who already live there and create civilization. It looks more like unrestrained malevolence intending to foster exactly what follows.

We live in the entertainment age, so perhaps they really are geniuses of dark comedy and horror using public dollars to amuse us all with the most macabre exhibition they can conceive.

Let us laugh in appreciation of their brilliant show of chaotic violence and praise the demented circus their work produces.

January 14, 2017

Hesitation is Death

One reason for the multiple hesitations in good people that pushes starting a family out to the 30s, 40s, or 50s is the cultivated feeling that they're not ready.

This belief is partly true. While people who have grown up on farm are well versed in nature, work, and other fundamentals of life, city folk never experience this and are instead miseducated with false narratives, taught to display obedience to ideology, and imprinted with a multitude of wrong-headed beliefs, leaving them unprepared for the basic facts of the adult world. When they are finally set free, they have no ability to understand the world, stay afloat in it, or create their own success. They hold fast to the instructions they were told are true and special, and find themselves only sinking faster, falling farther away from reality.

Secondarily, hesitation is created by media repetition suggesting that great and distant knowledge needs to be acquired through difficult means, usually just showing up to their paid lectures for certification of attendance, though every previous generation did fine without this complexity and idle teaching, as your parents and grandparents prove.

They urge you to be neurotic and afraid, because depressed and empty people buy more products and remain in need of their sage advice.

You do better to live as your grandparents did, keeping yourself simple and fixed upon the eternally tried and true.

January 13, 2017

Among Smug Fools

Reality is odious to some, who propose a counter-reality where facts are different and outcomes can be created by putting them on pieces of paper and making them legally binding on all, so long as those who mock this farce are censored, imprisoned, reeducated, or killed so that paradise is created They are amazed by grown men throwing balls, just as they revere moving cartoon characters around the screen, and then loudly advocate political solutions that aggressively lower the quality of humanity. Next they'll tell you what music is good, also which authors, and other judgments far beyond their ability to discern. Fools everywhere assert errors in judgment, knowledge and taste, while feeling highly confident about their spurious claims. They'll try to socially compel you to capitulate and agree, insisting that you treat their ignorance as equal to wisdom.

Every thirty years a new race comes into the world -- youngster that knows nothing about anything, and after summarily devouring in all haste the results of human knowledge as they have been accumulated for thousands of years, aspires to be thought cleverer than the whole of the past. For this purpose he goes to the University, and takes to reading books -- new books, as being of his own age and standing. Everything he reads must be briefly put, must be new! he is new himself. Then he falls to and criticizes. And here I am not taking the slightest account of studies pursued for the sole object of making a living.

When you are speaking to someone with simple responsibilities, such as collecting money for a cash register, consolidating garbage from bins, or reading scam scripts over a phone, remember they will likely possess only average ability to complete their assigned task, though professional taxi drivers are generally inferior to amateur drivers.

The person you encounter on your economic exchange is likely a total disaster at everything other than performing the tasks of their profession. They have no original ideas, curiosity, or aspirations. They aren't familiar with the issues of the world, culture, or previous great accomplishments. They are dullard consumers of trendy products who fake sentience by expressing their programming.

You should immediately disregard everything they say about modern events, art, weather, or ball throwing contests. You're talking to a zombie and taking the exchange seriously.

Since they are in front of you for a transaction, you should also disregard their transactional advice, as they are representatives of money grabbers trained to obediently extract the maximum possible from you.

Remember, though the person has managed to put on clothing and learn the syntax of the local language well enough to vocalize words with some semblance of meaning, you are likely listening to the babble of a crazy degenerate fool who is misleading you because they don't know any better. Complete your exchange and move on.

January 12, 2017

Where Does It Go?

When you brush crumbs off your clothing, pick a hair off your shirt, or dust surfaces using a brush that merely moves it to the next lower surface, most people overlook that these actions create a new layer of grime for future archaeologists to explore.

The cucumber is bitter? Put it down. There are brambles in the path? Step to one side. That is enough, without also asking 'Why did these things come into the world at all?' Because the student of Nature will ridicule the question, exactly as a carpenter or cobbler would laugh at you if you found fault because you see shavings and clippings from their work in their shops.
[Aurelius, VIII, 50]

None of these substances is a big problem, but basic cleaning should be done sensibly and completely, not just rearranging dirt to little effect and then feeling proud of the new mess that has been built.

In unawareness of what follows from one's actions, perhaps its not so bad throwing trash on your own floor, but that behavior will seem strange and antisocial when uninhibitions have you openly dirtying the floors of your friends, business contacts, and foreign dignitaries.

January 7, 2017

What Was and Could be Again

Art reminds us what was and contrasts modern hopelessness against quality and greatness A visit to great art museums, such as The Art Institute of Chicago impacts with maximal intensity upon the realization that they contain the only extant works of civilization and the summated expression of its thoughts and experiences. No other archive captures what we saw and were, our ambitions, achievements, and measures of greatness.

Space aliens could fairly judge the worth of the species based on the best few examples of its creations. Art shows the possibility of perceiving the world and compactly communicating its subtle detailed essence.

The American wing shows the health of a young nation as a project just unfolding, perhaps already far off course after a successful start transplanting civilization and continuing it for a while. The modern wing shows what happens to broken spirits and mental patients reduced to animosity and contrarianism, typically formed into graffiti slogans but called art and treated as if equal to skilled works.

Humanity might never create finer examples of knowledge than what the arts prove. Sculpture might never be created again except as trivial attempts, orchestral compositions haven't been written for a century, and other arts appear to be waning, of such low quality to not be comparable to the best works of the past.

Artifacts such as highly decorated pottery, dining plates, and silverware offer a snapshot of life before it was reduced to utility.

What well-formed person is not energized by beautiful surroundings?

What joyful spirit does not aspire to make things around them more attractive and pleasant?

Viewed chronologically, museums tell us about people who were trying to figure things out, began getting incrementally closer to reality, developed themselves richer and fuller, then inexplicably broke down, gave up, fell off track, and became lost in unclever cleverness.

We marvel over art, but were art museums to perish, our daily experiences in this artistically barren and incapable era could not imagine what previous people were able to conceive and create, and that there is a superior alternative to the pointless distractions of entertainment and the anti-nature of techno-industrialism.

December 25, 2016

Peace on Earth

Saint Mattis Mattis taught his officers to be knowledgeable, honorable, and wise, for there was nothing new under the sun (Eccl 1:9), therefore: know the forms of what has come before so you can recognize it when it reappears. Disciplined learning must precede action, for both are necessary when responsible for a mission's success and the thoughtful application of military men.

For his own grounding he never went into battle without Aurelius' Meditations in hand, its pages dog eared and well worn, used to refocus on essential and timeless truths. "It allows me to distance myself from the here and now."

Wise surveys and scrutiny selected the best methods, which was the only way that sufficed.

He was a warrior seeking reasonable peace.

"Be police, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet."

"You cannot allow any of your people to avoid the brutal facts. If they start living in a dream world, its going to be bad."

"Think like men of action and act like men of thought."

You will recognize the psychology of gremlins who refuse peace in favor of purposeless conflict, whether rebelling against well tested truths or tearing down civilization so they can gain power. The gremlin is an aggressor against the natural order, striving to undo what good souls have spent so long to craft.

Rebuking them falls upon deaf ears. We need only remove the instigators of destruction, whatever their form.

We work as angels to create peace and calm. It does not come freely, but with great effort of men choosing many conscious and deliberate acts.

Then for a while there can be peace. Peace through strength.

December 24, 2016

Aphorisms VII

The perpetual challenge: how can you accurately distill concentrated essence? Every few years you must discard your methods for other angles of attack offering more refined approaches that once learned get closer, striking harder and more cleanly -- also more easily. Diluent and adulterants are boiled off. New spaces are mined and their discoveries dissected to determine their means of operation, from which your realize the natural properties of their substance.

Never very content, ever willing to refine, utterly without dogma, yet grounded upon goals.

Aphorisms VII

December 21, 2016

Reborn in the Solstice

Another year spent. Now you start over, to do better another way.

The solstice is upon us. From the nadir of its valley we can see we have arrived in its deepest point. Our trail out moves us on with gradual ascension.

Longer days away our upward climb -- thankfully, for there is much to do.

The cycle is renewed; so too are we. The blank slate means we begin anew, with fresh aspirations to birth and fulfill.

December 20, 2016

Fake Gs

Denial works until the force strikes, i.e. everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. He never faced real adversity, just demanding teachers, harmless public arguments, peer pressure, and a few irate customers who mostly wanted to be acknowledged as important. His solutions were exclusively social, using words and depending upon structured civilization, such as deferring to law, lawyers, and passive norms when situations became intense.

Aggressive assertions were polished with rhetoric, drama, insults, insinuations, and the thrill of shit talking. It was bold posture. He was lulled and seduced by the daily company of coddled eunuchs and castratos, all of whom were raised comfortably, ideologized, and taught phrases to repeat -- none which originated from the real world, and thus they knew nothing about what they lived among. They were accustomed to processed food and inauthentic environments, not the wild, and had been tamed until they had no skills for the natural.

As long as everyone was this soft, no one could get hurt, other than having their pronoun overlooked or their adopted beliefs mocked. To keep this softness safe, everything strong would have to be enchained, banished, or destroyed. This also meant these marshmallows would be totally unfamiliar with anything strong if they ever had the misfortune of encountering it. Thus the system cultivated them as prey -- out of kindness and good intentions, as it always claimed.

Forces of nature do not yield to rules written on paper.

No free man tolerates being trampled upon. Bullies trample from the assumption they will not be hit back, just as mobs trample expecting to avoid retaliation for what they knowingly do. The trampler expects a one-way exchange and the offender seeks the joy of hurting others without any risk to himself.

In all natural relations, irresolvable conflict is only settled by force. All laws shrink before a punch in the face. A punch appears from the wild with undeniable impact, like extreme weather phenomena that can be abstractly studied but its eruptive impact must be felt primally to become understood. Education without fundamentals only gives the illusion of knowledge.

Whatever happens with a fight educates about the grievance the other party did not properly respect. Talk smack, get smacked. Those who can't physically stand by their claims can try running their mouth while assuming they could outrun a personal response.

The play-acting of civility only holds if all behave decently. For a violated social contract means also rescinding all associated calm and docility. Thus your attempt to attack another's reputation is not a harmless act and perhaps today there's a guy who will teach you what your ancestors knew.

No one is their persona or avatar. They are only what they can stand up for in a fight.

Someone can snipe safely from a distance for a while, until another walks upon them for direct confrontation, and then they are uncomfortably out of their safety zone, soon to learn another perspective on terms of engagement. A balance is to be settled.

Will they fare well? Fake Gs aren't willing to fight. Reasonable people are respectful; disrespectful rat bums need reminders that arguments can be brutally settled by means other than words.

This is what every creature in nature knows. We too are students of the real world, mindful of avoiding illusions that stray far from nature, and happy to occasionally instruct.

December 19, 2016

Far Beyond the Earth

Some believe the purpose of humanity is to live far beyond the stars, not self-confined to memorialized ghettos of stupidity, misery, and third-world behavior, perpetually expanded to previously first-world zones and herded by a few remnants of civilization who do not share the instincts of the incapable.

How would you send broken creatures into outer space when they fail on earth, the easiest place in the universe to find success and create excellence?

Would you have our spacecraft turned into flying pharmaceutical factories to produce enough horse tranquilizers, happy pills, mixed amphetamine salts, and serotonin s(t)imulators to compensate for unsatisfying human interactions so the failures could be immobilized and others spared their disruptions?

Like a wrecked creature with four broken legs, they aren't going anywhere and won't get better. Whether mentally ill or just a brat, they hold us back from going to outer space and their antagonism poisons every home, relationship, classroom, and workplace with its thoughtless behavior.

December 10, 2016

Plant Matter Realism

You want only the best of the plant, so you strip it of its leaves and select only those, discarding the useless stems.

This is gross inequality and discrimination in action. By choosing the best, you unfairly demonstrate preference.

And yet, any other reasoning would be senselessly ignorant. Necessarily, you must pick the essential over the useless, sustaining eternal prejudice.

December 9, 2016

Puppies and Flowers

You are safe in a crib, infantilized and protected from the world of which you are supposed to be a part and actively entwined in its eternal cycle The glowing screen shows one man throwing a ball to another. He catches it and reaches the boundary, scoring points as the rules designate. It's safe here. A moving ball offends no one. Nothing important or consequential needs happen.

Other channels and websites have barely different versions of the same. You can watch them all, perhaps selecting officially curated "True News" (TM).

The official news doesn't discuss efforts at achieving excellence, instead focusing on weather events, catastrophic accidents, celebrity news, sensationalism and manufactured outrage. It's novel and captures attention, but delivers nothing. Most "True News" hasn't been verified and often has little to do with actual events. They won't issue a correction later.

Globalists have chosen how to best demoralize and wear you down so you tolerate being replaced by third world population. Owners need to make money by lowering expenses. You are just an expense to them.

After the third world population has served their purpose, they will in turn be replaced by robots. Elites will have a militarized robot force to protect them from revolts.

At the university, topics are carefully curated just like the "True News" so that no one is offended by truth. Classical topics have to be entirely skipped, others are presented with a counter-narrative that cheers for the genius of the modern age triumphing over a bad truth by complaining about it and staging mob protests. Everything classical is replaced by the flimsy modern enlightened version, coinciding with shallowness and failure. The new and novel are treated with reverence.

For distraction, freak show content and enjoyable myths are taught as if factual. You are given inferior forms. The past is censored or ignored. You're not an adult and aren't prepared for an education or basic truths. You want an ideology of puppies and flowers. You'll never be able to handle anything difficult, and certainly won't ever be able to face it, size it up for yourself and figure out a new approach to prevail.

Without basic skills all previous generations possessed, you'll struggle forever. Seemingly, this is what they intend to set you up for by protecting you from encountering life. You're a pathetic house cat meant to be inactive, incapable, fat, and cloistered.

Worse, you hate others that go into the world, able to get to truth, handle it without being offended, and work situations into successful outcomes. You want them to scream, deny, and claim social offense and PTSD triggering -- none of which change any facts.

Precious time has been wasted by fools again.

December 8, 2016

Beware Traveling Story Tellers

We shouldn't be looking for explanations -- those are just one of many semi-plausible narratives that tells a story to seduce the credulous into believing lies. Many stories are believable and able to entice, but few of them are concerned with accurately conveying reality.

Narratives are just another captivating lie created to please an audience.

Stories are created to mislead people into false conclusions, away from truth and philosophical introspection. By offering a particular explanation prepared for easy digestion, story tellers expect their version of events to be believed and take the place of what really happened, spreading further while blocking factual discovery.

News, politics, and ideology based on narratives deliberately use phony depictions as their foundation. They'll take a freak exception and promote it as the typical case to prove their viewpoint, rather than show their system in related to the general case. It's entertaining and promotes a particular morality that is concerned with winning more than truth.

Youth is especially susceptible to story telling and images, as they are not yet disillusioned with this technique of misrepresentation that eventually wears out its welcome after repeatedly drawing attention to a phony world that doesn't exist.

December 7, 2016

Compromise Creeps In

Most dwellings are atrocious. No one with the slightest taste wants aluminum siding on their house, but the pressure of money exerts force.

First they compromise and begin tolerating terrible siding.

Then, since compromise has established precedent, overtaking goals and standards, they keep compromising to get more of what they don't want.

They'll tolerate a tiny lot with insufficient buffer, their windows looking into their neighbor's home. They'll tolerate a house on a noisy street, assaulted by every car that drives by and airplanes flying overhead. They'll tolerate boring cookie-cutter construction with no style or character.

Standard houses are typically ugly, constructed of terrible materials, and placed atop one another like a pen of farm animals.

Similar tolerance for poorly conceived choices will appropriately match their inner lives.

You could always get an apartment and tolerate loud neighbors voraciously consuming entertainment, getting drunk, and cheering events on the screen.

There's no end to what you can foist upon someone to tolerate once you push good outcomes out of reach and coerce them to accept the inferior and inadequate.

December 2, 2016

X-Guard Sweep

The best way to bypass ethics is to create an institute for ethics. For any new field of knowledge, why not establish the official facts, principles, arguments, and resolutions that you desire so you can keep doing what you intend? All pragmatic aims will be realized once they are deemed ethically allowed, and companies will happily pay a tithe for the church's holy blessing.

Just as media narratives on topics express only one or two possibilities and favor that which politicians prefer, rather than a broad spectrum of viewpoints and ideas with differing advantages and disadvantages, it's easy to control the answer for any topic if you control the discussion.

A phony institute that sounds official will provide a favorable answer and produce volumes of literature attesting to its unanimous agreement. All academics will be strong-armed to extend allegiance and teach the doctrine while squashing alternatives and calling them wrong since they differ with the official well publicized answers.

It's gamed from the start and soon hires zombies to run the institute, which entails upholding established standards and supporting industry partners. Big systems built to dominate yield no ground, which works well until they are entirely ignored and bypassed, at which point their landgrab to establish control with imaginary standards is realized as a terrible disservice to humanity.

December 1, 2016

Courting Maturity

I. Crimewave

She is fresh, curious, and giving. He is inspired by what is possible with this fertility. Together they are wild as he builds foundation and animates her into position to create. Inside, she remains crazy and self-destructive, needing form and structure imposed, which limits her freedom to create disaster but she enjoys what results so allows it.

She is still young enough to greet the next day after a long night of consumption, but that cannot last.

II. Baptism

Distortion is used to convey surging energy and implications of lingering fullness. Melodies are built richer and easier as personalities entwine in dance and play. She remains as reckless as ever with drink and drug, still playing her part so they can stay together. They consider dreamy music and explore while he continues creating it.

III. Insulin

Now darker, more distorted, with premonitions of decaying into collapse, drowning yet still pulsing from need, also sweeter. Together they can be beautiful and fragile -- what a shame she is destroying it for nothing from her unstopped impulse. Still time remains to create before the end. Allahu Ackbar! He will go on with another; she is lost.

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